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15 Minute Manifestation Review

1. Set a very strong and specific intention from your heart about what you want to manifest. The more specific your desire is, the more specific your results will be. Vague goals create wishy-washy results. A powerful intention is a true desire that comes from the heart, free from any "shoulds" or "have to's". It feels empowering and freeing to focus on this outcome and you can visualize it manifesting for you. To set a strong intention, make a declaration to the Universe out loud that this is what you are manifesting!

2. Detach from the outcome and allow yourself to receive what you want or something better. This step can be the most difficult trap in manifesting, since the trick is to use less effort and more trust. Detaching is basically setting your Ego (who you think you are) aside and trusting the Universe completely. How do you focus on what you want without getting attached to results and trying to make it happen? The secret is to learn how to release expectations, which are fear-based projections of the mind, and trust that the Universe has already provided the perfect avenue for its manifestation.

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