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I asked Mother about this. The only thing we suspect is that the craft
may have been involved in an encounter purposely orchestrated by
Wingmaker ships over the Equator.

Mother wouldn't deny or confirm this; just kind of nodded in that

Maybe Ashtar will tell us something more tomorrow.

You might ask why would they do this? One answer I might give: We know
that the GF has told the cabal to announce the GF presence or GF would
force announcement.

You will also recall that Dr Stephen Bassett wrote a letter on 4/20 to
Obama encouraging him to release some of the information on this
presence by 5/31/09...or others... ( France, China, or Russia )... might
do it for us.

Now, 1 day after that deadline expired, an Air France Airliner with 228
people aboard, disappears.

How better to up the ante and 'encourage' actions to reveal ET presence
and involvement in our affairs. Just a thought. What if that craft and
all aboard then 'resurface' to tell their experiences...on Satellite TV?

Of course, I may be imagining...but then...why would Mother nod?
Curious. Of course, your question had to do with the Cabal doing another
diversion operation.

I didn't get any answer to that and will be interested in what Ashtar
has to say tomorrow night. My intuition votes for my 'imaginative'

Rachel Maddow gave Rama a call today to say that War Crimes Trials are
ready to hit major media news outlets.

Mother Sekhmet told us that Sibel Edmonds will start having guest
whistle blowers post on her new website on Wednesday.

We've all seen the videos discussing 911 coverup of the facts...even one
from a neutral Fox News outlet in Fresno , CA doing a friendly interview
of an Architect/Engineer. That's a lot of movement change.

Mark Huber


The question for Mark Follows.


Was there any Illuminati involvement with this? And, if so, what was the
reason to take the plane out?


Air France Rio-Paris flight missing with 228 aboard

By Estelle Shirbon


Monday, June 1, 2009; 7:51 AM
PARIS (Reuters) - An Air France plane with 228 people on board went
missing on its way from Brazil to Paris on Monday, after hitting strong
turbulence, prompting military jets to take off from both sides of the
Atlantic to search for it.

Air France said in a statement the plane sent an automatic message
reporting an electrical short-circuit at 0214 GMT, roughly 15 minutes
after flying into the turbulence.

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Ayt, look at a scenario where like four more planes disappeared and were never found in the next two days, would that not catch someones attention? Then after a week, all of them are placed in say, an airport in Japan with it's passangers safe and sound. Even the natti ones cannot be able to hide that!
we shouldnt be talking shit about planes being taken, 228 people have lost their lives.
yes they found it, poor people
I agree with the above, Mark or whoever is just going overboard now and it's getting tiresome
i think we are never going to see that plane. When this happened my first thought what the same Mark said.
They took more than a day to find it, i think theres a reason for that.
While I normally keep an open mind about everything, I feel compelled to include my own thoughts on Mark H's view on this.

When an airliner, of a fairly recent model and with a proven safety record, goes down in the middle of a tropical storm after sending out a call that all its systems have failed, there is more than likely no foul play involved. Adding to that the debris that was found over a fairly large area exactly along the route it must have taken, it's safe to assume there was no abduction and in fact over 200 people (including several children) have lost their lives.

I'm eager to see what the investigation will dredge up, because a single lightning strike can certainly damage an airliner of that type, but not cause it to crash.

While I appreciate the hopeful message (that the airliner was abducted and everyone is still alive), there are times when we have to face facts and admit we were wrong.

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