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Hi Guys,

Have you ever felt like you heart is becoming liquid. I have felt sometimes before listening to Solfeggio Frequencies. I have had this sensation twice in this year. I don`t know what could be, but i supposed that could be that my DNA is changing.

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ha ha your commentary is strange for me. but anyway, I felt in my heart was filling with a kind of liquid. However, this has happened to me always while i am doing exercise or listening to music.

Pierre said:
Hey! If you can tap in real well and do that! Tell me if you can ever change your DNA to make you have 2 hearts, 3 lungs, stronger, taller, and maybe more condensed bones! Or at least the 2 hearts and 3 lungs part. I have had an idea of creating an army of armored men sometime! but, thats probly not ethical....and the G.F.L.'s infiltration and time period of transition plan should do just fine.... but... uh... i dont know, i cant really answer your question... Like liquid? how else did it feal? you sure it wasnt a strong sensation of love!? haha, yea, i like that....

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