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Mastering Fear By Ascended Master Kuthumi Via Natalie Glasson ... And ... May You Always Remember... By Matt Kahn

Mastering Fear By Ascended Master Kuthumi Via

Natalie Glasson

Master Kuthumi's Message

Greetings my beloved sisters and brothers of the light, it is such a delight to connect with your energies today as it brings an immense volume of love to my soul and heart. I am deeply fond of connecting with and blending my energies with the many aspects of the Creator, for it produces an immense feeling of oneness and wholeness that is so perfect and pure.

It is my deepest wish for those incarnated on the Earth to be able to experience and accept a similar oneness and integration with the many aspects of the Creator. I am Master Kuthumi, I hold the position of World Teacher with Master Sananda.

The truth and enlightenment that I share with others extends solely from love, as I know that love is the fundamental energy and essence of the Creator. It is my understanding that the reverse energy of love is fear.

When we embody the love of the Creator we can feel and sense it within every part of our being, akin to overwhelming energy which brings such joy, freedom, and enlightenment. The energy or quality of fear is similar, it has the ability to overwhelm and consume your entire being, to remain within every aspect of your being, developing into additional qualities, actions, and experiences within your reality.

Fear can hold an immense power, while also causing the decay or distress of the body. It is important to realise that every energy, quality, feeling or emotions have a point or source of manifestation. When we distinguish this source, we are able to understand whether it flows from all that is true and pure within the soul of the Creator, or whether it extends from delusions and separation.

With this realisation we appreciate that fear, although it can be extremely powerful, intense, controlling and potent,  is simply a manifestation of disconnection with the Creator and the truth within you.

It is appropriate to appreciate that fear can be traumatic when we allow it to consume us, but, in many ways, it is simply a false impression that alerts us to our need of connection, support, and comfort. The greatest comfort and support you can gain is from your guides, soul and the Creator.

Even those in physical manifestation cannot offer you complete comfort in yourself, your reality and growth, nor can they support you entirely.

When you begin to examine fear, you realise that fear can be activated from within you through your experiences on the Earth, but usually, it stems from a feeling of being unsupported, out of control, lacking in personal power, insecure, confined, unguided, apprehensive, panicked, off balance and much more.

In order to dissolve or disperse fear, there is a need to allow yourself to experience support and comfort. When I speak of comfort, I, Master Kuthumi, am concentrating on feelings of reassurance, safety, being at ease, calm, balanced and centered. These are all qualities that manifest when you experience a connection with the Creator, being able to accept and embody love.

When love is present it dissolves all negativity, ensures your protection and balance, and has the ability of lifting you from any form of pain, fear or harm. When you allow yourself to remain constantly and eternally supported and comforted within the light of the Creator, embodying divine love, you realise a powerful truth. When love is present and embodied, fear no longer has a hold over you, it can no longer control you, the emotion and even the situation can simply dissolve or be resolved with greater ease. This is the powerful presence of love.

The Truth of Fear

Realising that fear is a result of separation and that the Creator’s love can assist you in retaining a connection that is supportive and nurturing, will allow you to dissolve attachments to fear and realise that you no longer have a need for fear.

Fear may still arise on certain occasions; however, you will be able to recognise the fear as a warning or an alert that greater insight is needed. Fear will no longer be a constant reoccurrence that hinders your intuition, instead, it will return to its natural purpose, of alerting you to extreme danger.

This is because love brings a certainty of trust, protection, safety, balance, truth and an acceptance of all things, thus attracts the same into your reality for you to experience. It takes both time and patience in order to realise the illusion of fear and manifest a profound trust in love. But once this has been realised you are able to relieve yourself from the torment and pain of fear and embrace the presence of bliss, joy, and happiness.

If every soul on the Earth was able to achieve this, fear and its influences would dissolve completely and the power of love would flourish within each soul, assisting all in ascending and uniting with the soul of the Creator.

By allowing yourself to master and detach from your fear, accepting that when you are fearful you are not fully connected to the Creator’s light, then you will naturally inspire others to achieve the same. It is only from within you that you can dissolve fear within your reality and the fearful consciousness of humanity.

It is essential to realise that even if you are able to dissolve the fear that you may be experiencing over a situation in your life, you may still have to resolve the situation. However, the resolution would manifest from a place of love rather than fear, pain, and insecurity.

How to Master Fear

In order to begin to master fear and create a life filled with love and aligned to the Creator,

• First be ready and willing to realise or observe your feelings of fear when they arise. Once you notice the presence of fear in whichever form it may manifest send an energy or express words of thanks and acceptance to the fear.

• Then simply state, ‘I now align my entire being, body, emotions, mind, and chakras to the loving light of the Creator.

I now embody the love of the Creator. I am love in manifestation, love pours from my being.’ Or you can imagine the loving energy of the Creator flowing down over and through your being cradling you, dissolving all feelings and influences of fear.

Remember, you are not trying to ignore the fear, instead, you are dissolving or healing the fear, releasing yourself from its power so that you can see, sense and acknowledge with clarity. Continue to embody love until the fear is dissolved and released.

• Ask within, ‘What was the message that fear wanted me to acknowledge now?’ If an insight comes accept it, if it does not then trust that there is nothing else for you to understand.

• Ask within, ‘From a space of love and clarity what next step would be advisable for me to take in this situation?’ If an insights forms accept and trust it, if it does not know an answer may come at a later time.

Video - "Mastering Fear By Master Kuthumi" -

Dissolving Past Attachments to Fear

It is my wish, Master Kuthumi, to now bring forth a meditation that assists in your acceptance of love as a way of dissolving past attachments to fear, while supporting the release of fear consciousness of Earth. This is a wonderful service to humanity, Mother Earth and to the Creator as it is assisting in dispersing the power of false impressions, delusion, and misunderstanding, in order to pave the way for the truth of the Creator to unfold.

• Please allow your body and energy to relax, let your mind relax as if it is placing its attention into a pillow of light within you, where it will be supported and remain at peace.

• Imagine, sense or acknowledge that I, Master Kuthumi place four large crystal pillars of light around you which are emanate the most appropriate vibration of love into your aura, body, and soul. The crystal pillars of light send love of the purest vibration down into the Earth, directly connecting with Mother Earth’s soul.

• Imagine, sense or acknowledge that a beam of love extends from your body down into the Earth to connect with the soul of Mother Earth. In return, Mother Earth will extend her energy of love into your being.

• Let the energy of love build within you, acknowledge the energy of love from your soul, Mother Earth and the Creator within you. Realise that every part of your being is pulsating with love; you are experiencing a unified, supportive and comforting love on many levels of your being.

• Acknowledge that you are a beacon of love. Love is your natural state and fear is only a result of a lack of connection with or acceptance of the Creator. It can also be a warning or alert to danger or that more insights are needed. With this knowledge, allow yourself to simply let go of the fear.

Imagine that any ties that you have to fear, whether they extend from your mind and beliefs, your emotions or body, let them break down and be healed. As you let go of fear you are releasing fear from the past, present and future.

With each inhalation, you are accepting love, with each exhalation you are freeing yourself of fear. Let yourself experience this for a moment. Know that fears released will be converted into love. In many ways, you are not releasing fear instead you are changing your perspective of fear.

• With trust that you have cleared the energy of fear from your being and are able to view situations that may have caused you fear in the past from a place of love, I wish for you to share this consciousness of inspiration, realisation, freedom and expansive love with Mother Earth. Send your love down into the Earth and Mother Earth’s soul. In truth, you are sending Mother Earth the energy of love that is free from fear.

• As Mother Earth accepts your love, she begins to radiate it out flowing over and through the Earth, allowing all to accept a perspective of love, observing any fears from a calm, supported and comforted place, connected and aligned with the Creator.

• Allow yourself to imagine the magnitude of this process and how it will assist in the manifestation of love on the Earth. The pillars of the Creator’s light are energising your energy, they now draw closer to you and unite within the centre of your being acting as a strong eternal connection with the Creator.

• Allow yourself to place into your mind or consciousness that every time you recognise fear you will be reminded of this connection and experience of love. Exist in this place of peace and love for as long as you wish or feel is appropriate, when you wish to return to your reality simply become aware of your surroundings.

From a pure state of love and alignment with the Creator,

I am Master Kuthumi

Please Note: When Master Kuthumi speaks of fear, he is referring to fears that arise when there is no danger or when there is no reason for you to be fearful.

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May You Always Remember... By Matt Kahn

As a celebration of springtime renewal, the month of May offers us a chance to renew our commitments to welcoming greater realities through the practice of intention.

Often beginning with the words, “May I____”, each intention created for yourself invites higher vibrations into all aspects of your reality to help clear away the old and send out blessings to others around you.

To create your own springtime intention, simply fill in the blank space with an adjective best describing how you wish to feel more often. It might be “May I be loved.” “May I be abundant.” “May I be free.” Or even “May I be inspired and fulfilled.”

Once you’ve established the intention for that which you wish to feel more often, send these intentions out into the Universe as blessings in to the lives of those around you. Whether sending them to each car passing by in traffic, each person you walk by, or sending these blessings to each name in your smartphone address book or your Facebook feed...

...the Universe acknowledges your readiness for higher realities at the rate you bless others.

For instance, if your intention were “May I be loved”, you would send it out to the Universe by blessing others with the words, “May you be loved.” Such blessings can be either verbal, written, or silent — whichever feels the safest or most inspiring to your heart.

During this time of renewal, intention-setting and blessing, may you always remember your place in the cosmos as the missing piece that compels the puzzle of the Universe.

May you know how deeply you are loved by the Source of all, no matter how characters seem to be.

May you be in touch with love within you and in-tune with the light guiding your path. May you always remember the power of your breath through a willingness to love yourself more, not less.

May you be as forgiving as you’re able to be, while always remaining authentic and faithful to where you are in your evolution.

You might be able to improve in the future, but the most important part today is to never get down on yourself for wherever you are right now. Even if you get down on yourself or have greater expectations than you can fulfill, may the one who "never gets it right" or feels “less than”, left out, invisible, unseen and unsupported be the one you fully embrace.

May you always remember your inner truth and embrace your life purpose of living as the unique you the entire Universe dreamt of being without any hesitations or regrets.

Happy intention-setting! I love you.

All For Love," alt="image" width="600" class="CToWUd a6T"/>

I'd like to introduce you to two of my closest friends — Brooke and Vanessa. They host a podcast called Bliss N Grit.

They are two deeply wise souls who are so funny together. Each episode is like hanging out with your best spiritual friends. Here is a link to an interview I did with them. Whether we are doing interviews together or just having lunch, I cherish my time with these hilarious, awake ladies and I know you’ll love them too.

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Got Challenges? Find Opportunities! By Ann Albers

Hi Dear Friends!

Only the angels can be so delighted about challenges, which they view as amazing opportunities in disguise! This week, they help us see how to embrace challenges powerfully, and I'll share my latest real life example along with empowering and down to earth tips!

Love you all!

Message from The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Challenges will always be part of life, but you will always have the opportunity to see them as opportunities. By their very nature, challenges are situations that you don't know how, or if, you can handle. When you see something as a challenge, your personality is not certain it is up for the task!

When you face a challenge, "who you think you are" feels limited. "Who you really are" has no bounds or limits whatsoever. 

In each challenge, you have the opportunity to embrace more deeply, “who you really are.” 

Rather than fretting or worrying when a challenge arises, challenge yourself to say, "Wow, this could be an incredible opportunity! This could be the one thing that calls forth my Divinity. This could be the thing that calls for greater love, abundance, and strength from within. This could be the thing that shifts my energy into a more powerful space so I can create greater ease in the future. This is an incredible opportunity to create!"

We understand that, being human and programmed, your initial reaction to a challenge is probably not going to be a feeling of opportunity! At first your programming might say, "I hate this! Opportunity? I can do without that kind of opportunity"

Little by little, however, you can begin to change these beliefs. You can begin to tell yourself, “Well, here I am, let’s see what good can come of this. Perhaps I can grow. Perhaps this is the opportunity to overcome a very deep and old pattern of struggle. Perhaps this is the opportunity to finally heal my life, finances, or body.

This could be one of the best things that ever happened to me…” 

The Divine lives within you dear ones. The power that creates universes is there waiting for you to call it forth. The angels are with you. You never, ever have to handle a single challenge. 

So when you are faced with a challenge, look for the opportunity within it….

Say you have a bill you don’t know how to pay. This could be the opportunity to find the energy of abundance within and shift away from a very old belief in struggle and lack. This could be the way the universe motivates your inner growth so you can create prosperity for the rest of your life! This could be the challenge you need to be grateful for everything you do have and to trust in the universe’s love and support for you! This could be a pivotal opportunity to improve the quality of the rest of your life! 

Suppose someone leaves you, perhaps a friend of a spouse. It hurts! You’re left to deal with life situations on your own. You don’t know how to get over the pain.

Even in this dear ones, there is rich opportunity, fertile soil for amazing growth. You can use this as an opportunity to give yourself the love you’ve always given others. You can use this to learn where you ignored your guidance, became a martyr, or put up with conditions that were less than loving. You can use this as an opportunity to get clear about what type of relationships are permitted in your future as you move forward. You can see this as an opportunity to go within and feel the love of God and your angels – a love that will never, can never, leave you.

So while we know the natural human tendency when faced with a challenge is immediately to begin solving it, our advice would be first to sit still and pray to see the opportunity within it. Ask yourself, “How can I see this as an opportunity to grow?” Immediately a negative challenge shifts into a positive one when you ask this question. Ask yourself, “What do I want as the outcome? How do I want to feel?” Ask the universe and your angels for help.

Next shut your eyes. Imagine you sink into an ocean of love in much the same way a wave sinks into the ocean. Imagine this ocean carries you forward towards the solution. Breathe. Sink into the ocean. Exhale as it carries you. Now ask one more simple question, “What do I do next?” Trust the answer. Do nothing if you hear nothing. You will be guided.

Dear ones, your opportunities are challenges to embrace the light and power within your soul – the deepest and truest essence of your Being. Your challenges are opportunities to create, to get clear, to move past situations that don't serve you and to propel yourself towards situations that do. Your challenges are opportunities to relax into the fact that the angels and the Divine love you, guide you, and will never leave you.

In each challenge, no matter how hard it might appear, you are lovingly trying to steer yourself back to an awareness of the light and Divinity within.

If you practice shifting your mindset towards challenges regularly, you will find that life itself seems far less challenging. You will learn, grow, and move through challenging situations with far greater ease and joy.

Perhaps, someday, you will even welcome you challenges as opportunities to dive even more deeply into your power and your truth. 

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

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Message From Ann .....

Hi Everyone,

I’ve had an exciting few weeks to say the least! In less than ten days an uninvited spirit triggered a full-blown gallbladder attack, I broke my toe, and found out I had a very expensive car repair. Weirdly, I feel amazing! I’m pinching myself. It hardly seems real to be so happy and positive amidst all those “challenges” but truly, finally, I AM reaping the rewards of embracing them as opportunities.

The pissy spirit helped to catalyze a giant release for me in mind, body, and soul. Old frustration left my spirit and old junk left my body! I was guided to an herbal supplement the following week that dissolves gallstones and now I am eating with great joy! Best of all I got rid of a lot of old frustration at myself that invited these situations.

The car repairs – after years of manifesting, and giving thanks for the blessings in my life – didn’t even seem like a a challenge. I give thanks that the problem was discovered in the shop rather than me breaking down on the freeway. God always pays the bills.

Here are some pointers to help you see and embrace opportunity within life's challenges.

1. Assume life loves you

Life does love you. The Divine loves you. The angels love you. Love is always attempting to flow into your life. Grace is always trying to work in our lives. We either allow it or block it. Life is not out to “get you,” no matter what it feels like.

Every tough situation is an opportunity to open to love.

The minute you feel challenged, as soon as you can, calm your mind, Sit, Breathe, and receive the love of the Divine and your angels. Allowing love to flow to you in this fashion is the first step in receiving help.

Take slow, deep breaths to calm the nervous system and allow grace to flow into you – body, mind, and soul

2. Look for the opportunity in the challenge

If you haven’t yet reaped the rewards of shifting your challenges into opportunities you won't want to do this step. We humans are programmed to feel victimized, to blame others, blame ourselves, etc. However, once something is done, those thoughts are useless and only bind us more strongly to the problem.

Instead, ask yourself questions like these: What is the opportunity in this challenge? How can I grow? How can I embrace my inner power right here and now? How can I affirm my abundance? How can I use this as an opportunity to love myself more deeply, or love another? Really dig deep. Your soul will know the answers. Make a clear decision to grow. Pray and ask for help.

3. Look forward, not back

Refuse to look back. No “coulda, shoulda, woulda’s” are going to assist. Instead embrace the opportunity within the challenge. Take good care of yourself. Be grateful for everything. Focus on your healed, solved, amazing solution. Pray. Take time to focus on what IS working in your life. Slow down. Eat well… Do whatever you need to do to accept that this situation is trying to assist in you in creating a kinder, more loving, and more powerful life.

When water hits a rock that it cannot move, it surrenders, and the current carries it around the boulder. When we hit a situation we don’t know how to change, it is in our surrender to it, to prayer, and to love, that allows the currents of grace to carry us around the seeming obstacle. 

Little by little as I embrace life’s challenges with zeal for the growth, they do cease to become so challenging. Years ago I learned to trust in the Divine for financial flow and no matter what has come my way something always works out. I don’t even get upset over that anymore.

The past few years I’ve learned to embrace even the nastiest souls with love, so they don’t really get me down for long either. Now I’m learning to accept physical challenges so I can overcome these as well. I’m working on it! What an opportunity!

This school called earth can be a tough one. The angels freely admit it. And yet, the opportunity to find and feel the LOVE and POWER that lives within us is such a blissful, beautiful thing, that I’m sure our soul knows it is worth every challenge we face! 

Love you all!

Video - "Angel Card Reading this week! [May 5th-11th 2019]" By Melanie Beckler

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