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Listen to this Barbara Hand Clow which she is a total expert on 2012 and the mayan Calender

Barbara Hand clow

This is well worth listening to, I have this show on my web blog but i had to put this one on here, Click on past shows and then click on show number #45

This woman is an expert on 2012, Et's and the mayan calender, You will be blown away with so much knowledge from this show, Trust me it really put everything in perspective for me. IF you would like check out the websites

Dulcinea is

Barbara Hand Clow is the guest

Brad I told you about this show before but now i'm putting it up here for you to listen to, She knows about the Aucturians I hope i spelled that right. I love Brad's Podcast but i had to put this one up here and i hope you all like it. This is the best information that i leared so far about 2012 and the mayan Calender. Along with David Wilcock



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I wsh there was a such thing as Barbara Hand clow for dummies.

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