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Mary Magdalene: “Love and Accept your Divine Self Beyond Everything” ~ By Fran Zepeda ... And ... Potent F Words for our Time By Shanta Gabriel ...And...Every Breath Brings a Miracle By Ann Albers

Greetings, Beautiful Beloveds.  I AM Mary Magdalene. I greet you with much Love and understanding of your growing and glowing Love Essence; your Beautiful Presence;  your Sustaining Grace; and your rise in consciousness to hold and maintain all the divine aspects of Creator in sustaining Truth.

You have reached a level of consciousness now that has surpassed all you have ever achieved, and you may find yourselves hovering in an entirely new place now that exhibits new behaviors and heralds new understanding of what used to be a puzzle.

Yet, you know that holding this new consciousness will take some gentle handling, for the energies of it are delicate and new and unfamiliar and cannot always be understood on a mind level. Allow this new consciousness to settle in your heart now and allow these new and unfamiliar feelings to incubate there. Allow the unknown to be welcome. Allow the uncertainty to be welcome. Allow your Divine Self to be more familiar, as you Love and Accept your Divine Self Beyond Everything.

To support this, I offer a Mantra to hold in your heart. Feel each quality as it expands within you, AS you:


‘I AM Divine Will beyond everything;

I AM Divine Wisdom beyond everything;

I AM Divine Love beyond everything;

I AM Divine Purity beyond everything;

I AM Divine Truth beyond everything;

I AM Divine Grace beyond everything;

I AM Divine Freedom beyond everything;

I AM Divine Clarity beyond everything;

I AM Divine Harmony beyond everything;

I AM Divine Unity and Peace beyond everything;

I AM Divine Purpose beyond everything;

I AM Divine Transformation and Transcendence beyond everything;

…I AM Pure Source Consciousness….

…. For this is my true Being…. Nothing can intrude or tamper with my ultimate acceptance of myself as a Pure Divine Being, One with All That Is. For I am One with Source in all I feel, think and do.’


Continue to Feel each quality as it expands within you, AS you. It is a beautiful feeling, beloveds. It is an exquisite feeling. Feel your heart expanding into this Truth. And know that you have risen, and will continue to rise, in consciousness as you accept this truth about yourself: that you are a beautiful Divine Being complete with all the divine aspects and qualities of Creator and Christ Consciousness.

Know that this way of Being, is Beyond Everythingthat is duality and separation. You are leaving that behind, so accept your new place and presence immersed in all these divine qualities. For they define you now. You resonate completely with them as long as you choose to accept that you are a Divine Being complete with all these qualities, for you are not separate from Creator; you are One with Creator and Source, replete with All Divine qualities.

Play and explore with how you feel in possession and full immersion of these qualities. What does it feel like? Revel in it. BE it. Accept it as a truth about you. Feel the expansion of this divine knowing in your Heart. It will lift you ever higher and keep you in a vibration and frequency that invites experiences reflecting these divine qualities and aspects.

You have arrived at a vibration that is resonate with this. Resist the pull into duality and separation that may happen as you get tired, especially with all the upgrades and downloads currently enhancing your energy. Allow yourself enough rest to allow this new energy to balance and integrate within you. It is a process.

You are exquisite in your new resonance and I trust you will begin to see things in an entirely new way that is commensurate with this new vibration and consciousness that is seeping into and sustaining you stronger than ever.

Settle into your new way of Being and allow yourself the knowing that you are refining yourself to a level of purity that is replete with all the divine aspects of Creator, of Christ Consciousness, that are now alive and affecting your reality beyond anything and everything you have experienced before.

I offer my Love and Support to all, with deep and loving abidance.


I AM Mary Magdalene.


Video: "Opening To The New You By Judy Satori" -

Light is the force of all Creation. When you align yourself with this exquisite gift, there is magic. ~ Archangel Gabriel

Potent F Words for our Time By Shanta Gabriel

There have been some powerful F Words floating around my consciousness recently. Suddenly Fortitude has become my favorite word for what I need right now.
I usually will check in with myself to see what special frequencies I need to bring into my energy field at any given moment. This practice gives me more awareness so I can pray and create intentions that would bring more of that energetic requirement into my life. It’s important that I recognize those needs that sustain and nourish me so I can be more resourceful.
Fortitude as a concept is one that I have never considered as a powerful tool for life in the world until recently. Archangel Gabriel has always used somewhat old-fashioned phrases and terminology in the teachings I have been receiving from him since 1990. Fortitude fits into the genre. The dictionary describes Fortitude as “Courage or strength of mind in the face of pain, danger or adversity.”
Fortitude is a power that provides not only Courage and Strength but the ability to keep on keeping on in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds.
Which brings up another important F word for our time, Faith. In all of the turning points in my life the past 40 years, I have used different oracles to inspire and refine my attitudes about what I am facing. The ancient Celtic system of Runes provided me with such a powerful teaching when my life was disintegrating in 1999, that I still remember it to this day. It said, “Rely therefore on radical Trust, even it means leaping empty handed into the void.”

I have received that same rune at other important choice points since then, and it always strikes me so powerfully that I have to surrender to that which Life has brought to me. This message spurs me to recognize that whatever is going on in my outer world is not mine to work out or find solutions to. I am forced to admit that the most resourceful thing I can do is to offer all that I am facing over to the Divine working in my life.

That is truly what Faith is. As we believe in that which cannot be seen, we stand in the unwavering Faith that the God is working in and through all that we are doing in every moment, no matter what.
In short, Radical Trust is knowing that the Universe has our backs in perfect Divine support.

I received a powerful teaching in 2012 when Archangel Gabriel gave me a message about life as the River of all Creation. We begin to thrive when we remember to have Faith that there is a never-faltering energy that flows from Source, carrying with it all that we need in any given moment. Our job is to step into the Flow of the sacred River.
So this brings me to my final potent F word for this time – Flow. I am learning to allow the Flow of God’s Grace to be part of my daily life. The flowing presence of Divine energy, in which we live, move and have our being, is with us at all times. Sometimes we are like the fish that does not remember that it is swimming in the ocean of all Creation. The Divine Presence is always there around and within us at all times. When I can be present and have Radical Trust that this Divine Flow is working in my life, my Faith and Fortitude are increased exponentially.
Recognizing the presence of this never-ending Flow of Divinity working through me brings more Meaning and Purpose into every area of my life.
~ ~ ~


What brings you more meaning and purpose in life? Is depth of meaning an important value for you?

For me, it has been an essential part of my life for over 40 years. It is what sustains and nourishes me in life. Depth of meaning raises my energy frequencies, allowing me to focus on what is important to me. I am able to relax and allow the Flow of All Creation to work in my world in greater ways.

For this reason since the beginning of 2017, I have been leading a sacred group practice every quarter to honor the seasons in life. We are in a crucial time on the planet where how we proceed will have major ramifications for future generations. This provides a powerful moment to work as a group to raise our energetic frequencies and to bring our powerful intentions for Peace, Harmony and Spiritual Blessings to the Earth.

I invite you to step into the Ashram of Life and create a sacred space through your spiritual practice. Most of us are not in a time when we have the luxury of leaving our daily lives to stay in a retreat center or monastery. Life has become our Ashram and is the place where our spiritual lessons are learned as we practice remembering that God is within us working in our daily lives.

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Every Breath Brings a Miracle By Ann Albers

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a breath in. Hold it inside of you. Then relax and allow it to flow out naturally. You have just inhaled all of life. You have allowed your body to take in helpful frequencies and, as you exhaled, released all unnecessary frequencies. You didn't have to figure out the process of breathing, distributing oxygen into your bloodstream or eliminating toxins. These things all happened naturally and easily.

Can you imagine dear ones, that your every breath is a miracle? In every breath, you not only receive oxygen but information. Your breath is loaded, not simply with physical nutrients, but also with energetic nutrients – frequencies, information, even angels at times! We can ride into your body on the breath, as energy, make adjustments in your field, and then ride right out on the exhale. We do this as easily as the waves that transmit your television and radio signals move in and out of you all the time!

So this time when you breathe, be intentional. Think of something you want in your life. Ask for help. Ask the angels to adjust your energy field to make you more "in tune" with that which you want to receive. Do you want peace? Ask for that. Abundance? Ask us to help you resonate with that. A relationship? Ask us to help you value yourself enough to attract the right one. Do you want a new car? Ask us to help you vibrate into the self-worth and belief you can attract one. Take a moment. Set your intention. Now inhale.

As you hold the breath imagine it nurturing you with light, filling every cell, resonating every part of your mind, body, and soul into a glorious attunement with that which you seek. Now exhale. You are releasing all inharmonious frequencies now.

It really can be that simple dear ones. We are "waiting in the wings" as you say, to help you. Our energetic assistance is far more productive and valuable to you than anything we can shift in your outer world because when your energy is attuned to that which you seek, you become magnetic. In that reality, we can help even more!


God Bless You! We love you so very much.

-- The Angels

Message From Ann 

Sometimes I sit down to channel the weekly newsletter with an idea of what I'd like to talk about and the angels come through with something entirely different. Sometimes I overlook the obvious. Breathing seems so natural and easy, right? But in reality, most of us don't breathe deeply, or consciously.

Conscious breathing has come in very handy for me lately. I've been sleeping deeply, having fascinating dreams, and waking up happy. However, within a few seconds of opening my eyes, I start to feel a very anxious and unpleasant vibration in my body as I re-enter the earth's frequencies. If I had no resistance to the fear and anxiety on the earth, I'd move right through it and quickly back into bliss. Eventually, I won't even feel it at all. But I'm not there yet. I'm working on deeper levels of surrender at all times and striving to live in deeper levels of love... for everything.

That being the case, I don't like feeling this staticky, unpleasant energy. So, for now, I sit up, breathe, surrender to the angels and the light that rides in on the breath, and once again feel heaven. Within minutes of surrendering to the breath, I am tuned back into bliss, feel awesome, and am able to get on with my happy day! Maybe someday I'll breathe so deeply at all times that I won't even feel the static. I'm working on it!

For now, conscious breath is an elixir that cleanses my energy, enlivens my cells, and fills me with an enthusiastic energy for life.

In the surrender to a conscious breath, absolute miracles can take place. 

Yoga and meditation instructors have taught this for years. Nonetheless, I think we all need reminders. It's all too easy to get caught up in the world's energies these days. Happily, it is also easy to breathe and find heaven once again!

Here are a few pointers to help you breathe easily this week!

1. When you first wake up take a few deep conscious breaths

Before you even get out of bed, sit up. Ask your angels for help with anything you need that day, even if you simply want a loving, grace guided joyful day.

Then breathe in deeply. Know you are breathing in all the loving energies that you need to help adjust your energy to match your prayers. Hold the breath for a few seconds and imagine it lighting up every cell, lighting up your aura, enlivening you. Feel its energy and love. Then exhale gently and repeat a few more times.

Allow the conscious breathing to fill you with love and energy for your day!

2. When someone, or life, upsets you... Breathe the breath of peace

This one sounds obvious, but we don't always do it. When someone cuts you off in traffic, says something unkind, or upsetting... breathe. When you get that email asking you to do "just one more thing," breathe. When you stumble upon bad news, breathe. When you think about something painful or upsetting... breathe.

In all of those cases, slow down. Take a deep breath in, intending to breathe in peace and reassurance that everything is all in divine order. Hold that breath of peace. Now exhale and know that any anxious of chaotic energies are leaving. You might see it in your mind's eyes like white light flowing into you and fuzzy static flowing out of you. Repeat a few times.

The breath of peace gifts you with not only peace but also with a clear perspective on what to do next.

3. Before Bed, Breathe in Your Day

No matter whether your day was pleasant or not, breathe it in for cleansing. Imagine you are inhaling the energy of your entire day. Hold the breath for a few seconds allowing the natural systems in the body and aura to take in what is good and sort out what is not useful. Now exhale. You are releasing all that is not helpful.

Breathing in your day allows you to benefit from the loving frequencies and clear out the rest.

Doing this a few times will help you sleep more deeply without all that static bouncing around inside of you!

Breath is such a powerful but under-utilized form of receiving love, releasing undesirable energy, and self-healing. Use it consciously this week and see how you feel!

Love you all!

Ann,  Please feel free to share any of my messages or posts. The only thing I ask is a small note: ©Ann Albers,

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