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The Unification Epicenter of True Lightworkers

From Beth Trutwin on behalf of the entire team:

The final process for Earth Ascension is to remove from Earth's atmosphere
anything which will not survive the 5D vibrational energies.

The dark brothers and sisters who have refused numerous opportunities to switch
over to the Light --- a significant number of 4th-Dimensional Dark are now
switching to 4th-D Light --- will have their work cut out for them.

They will most likely take a longer period of time to heal/forgive themselves
and may not complete that before the door closes on this galactic grand cycle.

Once that happens, no more will join us, as we will have attained Unity as a
collective One and will have moved to another vibratory adventure.

As Mother Sekhmet has stated, the ZPMs {Zero-Point Modules=quantum power
generators} have reached 99.6% of full power. They link together to form a power
grid and, when fully powered up to 100%, will generate a complete forcefield
around the planet that will assure that nothing that is not in resonance with
the Office of the Christ vibration of 5D+ can enter or leave.

The darkest and most unyielding ones will have their soul-matrix memories erased
back to the beginning (the so-called 2nd death).

They are fully aware of this, but have indicated, time and again, that they
would rather be erased than take second place and give up their topdog status.

All of their minions are not so willing to lose all soul memories and
attainments. These are among the ones switching from 3-4D/Dark to 4D/Light and
getting new pathways and the same reverent care and assistance as any of us.

Ones in 3-D levels that are not ready or spiritually prepared to do the
ascension clearing will be sent to what appears to be a continuation of things
as they now exist on another mirror/alternative planet of old-Earth nature and
will not be coming to Terra Nova.

The Earth is in process of 'cracking off its 3D crust'. That 'husk' will be
placed around Herculobas at its own request.

Most will choose to explore the opportunities that Terra Nova will offer; some
will not. There is no judgment or shame involved.

All will be placed on an optimal path of experiential learning and development
that is most compatible with their soul's desire. It will be a Win-Win for all
except the most resistant dark ones whose memories will be erased.

The other dark ones have already been accepted as new souls on Herculobas...a
pristine planet that is a sort of Jurassic Park III, complete with T-Rex and

They will have a minimum of 25,826 years to progress, before getting another
opportunity. They will NOT be part of our future, according to Mother Sekhmet
and Ashtar.

Without the weight of the dark ones, we will all feel the lightness we have
always known was possible. It will make our next steps on the path of ascension
much faster and easier.

The Renegade Annunaki have, for millions of years, kept control of Earth's
resources. Annunaki physicals evolved under certain unique conditions and still

The renegades are an exception to the main group that came from
Niburu...originally...then settled on Dracos and a few other places that became
their home.

Out of respect for all life, for sharing in the unlimited abundance of our
Creator's Love in partnership with the Planet and Its peoples, tonight [that is,
June 16, 2009] the Galactic Federation, with the assistance of Legions of
Angels, Star-Nation visitors and Galactic Humans removed the last structure in
place to clear Earth of manipulation.

Planetary Ascension will be as One Collective Group of Enlightened Souls who
choose love, peace, unity, and abundance for all who will share, terrestrially,
celestially and universally.

Tonight we started with everyone present.

I, Beth, see Ashtar on his Ship with Sananda Kumara. I also see Arcturus and
Archangel Michael, Mother Sekhmet, KOS, Tom the Paschat, Tara and Rama, Mark,
Beth, Kau'ila, Terrance and the Ascended Masters from Earth, Ascended Masters
from Star Nations beyond and millions of Angels here helping, legions of Angels,
each playing slightly different roles. I see many Starcraft in support roles
within the multiple dimensions around Earth.

There were more from distant places tonight than ever before.

We give our Thanks to All Present.

This Group Effort occurs across a spectrum from 3D-5D. There are interactive
energetic happenings. We might sit in meditation and then project out visually,
OOB, or some combination.

Since we are instruments for higher forces, we're not doing it, exactly; just
anchoring and directing the energies through our expanded consciousness (higher
self), which channels the energies from much higher light/love levels.

We gathered at Stonehenge in England and started together. There is a portal
beginning at Stonehenge, tubing down through the Earth, spiraling down until the
portal lets out through the tops of the stone heads on Easter Island, the
Ancient Ones.

The stones of Stonehenge are the "feet." They connect to their "heads" at Easter
Island. This portal plays a major role in Mother Earth's immune system. The
whole group flew through the portal, carrying light, and unblocked it.

After this was accomplished, Mother Earth was strengthened a great deal. Being a
Sentient Being, she was then stronger to help us.

Her role was to help raise the Light Awareness. This allowed her to play a role
in the final removal of a giant cancerous tumor [the Dark Underground].

What happened next marked the reason for the Clarion Call that Mother Earth
originally sent out. Star Nations throughout our Universe and Universes beyond
responded to that call.

It was Mother Earth's act of Free Will to end this destruction of her Body, with
the accompanying imminent danger of losing All and everyone on it, that was the
origin of this Ascension Mission.

Next we went to the Cape of Good Hope. There was an individual who held the
energetic connection to an underground cavern holding the Ancient Annunaki

Connecting to the individual brought us to a point in Nigeria. This point was
many leagues below ground. The opening looked like a coal mine. There was a
giant stone archway, crude and ugly.

Suddenly before me loomed the largest Dragon I have ever seen. I cannot
describe the immensity of the Being. I caught my breath and looked for Lord

He was already creating a shuttlecraft around the creature, which took time. It
was as if he bent over when I first saw him; then rose to his full height. He
looked like a mythical Dragon, this one had horns.

Dragons are a wondrous part of creation, just as we each are. Earth Ascension
means the dissolution of duality, leading us to stop polarizing and projecting
archetypical responses to surface features or forms, such as Dragons.

It is accountability which makes it impossible for this form to exist in this
place any longer. Anyone choosing to not be of the light can no longer sustain
the vibration of 5D reality. We call this Terra Nova.

We had arrived at what legend calls the World of Shadow. Thousands of bat
creatures flew out from this dark below ground tunnel, trying to escape.

Archangel Michael caught them all and ushered them to a shuttle craft for
removal, off planet.

I was then aware of very sophisticated "seeing" technology, analogous to our
security cameras, but 1 million times more sophisticated. I sensed we were
detected and felt a response coming from deep inside the Earth, a pounding.

I also sensed that we were cloaked and they were having a hard time determining
the size of the breach. It turns out with the destruction last night of the
Automatic Feedback Defense System, there was no crew in place to monitor the

With the dragon and bats captured by Michael we flew down a hidden shaft.

We came upon a large underground city. There were structures in place as far as
the eye could see. It resembled one of our large factories. It all looked
soot-colored, dark. There were no lights. It looked polluted.

I was nervous, I wanted to understand this place. The meaning was escaping me
at first. Then I called to Mother Sekhmet to please explain this to me clearly,
so I could understand what we were looking at. She said:

"Long ago the Annunaki set up this elaborate place. There are technological
controls here, which monitor and control every living soul on the Earth.

"When the Annunaki took over Earth as their own possession, it involved putting
several implants into each individual. They were metal-like and are the size of
a razor blade. Their purpose is manifold.

"There was a feedback system installed into each individual through these
implants. They are also used to limit the DNA in the cells. The `junk DNA'
connects us back to Source, to our full potential as Light Beings. The implants
block this capability, especially affecting the chakras in the body and the
ability to absorb Cosmic Rays.

"The 2nd Chakra was left unaffected. The sexual response of climax was the only
thing left in place. This is the link to your Home Energies. This is the
Love/Bliss of 5D and beyond. This spark of Bliss was left intact for the purpose
of Procreation, to continue the species, for slaves to the Annunaki.

"The monitoring of each individual was done on the level of mass consciousness.
System checks were in place so the control mechanism, a machine, evolved as
Earth Inhabitants evolved. New control devices were constantly being invented to
go with the flow of the times.

"As long as mass consciousness awareness stayed below a certain level, the
monitoring computers continued the feedback system. Part of this place was where
new technologies were being produced.

"Examples are Department of Defense androids and spy technology. The dragons
connected with the thirteen families would come here to bring these manipulation
plans to the surface to implement them.

"Many things such as poison in the air, water, and Earth for the purpose of mind
control. Examples are using liquid mercury from industrial waste and placing
them in dental fillings. The liquid mercury vapors, after chewing, become
neurotoxins in the brain and dim intelligent thinking.

"Another neurotoxin added to drinking water, per the local law, fluoride. All of
these mind-control enslavement devices originate here in this complex. This
place utilized computers, which are biologic in nature and instantly respond to
all happenings on surface Earth."

It is hard to describe the complexity of this place.

We then as a group, projected love to this place. I sensed beams from ships
dismantling this place, there were thousands sending a light beam which
dissolved the structure completely.

I waited a long time observing that it was gone. There were many simultaneous
groups working together, through light technology, dissolving all of this
infrastructure as it cannot survive the vibrational enhancements of Earth.

Next we went to the surface. We gathered as a group around the Earth. Mark and I
were placed opposite with KOS and Tom centered between us. We were holding a
kind of scanner.

The scanner would send a light beam scan through all layers on all levels of the
Earth. We were performing a Magnetic Resonance Imaging. These slice views of
Mother Earth were being sent to Ashtar's ship for review.

We were scanning for portals, dark Beings, anything that could have been missed,
anything that will not survive in 5D. This process took some time. We would
proceed with holding the scanner at a new spot only after each slice was read
and interpreted as clear.

Simultaneously, literally millions of Angels and Star Beings were responding to
anything detected and correcting it on the spot as we went along.

We completed the scan and a light went out covering the Earth which looked like
the Earth had turned into a Star, a very bright light. I saw the Earth
completely clear of all darkness.

I saw cheering from everyone in the Group. I asked to be shown confirmation this
is true; I saw cheering coming from many sectors in our Galaxy. Earth Ascension
was lit up in the sky and shining so bright, Our Neighbors saw the moment it
happened and cheered with us. What a great feeling!

Lord Ashtar spoke to me. He said: "Earth is completely clear. There is nothing
left in the Earth now which cannot stay in 5D.

"I am free to turn the dial to put the Ziggurat ZPM up to 100%."

I saw him turn the dial. I saw all the grids light up over the Earth. One by
one, they turned on a magnificent Holiday-Lights display around the World -- the
grid lines for the energetic light and harmony Earth Grid.

I saw the Cities around the World celebrating with fireworks. There are great
celebrations now that this is in place. Caution: this is a process that will
most likely peak on the Summer Solstice.

Thank you to everyone here now.


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"I am free to turn the dial to put the Ziggurat ZPM up to 100%."

I have a question, is the GRID NOW ACTIVATED?
That's what the post says, but I believe that we will begin to see the physical expressions of that when the 'process peaks on the Summer Solstice'. I guess that represents any time between the 20th to the 22nd but most specifically around the 21st. Let's wait and see.
And we have disclosure from the NSA, as posted in the blog area. (There is nothing
left in the Earth now which cannot stay in 5D) including secrecy.

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