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I am always excited to see a response or message from the Federation of Light here on SOE. But a new one states that after first contact and a settling in time, E.T 'counsellor's' would be assigned to 'help' every human on the planet . That is a nightmare invasion we would be powerless to stop, no matter how you dress it up. This is not what the Pleiades envisage is it?

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We could take it more literally than that. a body snatcher is one that controls our minds, by using is as host in a somewhat symbiotic relation. I don't think they are mentioning anything close to that. When that day happens, I don't know about you, but as for me, any help/training to make sure I get there the right way, I'll tend to welcome. Unless by then I understand what is needed and expected to get to where i'm going :).
Yes, but 6.8 billion counsellors walking out of ufo's is going to make people nervous, unless they mean inter-dimentionaly being beside us or something. In 3D no thank you. Thanks for your thoughts Mystical Enigma.
Hello dear friend and do not worry. There do not exist these extra terrestrials as my people have never had contact with them even in the 5th and 7th dimensions. Follow the true path and flow with the universe. Much love.
Could you be as kind as to provide the date of this channeling :)

I've scoured Blossom's site briefly and have not located it yet.

the video is called 'First Contact Is Coming' posted a couple of days ago by Druanna Johnston.
patrick said:
the video is called 'First Contact Is Coming' posted a couple of days ago by Druanna Johnston.

Thank you, I've only been following Blossom's channellings, not worried about other people's efforts :)

I thought I may have missed one of Blossom's at some point and missed some stuff that sounded weird.

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