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Human origin, Universal history, Annunaki Plan, Human Plan - Part 2/2 - Chris Thomas, April 2013

Human origin, Universal history, Annunaki Plan, Human Plan - Part 2/2 - Chris Thomas, April 2013

The Real Annunaki Story

This is what the Akashic has to say about the Annunaki. They originate in a solar system that has two suns, around these two suns orbit eight planets; three planets orbit one sun whilst four orbit around the other; the eighth planet orbits around both suns, taking the equivalent of 3,600 Earth years to do so. This eighth planet is known to its inhabitants as Anu as well as Nibiru. This is obviously where the Annunaki originate although their solar system is known as Velus, after the primary solar system consciousness, and the inhabitants of the solar system are known as Velon.
The Velon peoples are semi-physical in energy patterns and so are much less physically dense than we are. Although collectively they are known as Velon, they have divided up themselves into six different races. These are: Oa, Mila, Jjundaa, Johnaan, Hathor and Annunaki. Most of the population live on the main planet called Velus but also inhabit several of the other planets as well.
Some time ago, a disaster happened in the Velus system where one of the planetary moons collided with one of the planets (see my books for full details) causing a great deal of destruction and the population of that planet moved to other planets in the Velus system to avoid the catastrophe. The home world of the Annunaki, called either Anu or Nibiru, has an atmosphere which is very dense in order to keep the surface habitable as the planet travels the vast distances as it orbits around both suns. The nearest description of what this dense substance is made from would be gold. As far as the their solar system itself is concerned, the primary solar system consciousness, Velus, appears to have lost interest in its solar system as the suns are slowly dying. The Velon are a peoples who have kept themselves very much to themselves with very little contact with a ny of the other races. In fact, they seem to have remained very much within their home galaxy and not ventured outside of it very much at all. However, about 1,000 years ago one of the Velon ships broke through the energy boundary of their home galaxy and discovered an energy flow. Throughout this universe, there are always free moving energies. Some of these energy flows are targeted at specific regions to, say, help in that region's development. Unfortunately, for us, the energy flow detected by the Velon ship was the primary energy flow directed at our solar system (this energy is intended to help us in our experiment on Earth and is directed at Silbury Hill in Wiltshire). The reporting of this energy flow caused a massive revelation within the Velus system and sparked a race to try to be the first of the six Velon races to arrive at the end of this energy flow. The Velus consciousness seems to have had some kind of strange “religious” moment at this news and began to see the Velon as “God?s chosen people” who should live on “God's chosen planet”. In other words, the Velon should move to Earth. The first Velon ships to arrive at our solar system did so about 300 years ago. On seeing that the Earth was inhabited, they decided to observe rather than to land – had they landed on Earth at that time, humanity's chances of still being on Earth now would have been very slim. Again, there is a great deal more detail available than we have time for here, how ever several things did happen.
The majority of the Velon races decided that they did not want to supplant another peoples and so they went to a new solar system, leaving what could be called “the conquest of the Earth” to the most aggressive of the Velon – the Annunaki and the Hathor. What must be remembered is that these two groups were in competition with each other with the prize being the domination of the Earth. To achieve these aims the two groups took two different courses of action. The Hathor by approaching people through channelled means – they were very successful at this and persuaded one large group in America to sow the seeds of humanity?s destruction for themselves by building two devices called “celestoriums”. These were copper lined shafts 333 feet (100 metres) deep which were packed with programmed quartz crystals. These devices were designed to draw the souls out of the body and eject it to the now empty Velus solar system. The first of these two devices was activated on the 10th April 2006 and those who were a part of this group felt the full effects of this device. Fortunately, those who act as guardians of this Earth arrived in time to stop this mass murder from taking place. Had both devices been activated at the same time, everyone on Earth would have been affected, to one degree or another. The Hathor have been, generally speaking, very quiet since but have continued to channel very suspect music to this group. The Annunaki, however, took a different approach. The Annunaki had studied the Earth, and humanity, in great detail and had gained an in-depth knowledge of how we thought and how we acted. They saw our religious beliefs and decided to put together a story which blended together the history of their solar system and some of our basic beliefs. What they finally came up with is the story we very briefly outlined earlier. In other words, the Annunaki story is a complete fabrication designed very deliberately to make humanity believe that the Annunaki are the “gods” of the Old Testament and that they, the Annunaki, are our creators. The story also made us a slave race and so they hoped that if we fully accepted the story, when they made themselves known on Earth in the present time, we would automatically see them as our “gods” and do whatever it was they instructed us to do as their slaves. This is not to say that I think Zecharia Sitchin is complicit in the Annunaki plan. I believe him to be totally innocent in this. What Sitchin has done is to take a collection of clay tablets that are covered in cuneiform writing and translate them. His translations have brought the Annunaki story to light. What Sitchin has done is to honestly translate the writing on clay tablets that have been buried under the sands of what was ancient Sumeria for over 5,000 years. Whilst Sitchin?s earlier books appear to be straight forward translations of these tablets, there is a video available on YouTube that gives convincing evidence that Sitchin was “recruited” by the Illuminati and a change of emphasis is noticeable in his later books [13].
Zecharia Sitchin died in 2010. The reason why the story and the tablets, have been buried away for 5,000 years is that the Annunaki travelled back in time to deliberately plant their story. I am not going into the rights and wrongs of the concept of time travel here, but the reason the Annunaki chose Sumeria over 5,000 years ago is very specific. The region known as southern Sumeria is where a peoples lived who explored human life in what could be described as “scientific” ways.
It was the southern Sumerians who developed medicine, surgery, herbalism, aromatherapy, Ayurveda, and a whole lot of other ways of working with the body. All of this information was originally communicated psychically but, by about 7,000 years ago, we had generally lost these psychic capabilities and the Sumerians began to develop a written form of language which archaeologists call Cuneiform. This is why the Annunaki chose to travel back to this time; this was the first time that written records began to be kept. When they travelled back in time, the Annunaki had taken with them their, to us, very advanced technology. To meet their energy needs they used what they called “djed pillars”. These are virtually inexhaustible crystal - based energy sources which have the energy capacity equivalent to several power stations; they also took their Me technology with them. About the time the story was recorded, the people of Sumeria began to migrate to other lands; the northern Sumerians to Egypt and the southern Sumerians through Babylon, in ancient Assyria, then to India and finally settled in Tibet. The Annunaki, who were in southern Sumeria, decided to travel with the southern Sumerians and they also took up residence in Tibet, where they remained until fairly recent times. The Annunaki have a problem living among humans because of their appearance. The Velon vary between 8 and 15 feet in height (2.4 to 4.5 metres), depending on which one of the six races they are, with their heads, proportionately, being very small. Given this appearance, they could not mix amongst humans and took to hiding.
However, during this time, they did begin experimenting with their Me [14] technology to try to genetically alter their appearance so that they looked more like humans. This Me technology allows them to fully detach the soul from the body and reside within the Me, the Me then builds a new body from scratch. Once the new body form is complete, the soul is then slowly downloaded from the Me into the new body. Following experiments covering several thousand years, they perfected a body type that is almost identical to a human body but is pure Velon. Fortunately, extremely few of these Annunaki humans exist (no more than fifty). Obviously there is great deal more to the Annunaki story than we have room for here. For more information see: The Universal Soul, The Human Soul, Project Human Extinction and The Human Plan? or The Annunaki Plan? So, the Annunaki kept watch on human development and human actions and aspirations. When they felt the time was right, they began their move to control the future of humanity. This was in 1776 when the international banker, Amschel Rothschild, decided to bring together 12 of his most trusted friends and colleagues to form the Bavarian Illuminati. The Annunaki moved very quickly into control of this group and have been in control of them ever since. The first thing the Illuminati did was to take control of the Freemasons (at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad in 1778) as the Freemasons had access to secret information that related to the Human Plan and other related matters of human history. Next, the Illuminati re-formed the Knights Templar (the Knights having been destroyed by the Vatican and the French King in 1307 – the “official” ending of the Knights Templar being in 1312 ) because of their original role in safeguarding the Ark of the Covenant and the knowledge it contained – the Tables of Testimony. These Tables of Testimony were actually a green crystal which had been programmed with the whole of human history and so showed the Annunaki story as a lie. The Annunaki do not control the Ark and so have not been able to destroy the crystal. With the Freemasons and the Knights Templar firmly under Illuminati and Annunaki control, they began to look for ways of flexing their muscle and begin the process of building A New World Order. Hopefully you can begin to see how the scientific version of human history as well as the Biblical version originated. The scientific version of human history ties in with the Annunaki story in that the first humans appeared in Africa and began to migrate around the world about 13,000 years ago. The Annunaki story has played a part in forming the Biblical belief that Adam (or adamu) and Eve were created as the first humans in the Garden of Eden but were to populate the Earth after the Flood 13,000 years ago.
So if the scientific version of events is based on the Annunaki fantasy story that is deliberately intended to mislead us, how do we overcome the problem? This is where we need to begin to think in different ways, to think on a higher level. Virtually everything we think we know about our history, our origins and our place within the Universe is false and that false view is perpetuated by those who are under the control of the Velon led Illuminati. The Velon/Illuminati have attempted to control all aspects of our lives but the two most successful regions are with science and education. 

An Update On Our Evolution - Page 5 © Chris Thomas 2013 – (2)
Universal History Very little within our history or science books reflect the real breadth of humanity, our experiences or our potential. To find out the real history of humanity, we need to turn to our collective mass consciousness, the Akashic. This true version of human history the Akashic records as The Human Plan. Some people will find much of what follows to be a little weird, especially if they have not before considered other forms of life throughout the Universe. Whilst for others, it will fill in the gaps to explain what is really going on. To understand ourselves, and our place within the Universe, as well as our place on Earth, we have to return to the beginnings of the Universe and the purpose of its Creation. This information is taken from the Akashic but backed up by “physical” research where that research is available. To give a full history is obviously not possible in the space we have available. So this can only be a very brief view of history – if you require a fuller version, all I can suggest is that you read my books. For once, science originally managed to get one thing right and that is the age of the Universe – 14.5 billion years old (actually, cosmologists have recently dropped it to 13.5 billion - so science is wrong again!).  Our Universe did not just spontaneously spring into being but was created by a being that encompasses all of the energy available everywhere. This Creationery source had a thought, a kind of “what would happen if...” For our Universe, the thought was Freedom of Choice. That is, each soul that was to be created to explore this Thought has the absolute right to choose their actions and their place with in this Universe. The only “Law” that applies to this Universe is that no one can act in such a way as to remove someone else?s freedom to choose their own actions. There are other universes but the others explore different thoughts, other ways of being and, really speaking, these other universes do not have a bearing on our universe and so, for all practical purposes, they can be ignored. There are two points to remember here. The first is that everything is energy. What looks and feels solid to us is, in fact, a collection of energy frequencies which our brains “see” as being physical but is in fact compacted and compressed frequencies of energy. The other point is that every living thing is a consciousness, a soul. From the Universe itself, the galaxies, solar systems, stars, planets, animals and plants, all are souls. Some exist as a whole soul, some as part of another soul and some as group souls. Nevertheless, all is consciousness and all is energy. That is how our universe is constructed and how it works – souls using their potential to make use of the energies that are available to them. I see the words soul and consciousness as being interchangeable. So if I sometimes use the word soul or sometimes use the word consciousness, they both mean the same thing. Or, as noted above, scientists have begun to call this consciousness energy electro-magnetic energy – a 5th dimension. So, fourteen and a half thousand million years ago, this Creationery source had a thought and this thought was brought into being by creating a balloon of energy – the universal envelope – into which all of the energy frequencies necessary for life and exploration of the Thought was placed. At each stage of development, other energies were added as necessary until we have the universe we are familiar with today. This originating Thought could also be described as a Question – a “what would happen if?” In order to explore the Creator?s Question, individual souls were created and provided with enough energy potential to fulfil their chosen role.
The first life were thirteen beings who, effectively, make up the universal envelope. These Thirteen maintain the balance of energies within the universe and act as co-creators as and when necessary. The next level of development was the creation of those souls who would bring galaxies into being.
These were followed by souls who could build solar systems and then all of the way down to individual planets. Once these consciousnesses were in place, the first free-moving and free-acting souls were brought into creation. These first beings entered into our universe 100 million years ago. There are six of these first races who are of pure soul energy. In other words, they do not have any physical form or physical density, just pure energy. These six non-physical races are where the souls of virtually all humans originate. The next stage of development took place about 30 million years ago with the Creation of seven semi-physical races. These are the races that are responsible for UFO sightings over the years [14]. By semi-physical, I mean that they have a physical form and a physical density and, to each other, they appear as solid as we do to each other. However, if you had one of these beings standing in front of you now, the chances are that you would not even know that they were there, unless you were very psychic. The reason for this is that they are constructed of energy frequencies that are outside of the ability of human senses to detect these kinds of frequencies. There are seven of these semi-physical races, each having their own characteristics and each having their own region of the universe to live in, usually encompassing several galaxies.
Some of these races we have names for such as Sirians or Pleiadeans whilst others we have only star chart references for, such as NGC 584 whilst others we only have nick-names for such as the infamous Greys or the Blues. Generally speaking, all of these races are benevolent and have been helpful to the Earth and to us over many thousands of years. The only exception is the Velon we spoke about earlier. So these are the thirteen races that make up the free-moving, free-acting and free-choosing souls who inhabit this universe. Each of these races is made up of many billions of souls. The six non-physical races can move freely throughout the whole of the universe without the need for any form of craft to travel. They just think themselves where they want to go and they just travel along the thought. The seven semi-physical races do need craft and these are the UFO?s or NTV?s – Non-Terrestrial Vehicles as they are now called. These semi-physical races have also spread out from their original home worlds and live on many planets in different galaxies. To avoid confusion, when I talk of these races, I talk of soul-origin. What I mean by this is, I often get people coming up to me and saying that they have had past-life regression or they have been told by a medium or clairvoyant that they come from – let?s say – the planet “Zog”. That may well be true, they may very well be a “Zoglith” but, their soul origin might be Pleiadean or Sirian. To give you an example. Some years ago, people were contacted by a race who called themselves Oomite. They were very polite beings who contacted people by very politely written letters. Now they were correct in calling themselves Oomites as that was their home planet but, their soul origin is Pleiadean. 
Earth Development Now we come to the development of life on Earth. Our solar system is unique. It was designed to be a place where another aspect of the Question asked by the Creator could be explored – is life at the energy densities that we consider “physical” possible? In order to explore this aspect of the “Question”, our solar system was planned to be, essentially, self-contained. Our solar system is also positioned at the back end of nowhere. This positioning was also quite deliberate as we could explore all of the aspects we wished to explore but also be separate from the ebb and flow of universal energies and universal life. Our solar system is also unique in the sense that each of the planets are individual souls. In virtually all other solar systems, the sun is the primary consciousness and any planets are a part of that sun?s consciousness. In other words, in those solar systems, the sun and planets are one soul. In our solar system, because we were to be a new experiment in life, it was decided that each of the planets, as well as the sun, needed to have as full a potential for life as possible and so the sun and each planet are individual souls. Our solar system began to form about 40 million years ago. I appreciate that 40 million years is nowhere near the 4 billion, or so, years that geologists talk about, but 40 million years is what the Akashic records. There were originally 13 planets in our system, each developing life in the way in which that planet's consciousness decided to create life. Each of our planets is a creator in its own right, this is why a full consciousness was needed for each planet, to maximise potential and creativity. Every single one of these 13 planets developed their own forms of life, all of which was what we would term physical. 
Each planet designed and created forms of life which it felt was appropriate to its own consciousness. This provided for the maximum amount of creativity and diversity and all were successful. Each planet supported life and the Universe gloried in the complexity and variations in form. Our Earth was a slightly late starter in this process as She did not begin to fully develop life until about 25 million years ago. However, She was as successful as all of the other planets in developing a huge range of life-forms. The Earth began with the extremely small but very rapidly moved to big – as in the dinosaurs, giant trees and giant insects. The reason for this was to do with the effects of physical density on the physical body, once it was realised that smaller forms of life were just as feasible as the large, mammals became the primary forms of life and the plant-life was also modified to suit the needs of these kinds of animals. The scientific view is that there have been a series of ice ages or natural disasters which wiped out all life and then new life began to develop after these disasters. This is not true, apart from one major catastrophe, the forms of life, and the changes that have taken place to them, have all occurred because of a deliberate choice of the planet – a kind of fine tuning of design or the realisation that some life-forms were not fully viable and needed to be changed for new designs. In other words, all of the animal and plant life on Earth has been designed and created or adopted by the Earth herself. With a Universe of free choice, why would the Creator impose It's view on anything? About 3.9 million years ago, four of the planetary consciousnesses decided that they did not want to remain a part of this solar system and chose to leave. Unfortunately, in removing themselves from their planetary shells, they triggered a solar system-wide disaster which virtually destroyed all life in the solar system. The first two planets to leave did so quite rapidly and the planets the planetary consciousness had built around themselves, for want of a better word, exploded. One of these planets was positioned between Venus and Earth and the other between Mars and Jupiter. The resulting explosions created a wave of destruction throughout the whole solar system. Virtually all solar system life was destroyed. Only two planets still supported life: Earth and Ganymede, one of the Moons of Jupiter. Virtually all of the life on Earth was destroyed, the planet was rocked on its equatorial axis and a large quantity of the atmosphere was lost. Life on Earth was almost abandoned because of this disaster but the Earth decided to start again. Apart from Ganymede, all of the other planets decided to think again and did not begin rebuilding life until very recently. It is this disaster which the Annunaki decided to use as the background for their fantasy story but blending it with events that took place within their own solar system. The debris from these exploding planets formed the asteroid belts and several planets, including Earth, gained a moon. The other two planets, who had decided to leave, did so much more gently, moving the whole planet to a position just outside of the solar system?s limits. The location and influence of the two planets have given rise to speculation, in recent years, of a tenth planet – Planet X or more accurately, NASA has named this planet Tyche (pronounced ty-kee). 
The Development of Human Life  Three million, six hundred thousand years ago, the Earth began again but, this time, She was not beginning from scratch. The primary purpose of the Earth, and our solar system, was to explore the possibility of “physical” life, that is, a physical body which was capable of containing a whole soul. Each of the planets, throughout the solar system, had begun their own exploration of this requirement. On Earth, She had been experimenting with a body-form closely appearing like our own human form – Neanderthal Man. She was not alone in this choice, the planetary consciousness that is Mars had also been developing a primary life-form along human lines. However, the Mars “humans” were a little more advanced than the ones the Earth had developed so when the Earth decided to begin again, She adopted the proto-human form from Mars. We know this Earth/Martian hybrid proto-human as “Cro-Magnon Man” (Homo Sapien). This is why Cro-Magnon Man appeared spontaneously across the whole planet 3.6 million years ago. So what we have, from about 3.6 million years ago, is a basic human form, Cro-Magnon Man, as the basis for a being which the Earth hopes will develop into a form which will be capable of accommodating a full soul. This is the fund amental question behind life on Earth – is it possible to build a fully physical being who has the whole of the soul contained within the body, this is part of the fundamental Question this Universe was Created to answer. Following the solar system-wide disaster, the removal of four planets, this is what the Earth began to explore. Life develops in two stages, there is a primary act of creation and then, what has been created is allowed to evolve by itself into the directions that it is able or chooses to go. So the process of creation and evolution go hand in hand – neither could happen without the other. There is no point in creating something if it cannot evolve and something cannot evolve if was not first created. In this instance, as with most planetary life throughout the universe, it is the consciousness of the home planet that creates the forms of life and they are then given the opportunity to develop, to evolve, as they will. This is how life on Earth works, the Earth decides what to create, She builds an energetic template, a pattern of energies around which that form of life will grow and the densities of energies available on Earth give it its physical substance.
This is how all life on Earth came into being and how they continue to exist. If the Earth changes Her mind, or feels that a particular form of life is not really viable, She removes the energetic template and the form of life gradually disappears off the planet. How humans began life is slightly different in that the Earth adopted our energetic template from one developed on Mars, but the principle is still the same. Human development has occurred by our energetic template being modelled and refined until we end up with our current body form of Homo Sapien Sapien. But, it is not quite that simple, some modifications were made to our human form that made us a much greater being that we currently are. We might think that we are the pinnacle of human development, according to scientific arrogance, whereas, in fact, we are considerably less than we once were.
Atlantis he place where these modifications took place was on an island we know as Atlantis. Atlantis was more of a continent than an island as it stretched from the west coast of Ireland, diagonally across the Atlantic Ocean as far as the Caribbean basin. This particular continent was chosen as it was detached from all other land masses because if anything went wrong with the experimental work that was proposed to happen on Atlantis, no other forms of life would be affected. You have to remember that we live in a universe where every single soul has absolute freedom of choice to choose their actions. Nobody can act in such a way as to remove freedom of choice. In this way, every single Cro-Magnon Man (and woman) was asked if they wanted to take part in the type of work that was proposed to be carried out. Although not very developed, they were able to understand what was being asked of them. Some of the population of Atlantis said that they did want to be a part of what was going on whilst others said they did not. Those who did not want to be a part of what was happening were moved to another part of the planet, of their choosing, and were left to develop as they chose. If nobody had wanted to be a part of this experiment, the experiment would not have occurred and Cro-Magnon Man would have been allowed to develop as it would, without any kind of outside interference. This is freedom of choice in action. Those who remained on Atlantis underwent a form of genetic acceleration. Those who originate on NGC 584 are master geneticists. As far as they are concerned, they have developed skills which they freely offer to the rest of the universe without limit or without charge. They do what they do because they are masters at it and they enjoy what they do, there is no other reason behind their actions They are not like our current human geneticists who, apart from not actually knowing what they are doing, have all sorts of hidden agendas behind their work and we will touch on this later. But for now, let us return to Atlantis. The problem with early Cro-Magnon was that, like all animal life on Earth, they had a group soul. In other words they were not individual souls but a part of a mass soul to which they were all connected. At birth, they started to draw from this mass soul and became individuals. Some drew in more of this mass soul and so were more intelligent and more physically developed than others. But, either way, they were not individuals as we would understand the term but more like a flock or a herd. Their DNA structures were also very crude, just sufficient to give an individual an identity. What was done was that their energetic templates were developed so that the body became more advanced and this created more DNA. 
At each readjustment of their energies, the more they advanced until they reached a point where they were able to break away from their soul group consciousness and become individuals with the capacity to take on their own souls. In order to fulfil this potential, the next stage was for an individual soul to come to Earth and take on the physical body that had been developed. This was not body snatching but by developing a new energy template, it was possible for a soul to come to Earth, borrow the energy template and to build a physical body around the template – a process called adult birth. This is the true origin of the Adam and Eve story. This process is also one which the Annunaki have stolen to add to their own fantasy version of human development. We all have deep seated memories of Atlantis and our genetic acceleration. What the Annunaki hoped to achieve with their version of our history was to make us believe that our currently very vague memories of our own genetic acceleration was in fact carried out by the Annunaki to create the adamu and not our own decisions. With this adult birth process proven to work, more souls came from the Universe and a community of human beings began to develop on Atlantis. Most of the souls who came to Earth to be a part of this new experiment were from the non-physical races, with some coming from the semi-physical races. The proportions at this stage were roughly three quarters were of the non-physical races and about one quarter from the semi-physical races. This is how human life was developed on Atlantis and this is what the Earth considers to be a true Human Being – a whole soul within a physical body. There was not the division between the physical aspect of the soul and the higher aspect of the soul as we currently experience life, but the whole of the soul within the physical body. Our current state of being, the body containing the physical self with an attached, but not integrated, higher self, the Earth considers to be sub-human. I will try to paint a picture of life on Atlantis although it is not so easy to do as we do not have the vocabulary to explain it fully, but I'll try my best. The Earth's axis was vertical, not tilted as it is now, so the climate was very settled. Day time temperatures were in the low thirties centigrade and it did not rain very often (average global temperatures were about six degree centigrade). When it did rain, it was gentle and refreshing. Carbon dioxide levels were higher than present. This higher level of carbon dioxide actually helps the brain to function more efficiently, something which was needed to help human development. The current change in carbon dioxide levels is actually a natural process as we approach a time when we will be able to live as we once did on Atlantis. Current carbon dioxide levels are rising as part of a natural process and have nothing to do with human activities.
As far as humans were concerned, they were very much in advance of how we are now. We did not speak to each other but communicated psychically, this meant that there were no limits to our ability to communicate fully so there were never any misunderstandings. If we wished to travel anywhere, we projected our thoughts to where we wished to be, a little like remote viewing, and then carried the body along with the thought – a process called translocation. Or by using this same process, we could be in two places at once – bi-location. Our bodies were very much less dense than they are now so we needed very little in the way of solid food – generally just some fruit or if we needed a little more protein, we ate sea weeds which we synthesised for our needs. We could communicate with all living things and so wild animals were never a threat, we just lived in total harmony with everyone and every thing. This is how human life should be lived, a true paradise. This is a very long story and I have tried to tell it as best I can in my books so, to cut a long story short, things began to go wrong and, at the time, we could not work out why they had gone wrong. The ultimate outcome was that we eventually, collectively, decided to destroy the continent. This we achieved psychically by opening up the mid-Atlantic fault line, surrounded the continent in volcanoes and deliberately sinking Atlantis into the Earth's molten core. This destruction occurring about 65,000 years ago.
The Destruction of Atlantis Sinking the continent had far reaching and potentially devastating effects on the planet. The planet's axis tilted altering the climate. Many earthquakes and volcanoes were triggered together with massive tsunamis, creating huge areas of flooding and most of the life on Earth was threatened with extinction. The planet also shrank in size to about ten percent smaller than she is now. This is the real origin of the Biblical story of the flood and it occurred 65,000 years ago. As far as the human population was concerned, those who were from the non-physical races returned to their home worlds whilst most of those who were from the semi-physical races stayed to help re-build the Earth and its life. This rebuilding work took over 40,000 years to complete and the Earth was fully ready to begin again about 20,000 years ago. When we returned, by we I mean all of the souls who had chosen to be a part of this new experiment of being human, we were as we had been on Atlantis; the whole soul within the body and, also as on Atlantis, we did not have any children. A Human Being is defined as a physical body which contains the whole soul and we had not fully worked out a mechanism for dividing the soul into separate parts so that children could be born and the rest of the soul could then be gradually introduced as the child grew to an adult. So our return arrival on Earth was through adult birth. In the end, we thought sex looked like it had interesting possibilities and so we did eventually work out how to have children, around about 16,000 years ago. On our return to Earth, instead of choosing a separate continent, as we had with Atlantis, we decided to build new “colonies” in six separate locations dotted around the planet. These were Britain, Ireland and northern France; Mexico, Guatemala and Belize; Southern Turkey, part of Syria, and Iran and Iraq (Sumeria); Egypt; Tibet; and SouthernGreece. Each of these six groups took on a particular role in terms of investigating what had gone wrong on Atlantis - why did we have the kinds of problems that led to our need to destroy a continent. The one region which took something of a lead role in these investigations was the one in Southern Sumeria –this is the region around the Tigris and Euphrates rivers – modern -day Iran and Iraq. 
This region was important as it took on a role of what could be described as “scientific” in that it investigated every single aspect of life and how it functioned within the Earth's energy fields. We know about this region as it developed telescopes, microscopes, healing by herbs, aromatherapy, surgery and microsurgery and what we would call technological ways of investigating. This is another reason why the Annunaki targeted this region of Sumeria about 5,000 years ago. As had happened on Atlantis, we began to lose many of our higher aspects of full consciousness. We began to lose many of the higher brain functions such as the ability to translocate and bi-locate and even our abilities to communicate psychically became difficult. In order to remedy these losses, 18,000 years ago we built the Egyptian and South American pyramids and the pyramids in many other regions of the world. These pyramids were never intended to be used as tombs and, in fact, never were. Archaeologists have never found bodies in any of the pyramids apart from one or two burials that took place a long time after the pyramids were built and even these burials were not in any of the main chambers but in chambers dug especially for the later burial. The pyramids were designed and built to be psychic enhancers. In other words, as we began to lose our psychic capabilities, we entered the main chambers of the pyramids and, using sound sequences, we triggered very powerful energy patterns within the pyramid itself. These standing wave energies were powerful enough to re-merge the soul back into the body and our full psychic potential was restored. In order to help us understand and remember how to use the pyramids, some people took on the role of “teachers” to help guide those who had lost these higher faculties to restore them. These teachers learned all of the sound sequences necessary to trigger the pyramids' energies and they became what could be considered the first form of “priesthood”. The sound sequences are also the true “Keys of Enoch”. But, even with these teachers, we still lost our higher brain functions. Most people did not mind too much as they still had abilities far beyond anything we have now, but, a few did decide to maintain all of their potential and these later developed into the Pharaoh. This situation also gave rise to the beginnings of members of a society having a greater knowledge than the remainder – the beginnings of secret societies.
The Human Plan Eventually, we worked out what the problem was – the Earth, in order to bring about physical life, generated an energy signal of 7.56 cycles per second. In other words, to be physical, we needed to slow the energy frequencies of the soul to match the Earth's own lowest frequency and this 7.56 cycles per second was too low a frequency to maintain all of the soul within the body for any length of time. The problem was that no one could work out what the correct frequency should be. What we, collectively, decided to do was to formulate a plan, a way in which we could learn how to be fully human again but, this time, being human in a way which allowed us to keep all of our soul's potential intact together with all of our higher psychic abilities.
The Plan was this: we would divide the soul into two parts; the physical aspect and the higher aspect – the physical aspect being about one quarter of the total soul with the higher aspect being the remaining three quarters. The physical aspect would live out a series of lifetimes learning everything that it was possible to learn about living a physical life on Earth – a process we know as reincarnation. As we lived each lifetime, the knowledge we gained would be recorded, first by the higher aspect of the soul and then by the Akashic. This knowledge gathering process we know by the Sanskrit name of Karma. This is all that Karma originally meant – knowledge. The meaning has been misinterpreted and new interpretations have been attached to this word over the centuries but all it actually means is knowledge. Whilst the lower aspect was living out its chosen lifetime, our higher aspect would ensure that we kept on the straight and narrow path we had mapped out between lives, by communicating through the seven primary chakras – the chakras are actually aspects of the total soul within the physical body. This communication took the form of an illness. If we strayed from our chosen path, the energies of one, or more, chakras would become depleted, we would feel symptoms of illness and then we could regain our health by listening to the message our higher aspect was giving us and return to our path in life. This is all that an illness is; a message from our higher self to tell us that we were not living our lives quite as we should and we need to correct our behaviour [15]. Collectively, we all agreed to be a part of this plan and it was put into action 7,000 years ago. We gave ourselves a time limit of 7,000 years and this time limit ran out at the end of 2011. 
This plan is known as The Human Plan and every single person who has lived on Earth since has been working within that plan. This is the purpose of human life – to find out how we re-merge the whole soul back into the body and we gave ourselves 7,000 years in order to achieve our aim.  So why 7,000 years? And why the end of 2011 running in to the end of 2012? If you remember back to what we said earlier about all life within the solar system being destroyed 3.8 million years ago; the solar system has been effectively dead ever since. That is, apart from one planetary moon, there is no other life within our solar system whereas prior to 3.8 million years ago, every planet supported life. Life in our solar system is an experiment to find out whether life at the kind of energy frequencies we call physical, can exist – we are here to fulfil the Creator?s wish. With life on Earth being so successful, the rest of the solar system has decided to come back to life. Since the end of the 1960's our Sun has been generating more and more energies within the heliosphere to allow the other planets to wake up. To help in this new choice for life, we are also taking advantage of the energy patterns that are available from the centre of our galaxy – this is one of the main reasons for the end of 2012 being so important, this energy from the galactic centre was at its peak.
We decided to complete our own waking up process, the reintegration of the soul back into the body, at the end of 2011 to allow us to assist in the solar system-wide wake up. So what does this mean for us individually? First of all, we are not “Ascending” anywhere, the term Ascension was termed by the Velon to try to make us believe that in order to further evolve we must “Ascend” off the planet and go somewhere else. Remember that the Earth defines a Human Being as a physical body that contains the whole of the soul and this is the purpose of The Human Plan – to find a way in which we could achieve this again. So why would we need to go away from Earth to achieve this? Exactly, to go somewhere away from the Earth when we were so close to completing all of our plans makes no sense whatsoever. To a lot of people, this may sound impossible but, there are currently almost three million people on Earth who have already achieved full soul reintegration back into the body – as of early 2013. The vast majority of these full Human Beings live in isolated communities in isolated regions of the planet so it is unlikely you will encounter them until you complete your own part of this reintegration process. Let?s face it, if these reintegrated souls were in the western world they would either be rounded up by the military and experimented on or they would be turned into a new religion; or both. In fact, the first people to undergo the final stages of their soul reintegration was on June 2nd 2003. There were two small groups, a total of 68 people, one in Europe and one in America.
Some Propaganda Before we go on to look at how you can achieve this process of reintegration for yourself, we need to take a look at the implications of the Annunaki Plan and how it is being used to stop us from achieving our individual re-integrations. The main tool used against us, you and me that is, is fear. By creating fear within the population you create control and by promoting the Annunaki version of human history, you create confusion. The structure is this: The Annunaki took over the Illuminati and have been in control ever since. The first act of the Illuminati was to design and bring about the French Revolution in order to bring about a socialist state. When this failed, the Illuminati moved to America and have controlled the political, monetary and military systems ever since. Their next act was to finance and control the Russian Revolution; this was financed and engineered by American and British banks. More recently, they are in the process of trying to build a centrally controlled socialist Europe through the Lisbon treaty. This treaty wipes out the sovereignty of every EU country and will effectively remove free elections as all regional leaders, or Commissars, will be appointed by Brussels – this is happening under our very noses. In order to help the Illuminati carry this out, they have created NGO?s – Non-Governmental Organisations – such as The World Bank, World Health Organisation, World Trade Organisation, United Nations, Trilateral Commission, and many, many others to take total control of our health, finances and what we can or cannot eat. To coordinate these governments and NGO?s, the Illuminati created the Bildebergers. This is an organisation set up to pass Illuminati instructions on to government leaders, the heads of media corporations and the heads of trans-national businesses. To work on a more personal level, the re-established Freemasons were set up to pass on information and instructions to people like police chiefs and bank managers. This does not mean that all Freemasons are complicit within this arrangement. Those Freemasons below the thirtieth level follow the Scottish Rites of Freemasonry and generally do not know about other levels. Those Freemasons, who are promoted to the thirtieth rank, and especially above, in America known as Shriners, follow the New Palladian Rites which begin to allow them access to the secrets of the Annunaki story and recognise Lucifer as the “God” of Freemasons and the Illuminati. Lucifer is a title taken on by the Velus. All of the organisations within this hierarchy work together to control every aspect of our lives and control our thoughts.
For example: we have touched on official scientific versions of events with the false human history. In addition to this, there are other fundamental untruths such as the Big Bang – this did not occur and many cosmologists are now beginning to counter Big Bang Theory. Gravity does not exist, the Universe is held together by consciousness. We, and other life, are connected to Earth not by gravity but by compatible frequencies of soul energy – our individual souls connect indirectly with the Earth's consciousness. These Universe-wide consciousness energies have been measured by scientists as electro-magnetic frequencies. As we undergo a change in our own levels of consciousness, so is the Earth. For example, the move of the magnetic pole towards the equator is not happening. What is happening is that the rotational axis is moving north – the Earth is returning to a vertical rotation – the magnetic pole is not moving; it is its relationship to the rotational axis that is changing. 
Have you wondered why the west declared war on Iraq? It had nothing to do with getting rid of Saddam Hussein nor weapons of mass destruction nor anything to do with Iraqi oil, the world is awash in oil so it does not need the Iraq oil wells and in any way, so much uranium was dumped on to Iraq with DU weapons that the oil is radioactive. The real reason for declaring war on Iraq is because it is the region where modern life began – ancient Sumeria. The real reason for attacking Iraq is to remove, to the west, any evidence supporting the Annunaki fantasy story and also to destroy any evidence that contradicts the Annunaki fantasy story. This is also the main reason for war-mongering against Iran; it was also part of ancient Sumeria. 
Then there is man-made climate change. This is a total hoax designed specifically to create an extra carbon tax as a means of financing The New World Order. Global temperatures have been rising since 1850, this was the date of the last Thames winter fayre which could only take place because the Thames froze over, but the temperature rise is due to natural fluctuations in preparation for our completion of the Human Plan, as has the increase in carbon dioxide we talked about earlier. Global temperatures actually stopped rising in 1995, according to the Metrological Office official figures. All of the claims about our living in the hottest global temperatures in the history of the planet is a deliberate lie [16]. At the time of Atlantis, the average global temperatures were at six degrees centigrade with carbon dioxide levels much higher than they currently are. Seventy thousand years ago, just before the end of Atlantis, there were rhinoceros wandering around the south of England living off savannah - type grasslands enjoying the global six degree temperatures [17]. Two thousand years ago, the Roman occupation of Britain claimed, in their written records, that they grew vines that produced “very drinkable red wine” along Hadrian?s Wall. To grow grape vines along Hadrian?s Wall means that temperatures must have been about four degrees centigrade.
Then there was the “Medieval Warm Period” between the end of the 900?s AD to about 1400 where average temperatures were about two point five degrees centigrade After 1400, global temperatures began to drop and were below zero for the next 450 years as there was the “Mini Ice Age”. Temperatures rose above freezing in 1850 as a natural progression out of the mini ice age and this is why the date of 1850 is used in the propaganda about man-made global warming. Current global temperatures are at about one point five degrees centigrade but are set to rise higher, perhaps as high as in the Medieval Warm Period as the energies of the “6th Sun” begin to have their effect in the near future. 
Along with climate change, we have the myth of a rising population. Official government figures state that the world population is about 7 billion and rising. This is a lie. The main reason for this lie is so that GM crops need to be grown to feed the world. Apart from the fact that GM crops are increasingly failing and eating them is causing new diseases (Morgellan's disease) in both humans and animals, the real reason is again fear. So let us look at the real figures. Virtually every country has reported a population drop over at least the last ten years. Western countries are shutting schools due to lack of pupils, in other words, the birth rate is extremely low. Every western country is having to bring in migrant workers just to sustain the current workforce levels. Many eastern European countries are now virtually empty of people as the population has left to work in other countries. Most non-western countries have dropping populations due to famine, wars and mass vaccination programmes. So how can we have a rising world population? According to the Akashic, the world population peaked at 7.4 billion in 1996. Since then it has been rapidly falling to the point where it is currently between 3.8 and 3.9 billion and it is continuing to drop. The reason why people are starving in many countries is not too many mouths to feed but too much land has been given over to the growing of crops for bio-fuels, so much so that many countries cannot grow enough food to feed the their people – world food prices have risen by an average of 35 percent since the planting of bio-fuels began (figures from The Friends of the Earth).
Wi-Fi Everybody seems to love their Wi-Fi. No trailing cables around the house, access to “hot spots” means that you can watch your favourite soap on your tablet computer whilst on the move. Virtually every street in every town and city in the western world is now Wi-Fi saturated. But what is Wi-Fi? The frequencies used to transmit Wi-Fi fall into the range known as microwaves – that?s right, the same as the oven in your kitchen. The history of microwave use is this: If you are an old codger like me, you will be able to remember the introduction of microwave ovens in the 1970?s.
Fast food was becoming fashionable and cafes and sandwich bars needed a means of heating food quickly. Microwaves, as a possible means of instant heating had only just been discovered but there were extreme doubts expressed, by scientists, of the safety of using microwaves. When they were finally introduced, the first microwave ovens were huge stainless steel boxes with about two centimetres of lead lining. The lead lining was necessary to protect the user from the “harmful microwave radiation”. Those fast food outlets who bought microwave ovens were required by law to have staff specially trained in the use of the oven and had to wear lead-lined aprons (the same as those used in hospital X-ray departments) to protect them from becoming sterile from the microwave radiation. Think how unprotected you are when you use your microwave oven in your kitchen given current ovens have virtually no protective insulation. Becoming sterile was not the only problem. A full-scale study carried out at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the University Institute for Biochemistry by Drs Hans Hertel and Bernard H Blanc published in 1992, showed very clearly that eating foods cooked in a microwave oven created major changes in the body?s biochemistry, particularly to the blood, causing the creation of cancer forming substances. Publication of their report was banned by the Swiss courts at the request of the Swiss FEA.
Fortunately, the doctors pursued their case all the way through to the Court of Human Rights and the publication ban was lifted in 1988. However, no newspapers or TV stations reported on the doctors' study – another level of ban – despite the court ruling that: “This decision is to put an end to judicial censorship of persons drawing attention to the health hazards of certain products" [18].
If any other product used with food preparation or heating was shown to have similar devastating effects on the body, it would either have been banned or be required to have a prominent health warning attached to it. So why not microwave ovens? Well, that is to do with what else microwaves are used for and who wants them to be used in that way. The next stage of development of using microwaves was with mobile or cell phones. A huge percentage of people in the western world now use mobile phones several times a day. Whilst “official” studies carried out by the phone companies give the use of mobiles a clean bill of health, independent studies show a very different picture [19]. 
Mobile phones work by phone masts permanently emitting microwave frequencies that the phone can pick up and use to make phone calls. The emissions from the masts have been shown to kill bees, kill other insects and birds and give trees the equivalent of cancer [20]. In humans, in putting the ear piece to your ear concentrates the microwave frequencies into the ear causing localised heating of the inner ear and the nerve cells that connect the ear to the brain. These types of nerve cells are called “glial cells” and are present in huge numbers within the brain. The result of this localised heating is that the glial cells become cancerous. Hands-free sets for mobile phones make the situation very much worse as they concentrate the microwave frequencies in the ear to an even greater extent. The group most affected by this kind of inner ear heating is children as their bodies are still building. The incidence of cancer of these types of glial cells has risen astronomically in the past ten years. Then we come to Wi-Fi and a whole new set of microwave- generated health problems. In a study by Dr Andrew Goldsworthy published in 2012 [21], he points out the effects that long-term exposure to microwave frequencies can have on the body, particularly mobile phones and Wi-Fi. Dr Goldsworthy?s study points out that these types of frequencies cause damage to the body?s cells that are not caused by heating (as in the cell phone damage). He points out that we are currently exposed to about one million billion billion (one followed by eighteen zeros) times more man-made microwaves than our natural exposure. The main effects of this level of exposure are that the body?s cells begin to break down. That isn?t just glial cells but all cells of the body leading to many different physiological symptoms including cancer. Fortunately, not everyone is susceptible to this type of damage but a very high percentage of the population is. There is a reason for this that comes from my own research into the body cells' structure and how the cell's structural integrity is maintained. This is to do with the body's cholesterol levels [22]. 
Contrary to common propaganda, there is only one type of cholesterol and that is manufactured by the liver. The liver produces cholesterol twenty four hours per day, three hundred and sixty five days a year without using any saturated fats whatsoever in the production process. Cholesterol has very many uses within the body to keep many of the body's processes working properly. One of these useful jobs is the maintaining of the structural integrity of all of the body's cells. Our microwave-saturated (Wi-Fi, mobile phones, cordless phones and microwave ovens) environment has a very damaging effect on the cells of the body. If your cholesterol levels are as the body wants them to be, the body?s cells can fight off the potential damage from microwaves. But if you are on cholesterol lowering drugs, the time it takes to damage the body?s cells reduces considerably. This probably accounts for Dr Goldsworthy's findings that some people are seemingly unaffected by these frequencies. However, it seems as though it is only a matter of time, particularly as the use of Wi-Fi appliances is set to increase astronomically with the enforced introduction of “smart meters” [23]. Smart meters are electricity meters that have a Wi-Fi antenna that transmits your electricity usage to your supplier twenty four hours per day. They are being introduced for one reason only – the removal, in the near future, of the currency - based economy (banknotes) to a financial system based on carbon usage. The plan is that you are “given” a certain number of carbon credits, dependant upon your financial status, which allow you to purchase goods or services. The more electricity you use, the lower your credit rating and the lower your carbon credit. It is the introduction of this carbon-based credit economy that it the reason for the myth of global warming we discussed earlier. The idea is that those behind the NWO make us believe that global warming is man-made and then charge us a carbon tax which helps to pay for the NWO plans – this is what smart meters are the beginnings of. If these microwave frequencies are so damaging, why are they being used at all? Remember the aims of Agenda 21 that we talked about earlier? The aim of reducing the world's population down to five hundred million? What better way to kill people than to make them believe that they are having fun using all of these microwave-driven gadgets whilst underneath it all they are slowly dying without being aware of it.
HAARP Then there is the use of technology such as HAARP which stands for High-energy Active Auroral Research Programme. The first HAARP station was built in Alaska but there are now a number of others dotted around the planet. The Military claim that it is not a military project but was set up for use by the military for “over the horizon” radar and communications. It might very well be used for these purposes but its two main uses are weather modification, mainly to cause droughts and famines but more recently, it has been used to flood the Earth with Extra Low Frequency waves.
These ELF waves are intended to slow down the Earth's rising frequencies as well as to slow down our own consciousness re-integration as they are similar in frequency to microwaves. These are very deliberate acts and have caused some disruption to our process of change. 
We are also likely to see, in the very near future, a general disclosure of the UFO contact information held by the United States. This massive cover up has been going on since 1947 and the Roswell crash. However, this will be a limited disclosure of evidence as it will be geared towards making us believe that the Annunaki are our makers and the “gods” of the Old Testament. This disclosure is also designed to destroy current religious beliefs and substituting the Big Bang/Double Dark cosmological-based religion proposed by the likes of Primack and Adams mentioned earlier. A new religion tailor made for the New World Order. ***
The list goes on. We have been fed fabrications and lies to make us more compliant and fearful. Fortunately, as we progress through our change of consciousness, these kinds of lies can be spotted much more easily and hence the rise in the number of people speaking out against these atrocities.
Channelled Information The Velon have also been working very closely with those who “channel” information. These are psychics who are able to communicate with those souls who are no longer physical or those who are of non-physical origins; in other words, Extra Terrestrials. Ever since Madam Blavatsky, who established the Theosophical Society in the mid 1800?s, the Velon/Annunaki have been communicating through channels to provide us with massive amounts of disinformation designed to make us believe that they are here to help us in our process of soul re-integration. Except, the way in which these channelled messages work is to try and make us believe that we are “Ascending”.
In other words, in order to fulfil our potential, we must “Ascend” off the planet to a “5th Dimension”. In order to help us in this, the Velon/Annunaki falsely claim to have thousands of “cloaked” ships , within our solar system, ready to lift us off into space when we are ready – this mass evacuation is being coordinated by a group calling themselves “Ashtar Command” who are acting under the guidance of “The Galactic Federation”. These ships do not exist – the Velon have been kicked out of the solar system and cannot return. All of these messages and organisations are Velon/ Annunaki in origin. There are literally thousands of these kinds of messages from hundreds of organisations, individuals and “angels”, all telling us that we must leave the Earth. One of the most persistent of these individuals calls himself Sananda. This name, Sananda, is claimed by the Velon to mean “the ascended Christ” – the return of the “Christ Consciousness”. Many, many people have fallen for this ploy as they see it as the “Second Coming” of Jesus, as predicted in the New Testament. This ploy has led many people, particularly those of the Christian faith, to delay their own reintegration until “the Christ Consciousness” has returned. This is exactly what the Velon/Annunaki want. They want people to delay their completion, they want people to be confused and want someone to step in and “Save” them, it is in this way that the Velon expand their control and remove people's freedom to choose their own path. It is also interesting that this character has begun to call himself “Lord Sananda” who, along with his fellow “Lord”, “Lord Metatron”, claim to be here to save us all. One question:- if these are beings who have “Ascended” to perfection, as they claim, why would they have an ego that requires the title “Lord”? However, despite all of these efforts to mislead and to stop us, we are changing, we are moving forwards but we are now short of time, we just need to understand that we are being manipulated. Once we understand that, we can let these fears go and get on with the things we need to do. Firstly, do not, repeat do not become involved with mass meditations that ask for help in helping the Planet or meditations that claim to be changing planetary energies in any form, whether that is activating crystals or taking over energy points like Silbury Hill. These meditations were designed to give the Velon/Annunaki control over these energies. Fortunately, those who act as guardians of the planet interceded and stopped the Annunaki's plans. If you feel as though you have been requested to build a “portal”, resist the urge to go out and do so. The Velon/Annunaki have been denied access to our solar system and the request for portals to be built was an attempt by the Velon/Annunaki to by-pass the solar system?s and the Earth?s defences. There have also been attempts to use HAARP technology to build “black holes” out of our solar system. The spiral that appeared over Norway in December 2009 was one such attempt as were the spirals that appeared over China and Japan in early 2010 – all HAARP generated. All of these attempts failed to build a black hole, there is insufficient energy within our solar system for that to happen, but people believe that black holes were built and are interpreting these sky events as the arrival of the ships that are to take us off planet. 
What Can Be Done?  The best, and only way, to help the planet and to help ourselves is to ignore all of these things. Yes, politicians and governments are trying to curtail our freedoms and are building many prison-like buildings where those who protest against the system will be held indefinitely without charge – this new legislation is already in place in all western countries, so mass demonstrations on the streets are just going to get you locked up. The best way of defeating the plans of the Velon/Annunaki, and those governments and organisations that have already been enslaved by them, is to look to yourself and sort out any outstanding problems there are in your own life. What do I mean by this? Each individual is a soul who has built for itself a body. We are not a body with a soul but a soul who has chosen to live lifetimes on Earth and in doing so, the soul has built the bodies we inhabit. But, most of the soul has not been able to enter into the body because the energies of the planet were too low to sustain the total soul in the body. The Earth has done her bit – She changed her base-note energy frequencies from the original 7.56 cycles per second to 3,500 cycles per second; this She did on the 30th of May 2000. This is why everything feels as though it has accelerated since 2000; the Earth?s energy frequencies have undergone a huge shift. What we humans need to do is to match the Earth?s efforts and raise our own frequencies. So how do we achieve this? There are two main ways in which we can achieve our goal of re-integrating the soul back into the body. Firstly, we need to start to think on a different level. Instead of taking science and politics at face value, we need to start thinking about why we are told the things we are told. In this essay, I have tried to give you a basic understanding of who and what we are and what our purpose is on Earth. What we all need to do is to start thinking on those kinds of levels and understanding. We have been deliberately misled so we need to turn that way of thinking around and begin to think for ourselves. By starting to think of ourselves in the light of what the Akashic has recorded, we should see ourselves in a different light. We are bigger than we think we are. We are capable of so much more than we think we are. We can change – if that is what we choose to do. The choice is ours – nobody can do it for us. Secondly, we need to start making room in our in our bodies for the rest of the soul to download into. This is arguably the biggest problem we, in the western world, have and by far the main reason why nobody in the western world re-integrated at the end of 2012. Most of us are filled with unexpressed and unresolved emotions and all of this emotional debris takes up a huge amount of room, so we need to get this rubbish out. Most of the stored emotions stem from our not expressing ourselves fully; disputes with our boss, the neighbour, granny, our parents, brothers and sisters, children, whoever. Everyone we share our lives with have an emotional impact on us and unless we deal with these kinds of situations honestly, we end up storing all of the emotions we did not express. So say you really felt like screaming and shouting at your boss, or whoever, and all you did was to mutter under your breath, all the screaming and shouting you didn't do becomes stored within the body. The best way of emptying this debris out is to discuss it with the person who caused you problems. If that is not possible, you can write to them. This is writing in a particular way which sounds like it shouldn't work until you try it, you will be surprised at just how much emotional junk you are carrying around. 
The Giveaway What you do is to start with an old sheet of newspaper. Using a pencil, write to a person or situation that comes to mind, just write all over the newsprint. Once you have finished a piece, just rip it up and get rid of it. Do not read it back; that is very important, do not read it back. It is the reason for using a pencil on newspaper as you are bound to be tempted to read it but you can?t read pencil on newspaper. If you read it back, you are just taking it back into your body and you will  have to start again. You will know you have cleared a situation when you can think back on it and not feel any emotion attached to the situation. If you still feel emotions connected to that person or situation, you will need to do more writing. For most people, the giveaway is not a one off process. Everybody carries emotional hurts going back many years. By writing those hurts down onto the newspaper, you are “giving away” the emotion from your body and on to the paper. This is arguably the most important exercise you can do for yourself if you have chosen to undergo soul re -integration. If you are full of old emotional debris, there is literally not enough room in your body for your higher self to get in and so soul re-integration is impossible unless you clear this debris out. This lack of emotional clearance is the primary reason why virtually all westerners failed to re-integrate at the end of 2012.
Bodily Changes The main indicator of how we are changing is with the chakras. The chakras are aspects of the total soul within the physical body and are the means by which the higher aspects of the soul communicates to us. As we begin to clear ourselves of our emotional debris, the chakras begin to change colour. We are used to the chakras being the rainbow colours; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Since May 30th 2000, nobody on the planet has these colours any longer.
When the Earth changed her base-note frequency, the chakras almost automatically changed colour. Colour is only a product of frequency; if the frequency changes, so must the colour. Put another way, if the frequencies of the body increase, it is impossible for the colours of the chakras to remain the same. Most people now have colours which are spiralling golds, copper golds, blues, green, violet but mainly transparent. By transparent I mean pure energy that looks like the kind of heat-haze shimmer you get on hot summer days. As you begin to clear out the emotional debris, the chakras change again to total transparency. In other words all of the chakras lose their colours and they become the transparent heat haze shimmer of pure soul energy. The next stage is where the chakras disappear altogether. What this means is that the spine becomes a smooth column of energy from the crown of the head to the base of the spine without specific chakras. As someone who has worked as a healer and psychic surgeon for the past thirty five years, I can see the energies within the body and believe me, this is what the body?s energies are doing. Once you have reached the point where you no longer have any defined chakras, that is as far as you can go until your higher self decides to complete the reintegration process. Once we have completed this reintegration we will have all of the knowledge and all of the abilities we need to remove the Velon/Annunaki and to clean up global pollution and all the other bad things we have done to this amazing planet and there will be no need to move to Pandora [24]. Only you can choose to undergo this body and soul reintegration, nobody will, or can decide for you. This is your choice, your soul and your life – don?t be left behind.
The Way Forwards Yes, there is still a way forwards. Humanity can still fulfil its promise and potential but time is now becoming short and, if people want to undergo soul re-integration, they must act quickly. If you think back to what we said earlier, the percentage of people in the western world failed to meet the self-assessment they made. An Average of sixty percent of the population in western countries proclaimed themselves to be ready to make their soul transitions by the twenty first of December 2012. On the day, the percentage of westerners who were actually ready and capable averaged around one percent. What did happen on the 21st of December 2012 was that the long awaited new energy patterns arrived and are boosting the energies of the Earth, humans and the rest of the planets in the solar system. Despite the best efforts of the Velon/Illuminati to prevent these energies reaching the Earth, by HAARP ELF frequencies and chemtrails spraying of aluminium in the upper atmosphere, these new energies are beginning to have an affect on those who were actually ready to receive them. Given so few people in the western world were ready to take on these energies, the Earth has reduced their immediate impact to allow people a little extra time to bring themselves up to a state of readiness. The Earth has achieved this by slowing down the impact of these energies so that instead of the anticipated mass shift that should have occurred on 21/12/12, She is allowing people to gradually absorb these new frequencies. 
But the Earth cannot delay the impact of these new energies for very much longer: those behind the plans for the New World Order are accelerating their plans. If the NWO are allowed to achieve their goals, then the process of soul re-integration would be disrupted. Whilst the new energy patterns are in the process of destroying the impetus of the Velon/Illuminati/NWO plans, these plans still have the potential to disrupt our soul re-integration – at least in the short to medium term. What is needed is for all of the people in the western world who claimed to be ready to undergo soul re-integration to now bring themselves up to where they claimed to be but clearly were not. A great many people said they were ready in the hope that the new energies would sweep away all of their unresolved emotional problems for them so that they would not have to put in any actual work to sort themselves out. The elephant in the living room will not go away of its own accord; it has to be looked squarely in the eye and dealt with once and for all. The best way to start this process is with the giveaway, described above, so that you begin to remove the accumulation of emotional debris you have not cleared and is occupying the body's energy that should be occupied by your higher self. For your soul (higher self) to re-integrate back into the body you must make space for it and the only way that space can be made is to use the giveaway to clear out the past unexpressed emotions. There are two advantages to using the giveaway:
1. It clears out all of this unwanted emotional rubbish to make room for your higher self.
2. By using the giveaway, you can identify the people you have the biggest problems with – the source of your living room elephant. Once you have identified the underlying problem, or person, you then must confront them and clear the problem. If you have made the choice to undergo soul re-integration, then you must clear yourself out of your past – nobody can do it for you. You are the one who is storing these emotions so it can only be you who is capable of removing them. Once you get yourself clear, you begin to see yourself in a new light and your dealings with other people become less of a problem. You begin to expand in your energies, feel more connected to the Earth and all living things. Believe me when I say it is well worth the small effort it takes to clear yourself out. Otherwise, what is the alternative? You become more and more enclosed – more disconnected from the world, more remote from other people and the Earth and at some time in the no too distant future, you will have to leave the planet as your energy frequencies will no longer be compatible with the energies of the Earth and of physical life. The choice is yours to make freely. Nobody is judging your actions, or inactions, only you and your higher self can judge yourself. But don?t wait too long to decide. We are more than human. We are more than we ever dreamed possible. It is time to live. It is time to regain control.
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