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[The question for Mark was. I read a news article today that Obama will
announce new tax policies for U.S. firms with overseas operations. A
series of international tax policy and enforcement proposals will be
announced that together would raise $210 billion over the next decade.
My question is why Obama proposes such a tax policy and targets for the
next 10 years, as after NESARA is announced, there will not be anymore
tax. Moreover, soon we will go into a 5D world where no money exists.
Would you please help to give me some insight on this?]


We are in an overlap of 3D with NeoCons still filling most positions and
at the same time moving NESARA's Announcement forward. These hats are
revolving and you can never tell which hat is speaking.

We have been assured that all these proposals and policies will STOP and
Cease to be enforced coincident with NESARA's Announcement.

We will also be implementing Constitutional/Common Law procedures to
replace Statute Law/Admiralty Laws, within 30 days of the Announcement.

Keep your eyes on all 5D supporting actions and just smile at all the
3D screams and schemes that are still surfacing. We are going to get
arrests and War Crimes trials with decloakings of the ships and our

Then we will be rapidly educated to Universal Law of the One principles
which will be introduced into all NEW structures which will replace the
Congress and all top-down controlling mechanisms in all areas.

Mark Huber

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