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Mark Huber's Teleconference

31 March 2009

Deborah: Welcome everybody. I just want to introduce Mark briefly. Mark Huber is a retired Naval Intelligence Commander who acts as a conduit for Faction 3 Intelligence. Faction 3 in its widest context is the Galactic Federation, the Spiritual Hierarchy and their Earth Allies.

Most other commentators take their information from the two branches of the Illuminati: Faction 1, primarily centered in Europe and Faction 2 primarily centered in the United States.

Mark himself has had truly wonderful and amazing spiritual experiences that enable him to evaluate events happening around him and offer us a unique point of view, which is why we are here tonight, to listen to him and ask him our questions. So Mark, you want to go ahead and take it from here?

Mark: Well, thank you, Deborah for the introduction. Understand that as a conduit for Faction 3, Rama talks to the King of Swords and other people talk to Rama, many of whom are directed to him such as Senators and people, insiders, by the King of Swords.

So when he gets a call, he doesn't know who it is he is going to have on there.They will just say, "Hello, the King said to call you". This might be Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame, some scientist, or some person anywhere. I just wanted to clarify that. When that information comes in, we all giggle and everything and discuss it.

So then we all, in various ways, amalgamate what comes in with what we're getting from all other sources. We specifically utilize anything coming from Faction 3 as our "check" on the others.

So I just wanted to clarify that a little bit. And I think it might be good to start off now because there are a lot of questions being asked and there's a lot of interest since this is March 31st and a few things are scheduled, like the end of the income tax and the IRS, the federal government insolvency, the insolvency of the Federal Reserve, and a few minor things of this nature.

Also, today we are waiting now for the word on what is going to happen on the G-20 meetings.

As you know, Benjamin Fulford and many others out on the internet, have posted their comments and predictions; most of which can be assumed to be, more or less, wrong.

Because the truth is that nobody knows until Saint Germain and/or Mother Sekhmet tell the King of Swords or show up at the meeting and actually interrupt and say, "O.K. that's all very interesting, but here's the deal".

Until we hear that, we don't know and no one else does either. Even though many people have speculated. Russia has speculated. China has speculated and I just want to put that out also before we talk. Now I will just turn you over to Rama and let him tell you some interesting people he talked to today.

Rama: On my……… I was listening to Thom Hartmann this morning and he was talking about Mr. Wagoner from GM [General Motors] getting his 20 million dollar parachute and callers were calling up and saying he needs to give every dime back to the people.

Tara: Who is Mr. Wagoner?

Rama: The head of GM; the CEO. He also went into one of those things where he says everything you know is wrong and he was talking about Google Earth and how Google Earth recently announced some new photos of a giant photo of London where there are three craft landing in a suburb of London.

Thom Hartmann talked about this and he just said this is day time. It's not George Noory or Art Bell time. [Coast to Coast night time radio show on the paranormal]. Yet this is a discussion that needs to be had. He went on to say that Leon Panetta and the whole story of how 50 years of UFO cover-ups will be coming up.

Also, the reality in which this brings in the story of "do you wish for us to show up"? [from the Galactics] That was brought up today.

Right after I listened to that with Thom Hartmann, I got a call from someone named Jesse and Jesse said, you could say I'm a protégé in training with the King of Swords. The King is currently with Michelle and Barrack Obama on Air Force One and they are being trailed by three craft in the sky.

They are over there across the pond to the Tower of London and my understanding of this, along with what I heard from Tom the Ring-Tailed Cat [Tom is a galactic-human Paschat F3 agent] yesterday, is that Obama will be saying to the G-20, "Freeze ALL hedge funds NOW". I have heard rumors from Tom [the Ring Tailed Cat] that there are ten countries that want to sign on to NESARA, yet there are ten other countries that are still refusing and we know they are the Cabals.

Mark: Rama, that Tom you are talking about is Tom the Ring Tailed Cat, is that right?

Rama: Yes. Today, Jesse was explaining to me that it is very likely that Saint Germain is probably there at the G-20 meeting in disguise. At the right time, he will just walk through the room and let everybody know how the bear sleeps in the woods. They have to answer to him; all the 13 families. There are no ifs, ands or buts. It just is.

How the chips fall, I would just say, Benjamin Fulford doesn't have that one piece where he will allow himself to speak of the Galactic Federations, the Galactic Confederation, and it is just an intuition that I have that if he were to go that far and talk about that, they would `off' him.

I would just say let it fold Benjamin Fulford in the violet flame and in the Office of the Christ because what he is doing is a tremendous service to the whole planet by being in Tokyo and reporting on what's going and on that's not being reported by our other financial criminals that are on CNBC, CNN and even MSNBC and I'm talking about Morning Joe. [morning television talk show] Morning Joe, I don't exactly think he is o.k.

Tara: And Andrea Mitchell. That's not even Andrea Mitchell.

Rama: Andrea Mitchell, yeah. Also, on what Jesse told me on a larger scale, back to what Thom Hartmann said about those three craft. This is already going on and folks don't want to talk about it yet there are good folks within Google that want to get the word out because the greatest story that's never been told is First Contact and it's occurring and nothing can stop it.

Dr. Richard Boylan put out an article saying that the dark side wants to hit Chesapeake Bay with some kind of magnetic pulse weapon [EMP=Electro Magnetic Pulse Weapon] and destroy the East coast and flood D.C. That `aint gonna happen. Ashtar and Sananda will not let that those things go on.

And they are so close to being arrested. This is like Spain has issued arrest warrants for these six characters and at the same time, Rummy's [Donald Rumsfeld] name is not being mentioned, nor Dick Cheney, yet Dick Cheney is being mentioned by everybody out there. Right now, it going on on Rachel Maddow.

Tara: And Keith Olberman and the whole war crimes tribunal are being brought because of the fact that Dick Cheney's assassination teams are not going away. Keith Olberman was so heavy today about that it was just off the scale. We want to just go back a minute.

Rama: Oh yes. I asked Ron Kubey about this concerning the insolvency of the Federal Reserve and the IRS. I called him up about ten minutes before his show ended and I asked him, "have you seen the email that has gone out" and he just responded, "all's well that ends well. Goodbye, Commander", and then he hung up on me.

Then I asked Ron Reagan about it on his show and I said we need to roll back the Reagan tax cuts to 1979 and he said "yes, I do not condone what my father did yet I do have to say that this could very well be true. I'm not a lawyer and everything looks in proper context the way all the wording, the legal documents, if you go to the websites, it's all set up." I pass the talking stick.

Mark: You asked him…you asked Jesse about the March 31st deadline also, didn't you?

Rama: Yes, I did.

Mark: What did he say?

Rama: He just said, as we all know the Federal Reserve and the IRS have been absorbed into the Treasury Department and there could be agents that are being rerouted with new orders from various agencies like NSA, CIA, FBI. They are supposed to go and collect, yet it is like outsourced and they haven't said one word about this at all.

Mark: Rama, Steve sent in a question before we go on. Let's just on and get this one out of the way first and you want to kind of restate the question?

Rama: Why has Obama not made any other cabinet appointments? Why has he not come forward with any cabinet meetings?

Rama: And I've got to just say that I firmly believe that this is within the Earth Allies and the Galactic Federation process. He's getting his orders from a higher authority which is Saint Germain. That is as much as I know on that level. They won't go any further with me. If I asked the wrong questions, they seem to hang up on me.

Tara: I could also make a comment that we know Barrack Obama is a double agent until he doesn't need to be a double agent anymore. That won't be until NESARA is announced.

In the meantime, the dark side has already has been checkmated by everything that Barrack Obama has done behind the scenes. Not the least of which is rolling back the E.T. secret intelligence all the way back to Harry Truman.

So, there is a reason for everything and it has nothing to do with him being good or bad. It has to do with him being totally of the Light yet playing a double agent until he does not need to do that anymore.

That exposes Hillary. Hillary has been coming up in the news. Yesterday she was up there on the internet and on Rachel Maddow. Hillary has been looking like she's swallowed a frog, you might say. That is because she is very unhappy with knowing that the people are about to know about her crimes across the board and she can't stop it.

So we just have to praise the situation and not try to see anything except that the love is coming and the announcement is very close because Mr. Jesse said something you forgot to tell the people, Rama.

Rama: Go ahead.

Tara: He said,….at the end, Rama asked him about NESARA and he said you are going to get your announcement very, very soon now. Then he referred me to this section. What's this guy's name again?

Mark: Paul Andrew Mitchell.

Tara: Paul Andrew Mitchell. If you can all remember when Big Will and our friend Lyle also and a number of other people called and they said, "we're getting these rainbow bills. My mother, a 72-year old judge in Chicago got a $100 rainbow bill and it's colored like a deep blue green. It says United States Note on the top of it." Then the $10 bills have been showing up last week and they are like a cardinal red and they say United States Note.

Now I'm going to read this so you know what they are really. This is very exciting, everyone. So, he says here:

So on behalf of our clients who are presently seeking bankruptcy protection in the eastern district of Washington, I do have authority to represent the United States as a private Attorney General. This is Paul Andrew Mitchell talking.

Then it goes into big black letters. The United States will enter plea into the bankruptcy case on March 31st, 2009 A.D. Formally, and they did it at 5:31 a.m., today, EDT.

They do it formally to declare the insolvency as to each and every obligation, e.g., United States bond, which the Congress sold to the Fed all the way back to 1913--any single bond.

Moreover, because Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs) are legally obligated as United States. That declaration of insolvency will also have the legal results of voiding all FRNs, Federal Reserve Notes, presently in circulation anywhere on planet Earth.

All FRNs will need to be recalled systematically and then destroyed after being exchanged one for one with the United States Notes.

That's why I pointed this all out. All these new rainbow bills, they say United States Note on them. Now that's in how he is explaining this.

So with United States Notes, they will be replaced that are printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing without any interest owed or payable to the Federal Reserve on those United States Notes.

The link in the hyperlink Declaration above will take you to photographs comparing the Federal Reserve notes and the United States Notes. The latter have been called red dot currency because the Treasury's seal is printed on them in red ink. That's the big one. That means they are Treasury bills, everybody. Rainbow Treasury Bills

The recall of FRNs and exchange for United States Notes are temporary measures and the route to the returning to Constitutional money. We do not anticipate that returning to the United States Notes need to be recalled at all because once there is enough gold and silver to back the United States Notes, Congress can simply enact a Law, declaring them redeemable.

Now, let me tell you in English what this just said. What was just said was what we learned a long time ago. I mean Dove wrote this in 1999. She said this very clearly. She said, "When NESARA comes around, then all Federal Reserve Notes, we will be able to turn them in and get a one-for-one return in terms of Rainbow bills".

They will be equal in value and then, of course, the gold standard will set the whole thing up with NESARA gold will be $50 a troy ounce, silver will be $10 a troy ounce and platinum will be $100 a troy ounce and all of these CEOs and their game plans are over completely because that means the corporate fascist state is canceled.

Remember, I also want to remind you, that there is plenty of gold and silver. In October, after we went inside NESARA Law on the 1st of October, the King of Swords and his good people moved all of the gold from all the hidden spots where the Illuminati hid their gold and they took it from everywhere in the world. They moved it in one month, all into the United States. Ready for these Rainbow bills and our announcement of NESARA.

So the Law, with a capital L, that he is speaking of is the NESARA Law.

This is how exciting this is. One of the main reasons for declaring insolvency formally is the automatic stay authorized by the federal bankruptcy laws. No creditor may collect any further principle or interest payments once a debtor has sought bankruptcy protection from a United States bankruptcy court. Thus the Federal Reserve and the IRS will be legally barred, prohibited, from collecting any more principle or interest payments on any of the obligations of the United States, which it owes to the Federal Reserve banks.

Moreover, since the FRNs are also legally defined as such obligations, the Federal Reserve and the IRS will be legally estopped--if somebody knows exactly what that means on this call, it would be great to hear-- from demanding the return of any more FRNs; e.g., to pay federal income taxes.

Federal Income Taxes have been used to pay interest to the Federal Reserve all along. They do not and never have paid for any federal government services whatsoever.

Last but not least, it is already well established that there is no liability statute for federal income taxes imposed by substitute subtitle A of the Internal Revenue Code. The United States Supreme Court has already ruled that a tax liability may not be created by regulation published in the federal register.

The obvious conclusion then, is that the income taxes imposed by subtitle A of the Internal Revenue Code are fraudulent to the core since 1913. Because there is no statue at large [act of Congress] creating any specific liability for any of those taxes.

In summary, both the Federal Reserve and the IRS are legally out of business throughout the United States, as of 5:13 a.m. this morning, and throughout all federal enclaves, territories and possessions, as of midnight, ending March 31st. How about that everybody?

Mark: O.K. I know we've taken a lot of time here to do this intro. But I know people will have questions. We have all received telephone questions about these subjects because today is the day that a lot of this starts and the next couple of days will be more of the same.

So by the time we get to Thursday night's call, we'll have a whole new set of information and hopefully some feedback from internal sources on what actually the way they are working this. But you can tell…..I hope that you got from this a sense of momentum that is pulling us, pushing us and drawing us directly into what we would call a constitutional crisis, where the only way out is the declaration of NESARA.

Now, we cannot give any dates or anything else, but I think I will refer, just for a second, for those of you out there who read Sheldan Nidle, I would just say that today's report from him … he doesn't talk about the economic part, but he does talk … and I think this is even more important—he talks about the great Light that is coming, both from the core of the universe and also from other places and crossing our patterns and these are highly energetic patterns that not only effect this galaxy but hundreds and

This is an event that there are no historians when the last time something of this nature happened. Anyways, it wouldn't matter because this is going to be different because the Creator and the Creation continues to evolve, continues to expand and so the thing is nobody knows but we know it's a wonderful event and has nothing to do with tragedy and has all to do with upliftment, with excitement and with the return of our consciousness to a spiritual level of Oneness where we know we are One and we know Who we are in that One.

Along this same line, I'd like to refer you to Ascended Master Kuthumi's message that was channeled on March 21st dealing with the 12th chakra activation and with the 13th chakra activation to occur on Easter.

Now you know that Ashtar started this and Kuthumi echoed him—or they echoed each other-- saying that from March 20th through Easter which is April 12th, that many unprecedented things highly important things would occur, happen, transpire.

This is what we are talking about now. All of these things converging and augmenting each other and bringing us to a place, not only for NESARA because NESARA is a 3-D thing.

What we're talking about is the whole Universe is going through a revolution that is beautiful, positive and we have never experienced it before. So we are all in for a lot more. And so with that I'd like to ask Deborah to put us into question and answer mode and get some input and ask their questions.

Q&A Mode:

Lady: Tara, I can tell you what estoppel is. It's a legal term, it started in some of the courts called courts of equity rather than courts of law. It is a parallel system that is incorporated in our system today.

Basically, it boils down to, you can't claim that a law works one way and then because it works to your advantage claim it works another way when you already claimed it worked another way. So you are estopped from getting the benefit all the time and changing the application of some principle.

Tara: Thank you. That sounds very appropriate for this bunch.

Mark: Is there another question?

Shirley: When I was reading today's Christopher Story he was mentioning two things.

First, his report was put on the British mainstream news about Barclays and some of the corruption in England. So that was a good thing for him because it upset a lot of people.

But he also is quoting President Sarkozy who says that "if the deliverables are not there, I won't sign the communiqué" and Christine Lagarde, his financial minister, is explaining that "it means walking away. I think he is very determined."

What Chris Story was saying is that even though he is British, he understands and speaks French and that that word is not used in any other way in the French language. So what he said was, "What did Sarkozy really mean when he said `if the deliverables are not there, he's walking away.'" Chris Story is taking that to mean something to happen with releases of funds. I didn't know if you had read that and what your thoughts were about it.

Mark: Thank-you. Yes, as a matter of fact, I have read that and this gentlemen you quote, Mr. Sarkozy, has, you might say, has one or two or maybe more than hats he wears

One of them you might call a Mafiosi; no one to be fiddled with. On the other hand he's got some other interests that we cannot really define here. The reason I disqualified that a little bit is to say that we don't…

See, they send signals to each other and they're signaling certain kinds of things which might mean negotiations or you might call them posturings to try to get their way. That was one of the things mentioned in the article is that you make a demand, draw a line in the sand, and say you want me to sign this thing? OK, then here's the deal.

The truth of the matter is that when these people come together…..

I have to go back to this….. Saint Germain, Mother Sekhmet and the King of Swords and who knows how many others, that's just the ones we're knowing about, that are going to be there and we've also heard, as Rama mentioned earlier, that up to 10 of those G-20 nations may decide that their odds are better to go ahead and sign on to NESARA .

So you see, we have conflicting interests and agendas and power plays that make it impossible to know in advance and once again, quoting Rama, the King of Swords is going to take orders only from Saint Germain and Mother Sekhmet is going to make sure that her Paschats are ready to do whatever needs doing.

We're not really predicting anything special except don't look at what these other people say or do. We know that this G-20 was set up by the power brokers to try to get their way in spite of all facts telling them that they are broke, that their time is up and this is the place where they leave the stage.

So, nonetheless, they throw this final wild card out there and no matter what the names for it are, it doesn't matter. Saint Germain has NESARA's funds in his hands and he also has the power to stop the whole show and say "End Program."

Tara: And he's also got his signature on the World Trust instead of the Rothchilds. So it's all over. It's completely over.

Mark: Keeping that in mind, and as I said, the only reason we are going into detail on these things is that we understand that many people have different amounts of information and it's confusing when you are looking on the internet or just looking on any printed material because you'll hear all kinds of stories and some of them have a piece of the truth and some of them are total falsehoods.

So you don't know how to do that unless you go to the top and the top happens to be Saint Germain, Mother Sekhmet and the King of Swords. They are the only ones who are in on the top plan that includes the Galactics. And with that, let's turn it over and see if anybody else has another question.

Barker: In your introduction, what did you imply was going to happen today by midnight tonight? Was it the discontinuance of the FRNs?

Mark: What Tara just read to you said it all. What it basically said was that the Federal Reserve, the IRS and effectively the government is insolvent in terms of all FRNs or Federal Reserve Notes.

None of them can be collected, which means the IRS, who is only the Federal Reserve's collection agent, that is what they would be collecting under; those authorities.

However, what this legal case which was decided, basically dissolved a little after 5 o'clock this morning, was that the government is insolvent and especially the Federal Reserve and the IRS, and all bonds going back to 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created, are no longer collectable, meaning you can no longer enforce them. So this is very important. Does this answer your question?

Barker: Very good. Thank you so much.

Big Will: With the absence of the IRS, is it possible that with the paid the interest that we've been paying over the years, is it possible to get a refund gong back ten years?

Mark: Well, I don't think we want to answer that specifically as detailed as you just asked it. We do know that once NESARA is announced, that we will have a situation. Tara, do you want to comment on this?

Tara: Yes, there is going to be … you know … the thinking that we are still going to get a refund under the Federal Reserve, that is where the language has changed. As of midnight tonight the Federal Reserve is out of business. So we won't be getting any refunds. Instead, you've got to look at the language here. What happens with the replacement of the Federal Reserve, with the NESARA Law, is that every man, woman and child receives 10 million dollars each in every country in the world, starting with the United States, England, Canada and Australia.

Back here, it's not a refund. It's called restitution for the criminal prison that all of our selves and all of our ancestors have been in around the world.That's the answer. Do you capice?

Big Will: I do understand. Thank you so much.

Mark: We will be bringing out more information on this on Thursday when we have more actual hard information about the way they are going to publically deal with this.

The fact is that we've been inside NESARA Law since October 1st, 2008. Yet, this hasn't been announced to the public. Nonetheless, all transactions taking place since this have to comply with NESARA law.

So you see there is a double set of things going on. And whether or not there is any paperwork to be submitted later on for refunds in some cases, we'll have to clarify that but right now, this is a new event. This case puts another factoid in the mix and it's a very good one because Barrack Obama invited it, which is very interesting here.

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wow, I'm not gonna lie, I actually liked this message. loved it. is this whole insolvency thing true? everyone stop paying taxes! yayyyyy lol, no but seriously wait til this is confirmed lol

not to mention, Mark actually referred to Sheldon Nidle's channeling (which I LOVED), about a great Light coming from the core of the universe and galaxy, effecting everything in it and it is occurring now.

and if that story about those ppl getting rainbow bills are true, well then gee golly everything is happening after all!

oh and the Google Earth thing is very interesting, would like some more info on that as well

wonder if there's any connection with that recent London UFO pic from last week

L & L!
White Hats and St Bloody Germain, what a load of tosh. The above is pure double blind obscuration. I'm with the demonstrators, we don't need ridiculous leaders.
LOL patrick am counting on you to keep watch of how this goes in to the future. Cheers bro.

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