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Q'aplaa!.... Greetings All.... I got a text message from Tom the Cat...
He said: The debris in the sea is Black ops spreading fake evidence....
They have "NOTHING TO SHOW" for the vanishing!...

"228 TO BEAM UP"... they will be back!

New item: Today Rama was out driving and his car got 'tractor
beamed' a manner of Rana Mu and turned into the place
where she works. As he approached her desk, she surprised him by
throwing some 'fairy dust' into his face. Instantly the space in front
of him dilated and he was seeing the North Pole and was inside the
"Fortress of Solitude"{Superman fans}.

Before him was a giant crystal coming up out of the ground. As he looked
at the crystal face in front of him Ashtar filled the space. He said:
"Prepare for Contact, Commander!"

Then a bubble grew up around the giant pillar and Rama. He was shown a
full image of Niburu--Mother's ship--in orbit. It's about the size of
Mars. Mother told us before that the ships will be landing within 1
week of our Announcement.

So taking these two experiences together, in the context of the Air
France airliner 'beamed-aboard' event, you can see that we are truly
being prepared for momentous events that can not be censored by Cabal
media and black ops coverups.

Placing false evidence in the ocean yesterday to coverup the 'beam up'
is standard blackops procedures. They did this with the Columbia shuttle
craft that supposedly blew up and crashed in Texas. The Cabal agents
went out immediately and scattered body parts and a few items they could
present to reporters to say see the astronauts remains are here; when in
fact they had been beamed aboard a shuttle craft just before the craft


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man I'll keep a little faith and hope this is true but this situation with Air France is NOT A GAME and people may have possibly lost their lives and their loved ones grieving

I'm actually from Brazil and the area where the plane was allegedly flying over and possibly crashed, is ENORMOUS and very dangerous when it comes to being stranded there and/or having a plane crash

This is no joke and I hope "Mark H" knows what's he's channeling/talking to/talking about or else he loses all credibility in my book
Feeling is mutual R.L, am holding him to his word.

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