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Why not we all envision the announcement in our daily meditations, like seeing it already happened. IF 20,000 people just did a meditation all at the same time, and or everyday to envision Ufo disclosure to occur. Just envision it for a few minutes as clear as you can get it. This might help bring it to reality faster.

I'm going to try to envision myself and see how i can do it. My Third eye is really getting extremely opened, and i can close it any time.

Also i hope we can do this with a Resource Based Economy as well, i'm so fed up with the old system. I'm going all out to create a Resource Based Economy using my thoughts, and intentions. So anybody else who would like to try this in they're daily meditations. I know you are all creating your own reality, but lets all envision as hard as we can to get the changes rolling fast where we are all benefiting.

Oh by the way if you all already know about the Venus Project, Jacque and Roxanne are expanding the project atleast Online with a new website, and a whole lot more cooperation and team projects, that is going to propel this RBE Further.

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