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Human origin, Universal history, Annunaki Plan, Human Plan - Part 1 - Chris Thomas, April 2013

Human origin, Universal history, Annunaki Plan, Human Plan - Part 1 - Chris Thomas, April 2013

An Update On Our Evolution by Chris Thomas © Chris Thomas 2013 – (2)    20 April 2013



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Many people have asked me for an update of our situation following the passing of the 21st of December 2012 “deadline”.
This essay is not intended to be a full update as not all of the information is yet available to carry out a full assessment of where we are and what exactly happened on the day. However, two things are already very clear:
1. The reason for so few people undergoing soul re-integration is as a result of human lack of belief in themselves. I am not going to explore this aspect in full as this will be the subject of a future essay.
2. Given that there were so few completions on that date, those who would re-shape the world into their view of a “New World Order” have stepped up their plans of moving people in directions that the NWO wish to go whilst totally ignoring the choices of the people.
It is this second situation that I would mainly like to explore in this essay and in doing so will highlight many of the reasons for the seeming “failure” of so many to re-integrate.
New World Order? This is a term that has been used by most leading politicians, as well as many others, in recent years. However, not everybody is familiar with the term and certainly not with its implications. Think of Aldous Huxley's novel “1984” and that will give you some idea of what the term “New World Order” means. Essentially, the plan is to create a one world government, a one world bank and a one world police force. A central government that rules the world and enforces its policies with a police force under its direct control. Is this a bad thing? Well think about the governments we currently have. Are they honest? Do they carry out “the will of the people”? Do they treat all of their citizens equally? Most people would answer no to all of those questions. Imagine all of the political corruption there would be if there was only one world government if you were a part of, or favoured by, that government, you would be allowed to get away with virtually anything. If you were not favoured by the government, you would be made to suffer or even be imprisoned. There are far too many examples of these kinds of behaviour in the world today by individual governments. The only thing that holds back their, sometimes, extreme behaviour is the reactions of other individual governments. Without those individual governments expressing their views, the one world government could do as it pleases without hindrance. But would this one world government actually be there to carry out the wishes of the electorate or would it be under the  control of what has become known as “the industrial/military complex”? At the time of writing, a bill is passing through the American government that has been written by the GMO company
Monsanto. Known as the Monsanto Protection Act, it gives the company total immunity from all health and environmental controls that are currently in place in America. Monsanto are looking to be able to plant any genetically modified organism (GMO) anywhere it chooses on American soil with total immunity from any current or future environmental law. At the time of writing, “Monsanto's Law” has been passed by the American Congress and is headed towards the American Senate where it is anticipated it will pass without change.
Then we have the situation in Guantanamo Bay prison. Both President GW Bush and President Obama have granted pardons to more than half of the prisoners held at Guantanamo as they have been proven to have no connections to any terrorist organisations. The Presidential Orders further state that the prisoners who have been granted pardons be repatriated to their home countries. The military controllers of Guantanamo have ignored both Presidents, locked down the prison and refused access to the prisoner?s legal representatives and stopped commercial flights into the area.
The prisoners have responded by going on hunger strike and this hunger strike has had a news blackout as it has not been reported in the western media. We have all seen the recent banking situation in Cyprus. Due to EU and government policies, the banking system in Cyprus is in a state of dire collapse. The European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund have stepped in with a rescue package of measures. The first thing they did was to reduce the level of state benefits to pensioners, the disabled etc by twenty percent and halt the spending on government projects.
They then close the banks, preventing people from accessing their own money. They insist on a one -off tax of ten percent of all the money individuals hold in their bank deposit accounts. When this causes riots, they modify this tax to taking ten percent, but could be up to eighty per cent, of the accounts that hold more than one hundred thousand Euros. The Bank of Cyprus collapses because of the activities of the European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund and the Cyprus government and who pays the price for it? Ordinary people who have tried to generate some savings against a rainy day. Most people now see this as the model for future bank bailouts. We have already had situations where governments gave the banks many millions of tax payer?s money but next time the banks deliberately mess up the economy, they will plunder our savings accounts.
At the time of writing, I have heard strong rumours that the Canadian government is looking to pass a law that gives them the powers to act in the same way as the Cyprus government is acting when future problems arise in the banks in Canada. Imagine how safe your savings would be if there was only a one world bank? Would the people of the world have a fair voice under a one world government? It would seem to be extremely unlikely. So what mechanisms are being used to bring about a one world government – the NWO?
Agenda 21 Here’s a recent news item: “On February 27th [2013], the European Commission published a document announcing it will take on itself a “lead role” in global environmental governance through “a unified policy framework” – in effect aligning itself with Agenda 21. In the thirty page document titled “A Decent Life For All” the EC says it aspires to a “leading role” in an “overarching framework” towards global governance. ...” Agenda 21 is part of a much larger document that was agreed and signed into law in something over one hundred countries. Agenda 21 arose from the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The agreements forged at the summit include the Biodiversity Treaty and Agenda 21. The Biodiversity Treaty seeks to prevent the further loss of species from the planet and to halt the current rate of plant and animal extinctions. Agenda 21 deals with people and environmental matters on a much larger scale than the Biodiversity Treaty. It is called “Agenda 21” because its requirements are to fully implemented before the year 2100. The two main requirements of Agenda 21 are:

Jacques Cousteau, who was at the UNCED conference: “In order to stabilise world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day.” Written into Agenda 21 is the requirement that “the world's population be reduced to a manageable 500 million”. When you bear in mind that the official global population at the end of 2012 was 7,000,000,000 (seven billion), Jacques Cousteau’s figures look a little light. In addition the main proposal for achieving the target of returning fifty percent of the land to wildlife is to remove people off the land and force them to move into cities. This process has already begun in some countries. This is achieved by removing government financial support to rural towns and villages and closing off local access to motorways and free-ways. The local economy collapses and people are forced to move away from their homes and into larger towns and cities for work. Once the small town or village is empty, it is demolished to prevent anyone from returning and living there. This is already happening in some countries.
Given these actions and the stated aim of reducing the global population to “a manageable 500 million”, it is not so much Huxley's 1984 but the nineteen fifty's Charlton Heston movie “Soylent Green”. The plans of The New World Order and Agenda 21 have been in place for more than twenty years and yet, until recently, very few people were aware of these plans or of their implications. There are two reasons for this:
1. The media is complicit in a cover - up. 2. Most people don’t want to think about it. After all, if they thought about it, they would have to do something. We will return to the media later. But let us take a look at the second reason.
Lack of Completions At the end of 2012, many people were baffled as to why they had not undergone soul re-integration: after all, they said they were ready and they wanted to do it so why didn't they? The answer is to do with how we see our world and our place within it – the “mindset” we adopt to undergo our everyday lives. We, in the west, have become brain washed into believing that our lifestyles are the best there are and that this western lifestyle should be adopted by the non-western world. But if we go to the Akashic and look at the percentages of people who were actually ready to undergo soul re-integration, as opposed to those who said they were ready, we find a very different picture. In the west, an average of sixty percent of the population claimed to have been ready whereas on the day, that figure, in some western countries, was actually about one percent. In most non-western countries, the percentage of those who were actually ready to undergo soul re-integration was as high as ninety eight percent. (Only about five hundred thousand people actually completed re-integration on the day and these were all from non-western countries. The reason for so small a number in the non-western countries is because those people adhered to the collective decision to undergo re-integration en masse. That is, we all re-integrated together – both western and non- western people at the same time.) The problem with western countries is that we do not see the larger picture. We have become bogged down in our technological lifestyles to the point where we cannot even sense the energy patterns that those of the non-western countries see as a part of their everyday lives. 
We have become brainwashed into ways of thinking and acting that remove us away from the natural patterns of life and so we have a problem in properly understanding ourselves let alone the cycles of the Earth. What we need to do, to achieve our part of the re-integration agreement, is to alter the way in which we think. As Einstein put it: “The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.” In other words; in order to achieve our goal of soul re-integration, we must begin to think on a different level. If we had achieved mass soul re-integration, the plans and schemes of the New World Order and their Agenda 21 would have been stopped in its tracks as we would have risen above their mind control and political engineering. So how do we start to think on a different level? The first step is to realise that we have been brainwashed. Once we begin to realise that, we can then begin to investigate the reasons why we think in the way in which we do and begin to undo much of the brainwashing and move onto a new level of thought.


An Update On Our Evolution  Page 2 © Chris Thomas 2013 – (2)
Science One of the main regions of our lives where we have been deliberately misled is with science. In many respects, the world, and its place within this Universe, is too large a topic for us to consider especially when we have the day to day running of our lives to take care of. Quantum physics is not the usual topic of conversation in the pub. So we rely on those who have set themselves up as experts and we listen to what they have to say. The thing to bear in mind about scientists is that they have their own biases and agendas. For example: In the Victorian era (when most of our current scientific thinking was set in stone) most scientists believed absolutely that if a woman attempted to solve problems in higher mathematics, her brain would explode – I kid you not.
The problem with science is that it operates on two main levels: there is the public face of science and then there is the reality of the control that science is under and rigorously imposes upon itself.
“It is intriguing to note that the views of scientists like Tardieu, Stern and Susman, though appearing in scientific journals, are rarely encountered in popular presentations or general textbooks. This points to the existence of a pattern of knowledge filtration in the scientific community that tends, consciously or unconsciously, to suppress information that would complicate the relatively simple picture of human evolution presented to the public in general and to students at all levels of the educational system...” [1]
I have spent about 35 years actively researching within the Akashic trying to find the truth about human history but I have spent more years than that investigating science, in all of its fields. The main conclusion I have reached from all of the scientific literature I have read is that science is following an agenda. The public face of science is that which somebody wants us to see and that there are fundamental flaws in even the everyday science we are taught at schools. These flaws and untruths become perpetuated, even by scientists, and so it can be difficult to arrive at an actual truth. The other problem with science is that there is very little proof of anything – all there are is theories. The amount of scientific theory that can be proven could be written on the back of an envelope. Despite this lack of proof, the scientific community proclaims its supposed knowledge with great confidence and arrogance and , unless we research these claims for ourselves, we have no method by which we can counter these scientific claims; we tend to accept them and move on.
When I have given talks about the information within the Akashic, there is usually one moron in the audience who asks in a very supercilious fashion: “Is there any scientific proof for what you are saying?” The answer is: Is there any proof of science? To give an example of what I mean. Let us look at one of the most fundamental theories that scientists claim is absolute – gravity.
Gravity We all know the story of gravity: Sir Isaac Newton was sitting in his garden one day in the 17 Century when an apple fell on his head. “Ouch, tis gravity”, said Newton. Well that?s not exactly an accurate picture of how Newton theorised about gravity but it is how most school children like to think about it. What Newton actually theorised was that the gravitational pull of any two objects is:
“Proportional to the mass of each and varies inversely as the square of the distance between them.”
In other words, all objects, including people, generate a gravitational pull on each other that reduces the further apart those objects or people are. The Earth exerts a gravitational pull on the apple and, in return, the apple exerts a gravitational pull on the Earth. But, as the Earth has a far larger mass than the apple, the apple falls towards the Earth. In return,the apple also pulls the Earth towards it but only by an infinitesimal amount. This theory of how gravity works, and what it is, has predominated science for four hundred years. Many scientists are now moving away from this concept of gravity and are beginning to realise that the Universe is not held together by gravity but by electro-magnetic forces. Many cosmologists now actually see these electro-magnetic forces as the 5th dimension – time being the 4th dimension.
(Note: this is not the 5th dimension that Velon controlled channelled messages have been trying to fool us into believing. The Velon version of the 5th dimension doesn?t exist anywhere or anywhen.)
To understand why electro-magnetic forces are stronger than gravity, here's an experiment you can try at home. For this experiment you will need a child's magnet (it doesn't matter if it is a bar magnet or a horseshoe magnet), a household nail and a flat surface. Place the nail on the flat surface and take the magnet into your hand. From a point directly above the nail, bring the hand holding the magnet slowly down towards the nail. When you are within 2 to 3 centimetres off the nail, it will suddenly leap from the surface and on to the magnet. What this shows is that the magnetic force is powerful enough to lift the mass of the nail off the surface a few centimetres without touching it. It also shows that your child's magnet is powerful enough to overcome the Earth's gravitational pull on the nail. It is also worth noting that if you lift the nail off the surface with your hand, you can lift it easily. In comparison, it is far more difficult to lift the nail from the magnet. Another example of why gravity does not exist is to do with the moon. Through popular science, we know that the moon is held in its orbit by the Earth's gravitational pull. In turn, the moon exerts a gravitational pull on the Earth resulting in variations in tidal patterns in the sea (most women are also affected by the moon's cycles). When NASA (North American Space Agency) was blasting astronauts into orbit above the Earth's atmosphere, the astronauts entered a field of zero gravity. When the international space station was in orbit, the scientists claimed that they wanted to carry out experiments that could not be carried out on the Earth's surface as they needed to be carried out in zero gravity. If the moon was held in place by the Earth's gravitational field, the astronauts would not be in zero gravity until they were in an orbit beyond the moon. In other words, the moon is not held in place by gravity. So what does hold the moon in its orbit around the Earth? How does the moon affect the tides? Or for that matter, what holds the Earth and the other planets of the solar system in orbit around the sun? Or the solar system in orbit around the galaxy? Or the galaxy in its place in the Universe? Electro-magnetic energies. Or at least, that is the scientific name for the forces involved. Another name for electro-magnetic forces would be consciousness. In recent years, many, many cosmologists have begun to think of the Universe as conscious.
This new explanation has arisen from experiments in quantum physics where the way in which the experimenter thinks the experiment is going to turn out determines the actual result. For the Universe to exist there must have been some kind of conscious thought that brought it into being.
Not all cosmologists are happy with this concept as it brings it too close to religious beliefs in God. But many are and their numbers are growing. So why does the adherence to Newton's 400 year old theory of gravity persist? Currently, the mainstream scientific view is that somewhere between 13 and 14 billion years ago there was a “Big Bang”. This Big Bang came out of nowhere, it was a spontaneous act derived from a single point in space (a “singularity”). As this Big Bang expanded, it somehow generated all of the energy and all of the matter (solid material) that makes up our Universe. As the Big Bang continued to expand, the density of the matter began to form gravity and it is the gravitational pull of this matter that limits the size of our Universe – too much gravity and the Universe would have collapsed before it began; too little gravity and it would have continued to expand outwards indefinitely without forming the Universe – it had to be the exact amount of gravity at exactly the right time and exactly in the right place for the Universe to form.
But then scientist began to use telescopes and began to map the galaxies that are contained within our Universe. They realised that there were an insufficient number of galaxies, and other massive objects, in the Universe to satisfy the requirements of their gravitational model. So they sat down and came up with the idea of Cold Dark Matter (CDM). CDM cannot be seen nor can it be measured nor can it be weighed, it only theoretically exists in theoretical quantities. But even with their theorising, and the calculations they carried out to arrive at a collective mass for CDM, they could not find enough of it. Then they came up with the idea of Cold Dark Energy (CDE). Again, CDE cannot be seen nor can it be measured nor can it be weighed, it only theoretically exists in theoretical quantities. In order for this “Double Dark” theory to work, there must be a fundamental particle that converts CDE into CDM. This particle was theorised by a Scottish scientist called Peter Higgs and has become known as the “Higgs boson” (there are also WIMPS – Weakly Interacting Mass Particles; and MACHOS – Massive Compact Halo Objects). What the Higgs boson is supposed to do is travel around the Universe and, when it happens to collide with some theoretical CDE it magically converts it to theoretical CDM generating an extra lump of theoretical mass. Trillions of dollars and have been spent on building larger and larger particle colliders, and millions per year in running costs, in an attempt to track down this theoretical particle that makes Big Bang and gravity theory work. In 2012, there was a big fuss made that the Hadron Collider at Cern, on the Swiss French border, had finally tracked down a Higgs boson. Everyone cheered until the scientists at Cern realised that they didn't have a Higgs boson at all: it was just yet another sub-atomic particle. Many, many scientists believe that the Big Bang did not happen, that gravity does not exist and that the Higgs boson does not exist: Summing up all of these theoretical particles and interactions as DUNNOS – Dark Unknown Non-detectable Objects Somewhere. A group of these scientists held a conference in New York in 2004 and made a press release (this press release was not widely published as the statement went against the prevailing view): 
“Big Bang Theory relies on a growing number of...things we have never observed. Inflation, dark matter and dark energy are the most prominent. Without them there would be fatal contradictions between the observations...and the predictions... In no other field of physics would this continual recourse to new hypothetical objects be accepted...what?s more, the Big Bang Theory can boast of no qualitative predictions that have subsequently been validated by observation...”
So why does the Big Bang theory and the theory of gravity persist? Here?s a clue: One of the chief proponents of Big Bang and Double Dark theory is Dr Joel Primack. In 2008, he and a colleague, Dr Nancy Adams, undertook a world tour giving lectures at institutes in a number of countries. In these lectures, Drs Primack and Adams proposed an interesting suggestion. [2] Their lectures begin with a very inaccurate story of the beliefs of ancient Egyptians. Essentially they claimed that the ancient Egyptians had religious beliefs based on their understanding of cosmology – the stars they could see in the heavens. The Egyptian belief structure maintained that as long as the people continued to believe in the gods of the cosmos and how they held up the heavens, the skies and stars would stay in their place. If the people stopped believing in their gods of the cosmos, the sky would fall and crush everyone to death. Virtually none of that is true but Primack and Adams used it as a prelude to their proposals that modern man should bring about a new religion, using the ancient Egyptian as a model, where the central tenets of this cosmology and anthropology-based religion should be based on the Big Bang theory and Double Dark theory; presumably with cosmologists like Primack and Adams as its “high priests”. During the presentation of the three lectures that I have seen, they blatantly use symbolism connected to Freemasonry. They further go on to propose that this new cosmologically-based religion form a fundamental part of “the New World Order”. Horror is the best word I can think of to describe my reaction to Primack and Adams? lectures. *** But gravity is not the only scientific theory that requires that we totally change the way we think about, not only science, but ourselves.
Human Origins Huge amounts of material have been written about our origins. If you visit any natural history museum anywhere in the world, you will encounter the same story usually in 3D with voice-overs or set displays using hairy models. The popular scientific version is this: Sometime about 3.5million years ago, an ape descended from the African trees and began to walk upright. As these apes began to spend more and more time on the ground, they became less and less ape-like and more and more human-like. The first set of fossils to be found was of an early human (non-ape) who has become known as “Lucy” and that similar fossils to Lucy's indicate “The First Family”.
When these fossils came to light in the early 1970s, there was a great deal of celebration that the first humans had been found in Africa. In the 1980?s scientists proved that Lucy and The First Family were not of a human lineage and it all went quiet in the field of serious science but it remains as the accepted story in popular science. 
Here is the story of Lucy and The First Family. [3]
Both Lucy and The First Family have been given the scientific name of: Australopithecus Afarensis (this name means: Australo – southern. Pithecus–ape. Afarensis – the region of Ethiopia where the fossils were found.) The first finds were in 1973 in the Ethiopian region of Afar, near to the city of Hadar. These finds were of a partial thigh bone (femur) and a partial shin bone (tibia). Both were lying near to each other on the surface. It was assumed that both bones belonged to the same individual but nobody knows for certain as the bones are fossilised therefore DNA cannot be extracted. The finder was Dr Donald Johanson. The two bones became known as the Hadar Knee and designated as AL 129. The knee joint is what is known as a valgus knee – this is where the top of the femur, where it joins the hip, is outside of the line of the knee. In African apes, the femur rises straight from the knee to the hip. Johanson claimed that this angle of joint (15 degrees) proves that it must have been human or, at least, a transitionery phase between apes and humans. However, no adult human has a joint angle this great; the average human joint angle is 9 degrees. The extreme angle of the joint could be explained if the bones of the joint came from different individuals. Dr Johanson either did not know, or chose to ignore, the fact that both orang-utans and spider monkeys have valgus knees. Analysis of the joint by many leading anthropologists and paleoanthropologists (Tardieu, Stern and Suzman plus many others) in the late 1970's and early 1980?s all conclude that this knee joint was more closely associated with an early form of orang-utan rather than an early human. In 1974, Johanson returned to Hadar and found a number of bones from what was assumed to be the same skeleton in a gully. This skeleton became known as “Lucy”.
A combination of potassium-argon, fission track and paleomagnetic dating techniques were used on them and Johanson determined that Lucy was 3.5 million years old. In 1975, Dr Johanson went back to Hadar and found the fossil remains of 13 hominids, men women and children, of the same age as the bones of Lucy. The collection of skeletal remains Johanson called “The First Family”.
Very detailed analysis of these skeletons by a number of leading anthropologists during the late 70?s and early 80?s (but also ongoing) all conclude that both Lucy and The First Family were not the remains of early humans but were of a type of early orang-utan that climbed trees and walked along the branches. The reconstruction of one of the skulls found as part of The First Family gave very gorilla-like characteristics that were very similar to Australopithecus africanus. The conclusion of the scientists involved was that neither Lucy nor The First Family were part of the human (Homo) lineage but were Australopithecines – a group of monkey-like creatures.
Only Johanson claims that Lucy and The First Family are Hominids (early humans) but he is supported by the scientific mainstream as it goes along with the view they want to present. However, not all scientists agree with this view. In science, it is all in the name. All branches of science have a committee that determines the categories by which a new “find” is listed. If Lucy and The First Family were considered to be the first of the human lineage, then the name they would have been allocated would have been “Ethiopian M or “Hadar Man” in the same way as Neanderthal Man (found in the Neanderthal Valley in Germany) or Peking Man (found near to Peking in China). Then they would have been granted a scientific name beginning with the Latin translation of the word man – Homo – as in Homo Erectus (Upright Man) or Homo Habilis (Handy Man). Johanson did apply for Lucy and The First Family to be given a “Homo” classification but his application was denied and the classification of Australopithecus Afarensis stands. In other words, Lucy and The First Family are considered to be not the first humans but Australopithecines – early forms of apes whose closest descendents are orang-utan. And yet the myth persists, in the popular science as presented to the public, that Lucy and The First Family were our ancestors and they originated in Africa. Given that the scientific world does not believe that these fossils are of our ancestors, why did the BBC TV show a documentary in 2012 claiming that Dr Johanson's views were correct? The answer is that there is a need to prove that humans originate in Africa. 

An Update On Our Evolution - Page 3 © Chris Thomas 2013 – (2)
Human Development & Migration  Why is there a need to prove that humans first developed in Africa? We will come onto that later. In the meantime, let us look at an other popular myth about human development. The accepted popular scientific view is that human life developed in Africa sometime around three and a half million years ago. The region of Africa where humans began is rarely specified, just speculated upon. About two and a half million years ago, some of these early humans (probably Homo Erectus although the actual existence of Homo Erectus as a distinct evolutionary step is greatly doubted by paleoanthropologists) migrated from Africa and spread out across the globe, particularly into Europe and Asia where they became Neanderthal Man and Peking Man. Sometime around one hundred thousand years ago, there was a second wave of migrations out of Africa, this time the migrants being Cro-Magnon Man (also known as Homo Sapien) who also spread out across Europe and Asia where peoples from both migrations apparently lived in harmony – or not as the case may be as it is dependent on speculation rather than any facts. Then about thirteen thousand years ago – at the peak of the last ice age – there was a further migration north and east where Cro-Magnon Man traversed the ice bridge between Russia and Alaska gradually making their way all the way down to South America somewhere about eleven thousand years ago. Except; the proof is against this theory as is the common sense. Regardless of any evidence, think about that situation for a minute. You are living in your nice warm cave where you know your local surroundings – all of the water holes and rivers and all of the game trails are well known to you. You know where and when to pick plants, nuts and berries. Why would you take it into your head to leave your home and travel many thousands of miles into totally unknown territory especially as you would have to fight blizzards and climb glaciers several miles high? Not only that, you would have to endure temperatures many degrees below freezing, no food sources, no water sources, no heat sources, not even trees for firewood and no shelter. Even if you did have some idea of where you were headed, it would still be an unbelievably risky and foolhardy trip to take especially as the end destination was totally unknown to you. Even animals, who are meant to have a lower level of intelligence to humans, do not undertake journeys of that nature – theyknow better. So what evidence is there to show that the accepted version is incorrect? A great deal and virtually all of it is deliberately hidden away so that it does not become public knowledge. Here is one example from the many I could have included.
Lake Huron (one of the American/Canadian Great Lakes) Between 1951 and 1955 an anthropologist at the National Museum of Canada, Thomas E Lee, excavated a site known as Sheguiandah on Manitoulin Island in northern Lake Huron where he found a number of flint and stone tools that had obviously been worked by man [4].
The area of The Great Lakes is thought to have undergone a series of glaciations between 10,000 and 70,000 years ago. The stone artefacts that Lee found were in several of the stratified layers, from just below the surface (the most recent deposits); within the glacial till (middle date deposits) as well as under the first layer of glacial till (the oldest deposits). In his excavations, Lee used the “best practice” techniques recommended by anthropology at the time. Not only did he excavate extremely carefully, recording in minute detail every find in every layer, he called on a number of experts in different fields, particularly geology, to confirm his findings and their dates. The oldest artefacts were dated at being around 150,000 years old. This date being agreed by all of the expert scientists involved. However, it was known that dating artefacts in this range would cause considerable difficulties as the scientific consensus view was that no artefact in North America could be older than 12,000 years. To try and mollify the scientific world, Lee?s team put a date of “at least” 30,000 years old in their final report. The response from the “powers that be” in science was immediate. The head of the University of Canada was instructed to sack Lee. When the head refused, he was himself sacked. Lee's original papers were not published at the time as no scientific journal would publish them. The artefacts found on the site were confiscated and then disappeared. Lee refused to leave the university and was only allowed to do menial jobs for the next eight years whilst he struggled against the scientific world to get his findings published.
He eventually resigned and set up his own scientific journal where he published his findings (Anthropological Journal of Canada). His publication was ostracised by the scientific community and everything written by Lee was ignored or pilloried. The Sheguiandah site was shut down and nobody else was allowed to visit it. Whilst a very few references to the site appear in scientific literature, those that do claim it can be no more then 12,000 years old. All of the painstaking work by Lee's team is ignored in order to satisfy the belief that N America was not colonised before the end of the last Ice Age: 12,000 years ago.
But the treatment of Lee is far from unique. Many, many scientists, archaeologists, anthropologists and paleoanthropologists have found their research and findings removed from the scientific records and their careers brought to a premature halt no matter what their reputation was before they dared to try to publish any material that differed from the main stream scientific view. There are a large number of archaeological finds in Canada, North America and Mexico that show human activities (the shaping of stool tools) has been carried out for at least 250,000 years. All of these finds have been deliberately “lost” and the records of the paleoanthropologists suppressed and their reputations and careers shot to ribbons. Some of the most significant finds are buried so deep that they are never discussed. But one fact stands out most of all: the remains and other evidence of the existence of Cro-Magnon Man (Homo Sapien) living on Earth about 3.5 million years ago is to be found on every continent. In other words, humans did not originate in Africa but world-wide and at the same time. 
“...we conclude that the total evidence, including fossil bones and artefacts, is most consistent with the view that anatomically modern humans have coexisted with other primates for tens of millions of years.” [5]
Not only is there overwhelming evidence that “modern man” lived on every continent the evidence that they were extremely advanced is also overwhelming. By advanced I mean that some of their understanding of the world and the stars were in advance of our own current understanding of these matters. I have covered some of these scientific findings in my previous books, especially “The Human Soul” and “Project Human Extinction” and so will only briefly mention some of the findings here. Objects that archaeologists identified as “glass table ornaments” found in ancient Sumeria and dated to at least 5,000 years old turned out to be optical lenses that are so advanced that the design of these lenses is more advanced than current lens design. The Sumerian lenses contain “pockets” in the glass that can be filled with various gases that means that the focal length can be altered to suit virtually any focus requirements. These lenses can be used both as microscopes and telescopes just by altering the gas pressure inside the lens “pockets”. 
An engineer called Professor Alexander Thom surveyed many hundreds of stone circles and stone monuments in Britain, Ireland and Europe during the 1950?s and 1960?s. His surveys were accurate to tolerances of less than one millimetre. From his surveys, Prof. Thom concluded that the people who had built the circles and monuments used Pythagorean geometry to construct them and used a standard means of measurement called the “megalithic yard”. Prof. Thom also realised that the stone circles and monuments were aligned to either stars or sun rise/sun set at critical times of the year and so was the inventor of Archaeo-astronomy. The problem is that the Celtic peoples who built these stone circles and monuments did so at least two thousand years before Pythagoras was born. Prof. Thom's findings did not make him popular amongst either archaeologists or scientists as he proved beyond doubt that people of the ancient world were considerably more advanced than anyone wanted to consider and so his work was ignored and never spoken of. 
The megalithic yard is also to be found as the standard measuring length across the e ancient world – by ancient I mean before at least three thousand years BC. An identical measurement was used by the Ancient Sumerians where they called it a “Kush” – scientifically known as a Mesopotamian Kush. This Megalithic yard relates to the circumference of the Earth, the rotation and orbit of the moon and the orbit of Venus. It also relates to time measurements and to measurements of volume and weight connecting both the British system of pints and pounds to the metric system of litres and kilo-grams. The length of the megalithic yard, if used as a pendulum, also produces a musical scale that is used by the Australian Aborigine peoples in their sacred didgeridoo music that harmonises with the Earth?s own frequencies. [6] The only ancient measuring system that does not directly use the megalithic yard is the Minoans and even then, the Minoan system has correlations with the megalithic yard when used in multiples.
Even the Great Pyramid of Cheops on the Giza plateau in Egypt was built using the megalithic yard. The Great Pyramid was built so accurately that modern attempts to build even half scale replicas have failed to match it in terms of tolerances. In fact every attempt to build a replica, on whatever scale, has failed as modern technology is not capable of replicating the building techniques, and their accuracy. 
These are just a very few examples of how discoveries made by scientists of all disciplines have been deliberately and systematically removed from our knowledge. Because the findings have not fitted in with the publicly allowed view of human history, all of these amazing findings have not seen the light of day. The scientific world has built a fantasy story of human history, how the universe works and every aspect of life within this universe to suit an agenda that is deliberately designed to hide the facts and present us with a version of reality that fits into an agenda. But whose agenda is it? – See below.
So for all of those morons who used to ask me at talks if there was any scientific “proof” of what was contained in the Akashic, the answer is this: Firstly, if the science these morons referred to was the public face that science presents; then the answer is no. Secondly, if you do some research and begin to scratch through the public veneer that the scientific world presents, you will find that there is overwhelming evidence that the Akashic is correct in virtually all aspects of human history.
This is what I mean by we need to alter the way in which we think. Whenever you encounter a piece of scientific “proof” ask yourself “is this true?” or is it part of the same agenda to blind us to our true history and heritage. Instead of taking scientific pronouncements at face value question them; carry out a little research of your own and you will soon find that your view of the world, and humanity?s place within it, is so so different to what you were propagandised into believing it was.
Always ask; always question – that way you might just arrive at some kind of truth at who you really are and what your purpose on Earth is.  “If you ask a question, you are an idiot for five minutes. If you do not ask a question, you are an idiot for life.” [7]
Who Is Behind It? Scientific research, in all fields of science, requires money in order for the research to be carried out. This funding can be from universities as part of a teaching project; but is more usually funded from institutions, companies, governments or foundations that have a particular interest in a region of research. If governments, the funding is usually for a military project or a region of public concern or of public health. If private companies, it usually is to find the health benefits, or not, of a particular product or pharmaceutical drug. If from institutions or foundations, it is usually because that organisation has a particular interest in a region of research. In the 1930?s, the Rockefeller Foundation decided to use some of its vast funds to finance projects in virtually all regions of scientific research – from archaeology to psychiatry; from medicine to anthropology.
The Foundation also gave a massive research grant to the Kaiser Wilhelm 3rd Clinic in Germany for Eugenics research [9] whose work was continued in the Nazi concentration camps. So why did this particular Foundation make all of these funds available? To quote one of its officials: “...Apart from the fascination of gaining some knowledge of the nature of the mind - brain -body relationship, the practical values in such studies are potentially enormous. Only thus may we gain information about our behaviour of the sort that can lead to wise and beneficial control”. [8]
So knowledge of human behaviour throughout our history was to be gathered together in order to find ways of controlling the population – the beginnings of the New World Order. 
Population Control As part of the plans laid out in the Rio de Janeiro Climate Conference was the requirement that the human population be reduced to “a manageable five hundred million”. So how do you set about killing that many people?
Wars? Since the UNCED Rio de Janeiro Conference in 1992, there have been wars in Iraq (twice), Afghanistan, Libya and several African countries have had armed conflicts, many of which have been dragging on for over twenty years. The death toll from all of these wars runs into many millions. But becoming directly caught up in these armed conflicts is not the only way of dying as the effects of some weapons continues for many, many years. The United Nations published a study into the effects of the use of “depleted uranium” weapons, published in 2005 [9] , summarises as:
“There is no viable future generation in Afghanistan and that Iraq is likely to head the same way”. We have seen, in recent news reports that it is indeed the case in Iraq as the number of birth defects has increased by several hundred percent since the war in Iraq began. Not only that, but the British Atomic Weapons Research Establishment published its own report to the British government that the dust cloud from the “shock and awe” bombing of Iraq blanketed the whole of western Europe with a dust cloud of radiation over one hundred times more deadly than the radioactive cloud produced by the Chernobyl nuclear power station accident. Service men and women who have returned from Afghanistan and Iraq have exhibited symptoms of what has been called “Gulf War Syndrome” which was caused by the radiation from depleted uranium weapons. Where these service men and women have attempted to produce children, the number of birth defects is extremely high. The same applies across the parts of Europe that were under the radiation cloud: birth defects and massively falling birth rates have been reported in all of these affected countries. Some parts of Britain now have an infant mortality rate higher than some so-called Third World countries [10]. So the death toll of these conflicts is not limited to the battlefields. The use of “battlefield nuclear weapons” has a global impact, the extent of which is only now beginning to be seen. To the death of many millions in the war zones, now has to be added millions more who were never caught up in the immediate area – DU weapons can only be described weapons of mass destruction on a continental scale.
An Update On Our Evolution - Page 4 © Chris Thomas 2013 – (2)
Medical Treatment Do people die of the medical treatment they receive? According to an American Medical Association [11] (AMA) study, more people die of the medical treatment they receive than any other single cause in the western world. Take a scenario we are all familiar with: You have symptoms of ill health so you take yourself off to your doctor. The doctor prescribes you some pills. You take the prescription to your pharmacist who fills the prescription and you take the pills exactly as your doctor told you to. The doctor prescribed the pills in the correct dosage for your sex and weight in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines. The pharmacist filled the prescription exactly as the doctor instructed and you, being a good patient, take the pills exactly as directed by your doctor and the pharmacist. What do you think the outcome of these actions is likely to be?
According to the AMA, every year in America one hundred and seventy six thousand people die. According to the British Medical Association (BMA), every year in Britain two hundred and fifty thousand people are hospitalised of whom ten thousand die. On a broader level, the AMA study looked at the effectiveness of all medical treatment and broke their findings down into two main categories.
1. People who consulted their medical practitioner and received treatment appropriate to their symptoms. Death resulted as a direct result of this treatment, no other factors were involved.
The annual death toll in this category was seven hundred and sixty thousand.
2. You have a serious illness for which you are receiving medical treatment but the determining factor of whether you lived or died is purely the medical treatment you received.
The annual death toll in this category was two million. As far as I am aware, the BMA has not carried out a study similar to that of the AMA but it has stated that the annual British death toll under category one of the AMA study is ninety three thousand people [12]. The AMA concludes its report by commenting that they consider the figures to be “the tip of the iceberg”. Given that prescriptive drugs are marketed and prescribed world-wide and that medical treatment is virtually the same throughout western countries, it would be fair to assume that over twenty million people die every year as a direct result of the medical treatment they receive. The problem with these kinds of reports is that they do not get reported in the media.
The media, in all of its various manifestations, is controlled by five people, all of whom are Bildebergers. These five people determine what is, and what is not, published in newspapers, magazines, books, TV, radio and the internet and so much information of this nature is deliberately withheld from the public. I must apologise here because I have misplaced my notes about this particular individual but he deserves to be mentioned for his bravery – this was the British doctor who told the truth about the MMR vaccine and autism. This particular doctor realised that many of the children he was treating had symptoms of autism and these symptoms seemed to develop shortly after the children had been vaccinated with the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine. When the doctor went public with his research, he was criticised by his colleagues, sacked by the health authority he worked for and struck off the medical register. Since the doctor?s treatment, fifteen studies have been carried out into his claims and all of these studies confirm his findings: the MMR vaccine has a strong causal link with autism. Given the case of this doctor, as well as several other scientific professionals, when he was Prime Minister, Tony Blair had all public employee contracts changed to contain a clause along the lines of: If a government employee or an employee working for a company that handles government contracts speaks out about their work and the hazards found by that work, the employee will be sacked, possibly be criminally prosecuted and loose all pension rights for the rest of their lives. Several other governments have also added similar clauses into their employee contracts. So is it any wonder that we hear so little in the mainstream press about what is really going on in the world? The only way of getting through this blanket censorship is to start thinking “outside of the box”. If an announcement is made by governments or transnational companies, always ask yourself why? If an announcement is being made, it will be to cover up something or to put a spin on the situation that the government or the transnational company wants to present you with. If it is a subject that interests you, investigate it – it is always possible to obtain information from non-official sources if you are prepared to look.
This is another example of altering the way in which we think. Do not accept political or government claims at face value – they are trying to present an image not facts. More often than not, governments act on behalf of their own self interests or the interests of industrialists or transnational companies – the wants and rights of the electorate are very far down the list of government priorities. I could go on about the medical profession - try checking out the truth about vaccines, for example - but I am sure that you can see what I mean about how easy it is to kill people by the million and hide the statistics. 
This is what I mean by we need to raise our level of thinking. If we are to get back on track for our aim of re-integrating the whole of the soul – the higher self – back into the body, then we need to think about the world around us and, in particular, the world as presented by the New World Order. But what is the New World Order, and all of its many tentacles, all about and who controls them?
Even the Illuminati, who do control the many organisations that are all secretly working to bring about the New World Order, are themselves controlled. So who is ultimately responsible for misleading, misdirecting and misguiding us in this way? 
The Velon The truth about who controls the politicians, the Bildebergers and the Illuminati lies outside of our galaxy. I have written a great deal about the race who call themselves Velon in several of my books (see Universal Soul, Human Soul, Project Human Extinction and The Human Plan? or the Annunaki Plan?) and so am only going to give a brief history here. Also, as I don?t stop researching what is going on, some new information has come to light about some of the origins of the Velon story. It is actually quite ancient information; it is just new to me. The Velon are a semi-physical race that have divided themselves up into six different “groups”. These divisions into groups are along the lines of humans dividing themselves up into Christian, Muslim, Jewish etc. – a splitting into groups based along religious beliefs. These six groups call themselves: Oa, Mila, Jjundaa, Johnaan, Hathor and Annunaki. Most people will be unfamiliar with most of these names except, perhaps, for Hathor and Annunaki. The reason why most will be unfamiliar with the names the Velon have given to themselves is because they do not often identify themselves by these names but prefer to use a number of disguises in order to fool as many people as possible. The Velon communicate by channelled means under such names as: Ashtar Command, Great White Brotherhood, Ascended Masters, Galactic Federation, Galactic Federation of Light, many hundreds of “Angels” and “Arch-angels” and the likes of Lord Sananda who claims to be the “Christ Consciousness” as well as many other individuals and organisations. However, most of the Velon-createdorganisations have used the means of channelled messages in an attempt to fool the population as a whole, the Annunaki have directed their attentions towards those who have political and financial control. In order to do this, the Annunaki took control of the Illuminati as soon as it was formed and made them believe that the Annunaki are their “creator gods” and that those who consider themselves to be the “Elite” of human society are Annunaki hybrids. Not only have the Annunaki made this story up but they have also been promoting it by persuading politicians and world leaders, but in particular those who have the control over governments, that this plan is the way in which humanity was created and how we should progress. This plan first came about roughly 5,000 to 6,000 years ago and its ultimate aim is to reduce the human population to around about 500 million worldwide. In other words, the population of the whole world would reduce from the official count of 7 billion down to only 500 million. This reduction cannot happen naturally. The 500 million that remain would become a “slave race” to the Annunaki. 
The Annunaki Plan This fantasy version of human history we will call The Annunaki Plan. This plan works in two ways, both of which attacks and tries to force humans to forget The Human Plan, the story of human history, and follow the Annunaki Plan instead. This is its purpose. It might sound melodramatic or like the plot from a second-rate science fiction movie but it is happening and the biggest problem of all is that those who are in a position of power on Earth believe in this plan and are enforcing it upon the rest of the human population. This plan is also designed to come to fruition in 2012. So what is this plan? (also see below).
Really it is a story that tries to hide our true history and impose a different version of the development of human life on Earth. The problem is that many thousands of ordinary people, worldwide, are falling for this plan without realising its implications and are welcoming in the Annunaki. All of the recent requests for groups to meditate on a particular theme because it “helps the planet” or helps humans to “ascend” to a “fifth dimension” , have been designed to help the Annunaki to fulfil this plan of theirs and are of no benefit to the Earth at all or to humans. An example of this would be the mass meditation to “Fire up the Grid” (in August 2007) or the attempt at taking over the energy point under Silbury Hill in Wiltshire (on 7th August 2009) or the call for a mass meditation to “energise the crystal deposits under Brazil and Arizona” (on 15th - 20th August 2009). All of these meditations were designed to fool people into believing that they were helping the Earth whereas what they were really doing was furthering the plans of the Annunaki or the Hathor and causing problems for the Earth and humanity – we?ll come back to this.
The Annunaki Fantasy Story Here is the story that the Annunaki made up and is based on events both in the Velon solar system and events on Earth. This is based on translations made by Zecharia Sitchin and published in his many books on the subject. The story is imprinted into clay tablets that have been found buried in the sands of ancient Sumeria that have lain there for over 5,000 years. Zecharia Sitchin was an expert on Sumerian cuneiform writing and it is he who has translated these clay tablets into English over the past 40 years. Zecharia Sitchin did not make this story up, all he has done is to translate ancient clay tablets and bring the story to light. The story begins some time in the past when a new planet enters our solar system. This planet orbits at an angle to and in the opposite direction of the rest of the planets and has the name of Nibiru. Nibiru has an orbit that takes 3,600 years to complete, passing through our solar system and travelling out far into space before returning. On two of its orbits, it created a great deal of damage to the existing planets in our solar system and was responsible for creating our Earth by destroying another planet – the other half of this destroyed planet forming the asteroid belts. I am only going to give a brief description here, if you want more detail you will have to read the books written by Zecharia Sitchin - they make a fascinating read even if they are wrong. Following this disaster, the solar system finally settled down with Nibiru as a permanent member of the solar system but still only visiting us every 3,600 years. The inhabitants of Nibiru are the Annunaki. This travelling through deep space eventually causes problems within Nibiru?s atmosphere and, after a period of study, the Annunaki come to the conclusion that to repair their atmosphere, they need to seed it with gold. They studied all of the planets within our solar system and discovered that the planet with the greatest amount of gold deposits is Earth so a plan is made whereby a party of Annunaki will travel to Earth and extract the necessary gold from seawater. The individual placed in charge of the whole operation is called Enlil with an individual called Enki in a kind of chief engineer's role. Both travel to Earth, together with a number of Annunaki who were to carry out the gold extraction from the sea, specifically the Red Sea and the North Africa coast. The party arrives about 450,000 years ago setting up their main encampment in the region of Sumeria – between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, a region they name Eden. Everything goes well to start with but they cannot extract sufficient quantities of gold from the sea and switch their centre of operations to Africa where they excavate gold mines. Although they begin gold mining in Africa, their main centre of operations remains in Eden in Sumeria. Eventually, Enlil leaves the planet leaving Enki in full control. As gold is mined, it is stockpiled until the next orbit of Nibiru brings it closer to Earth where it is then ferried back to their home world. After a while, the Annunaki who are carrying out the mining work, begin to complain that it is much harder work than they signed on for, putting the whole operation at risk. Enki comes up with an idea and that is to genetically modify the proto-humans (probably Homo Erectus/Habilis) that are on the planet to make them more intelligent and able to carry out the hard work of mining. The Annunaki have a technology that uses genetic engineering that they developed a very long time ago. This is a technology based on the use of something like a “computer master disc” called a Me (spelled Me but pronounced May) which is capable of managing immensely complex processes such as genetic manipulation and it is this technology which Enki puts to use to create a new slave race. Following a great deal of trial and error, Enki succeeds in producing an Annunaki/Homo Erectus/Habilis hybrid. In other words, the genetic structure of the Annunaki is mixed with the genetic structure of Homo Erectus/Habilis to create a new type of human being. This new hybrid Enki calls “adamu”. At first, the adamu are unable to reproduce by themselves and so are born to Annunaki females. Again, they become tired of this, especially as there are an insufficient number of adamu to mine the gold in sufficient quantities. So Enki then sets to work again to make his adamu capable of sexual reproduction. In other words, Enki “creates” adamu in Eden but then further creates a female adamu (Eve, presumably) to allow the adamu to self-replicate. This now works extremely well, the adamu are reasonably intelligent and they work hard. They also begin to replicate in large numbers and the Annunaki train them to grow crops. The adamu are short and dark whilst the Annunaki represent themselves as tall and pale. The main symbol adopted buy the Annunaki is the “winged disc” – a central disc with eagle?s wings on either side – a symbol also found in dynastic Egypt. We'll come back to the reason for this symbol a little later. At this point, a problem begins to build. The Annunaki find the adamu females very attractive and begin to mate with them. This produces another hybrid form, with a much paler skin than the adamu, and these hybrids begin to demand that they have equal rights to the Annunaki themselves, after all, the Annunaki tradition is that the rights of inheritance passes through the male line and as the new hybrids have Annunaki fathers, they should have equal rights to the Annunaki who fathered them (it is these direct Annunaki/human hybrids that the Elite believe they are descended from). This leads to a great upheaval within the Annunaki and Enlil is forced to return to Earth to rule on this problem of inheritance. Some of the new hybrids are accepted whilst others are not but, the final outcome is that Enlil orders that the adamu be allowed to die. In response, the Annunaki remove all support, food, medicine, etc for the adamu and, effectively leave them to die. However, the adamu prove to be extremely resilient and survive. It was then noticed that the next orbit of Nibiru will bring it close to the South Pole which will have the effect of melting all of the ice causing a flooding of most of the Earth?s surface together with major earthquakes and volcanoes.
Enlil orders Enki to evacuate the Annunaki off the planet?s surface and further orders him to not inform the adamu of their fate. However, Enki is very fond of his creations and secretly helps an adamu, called Utnapishtim (the Biblical Noah), to build an Ark to save as many of the adamu as possible as well as a ll types of animals and plants. The Ark is actually a submarine boat and, instead of the animals “going in two by two”, Utnapishtim has Me's which contain the genetic records of all life. With the next orbit of Nibiru, the anticipated disruption begins and massive floods occur which also ends the last Ice Age: this all taking place about 13,000 years ago. As this happened 13,000 years ago, (according to the Annunaki fantasy story) the scientific theories regarding human development in Africa and then the migration to the Americas were built around this Annunaki story regardless of the evidence contradicting these theories. As we saw above, the scientific establishment sticks to these dates and theories regardless of overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Anyway, the flood waters finally recede and Enlil, Enki and the remainder of the Annunaki return to Earth. At first, Enlil is extremely angry that Enki disobeyed his orders but, eventually, he begins to realise that Enki was right to do so as the adamu prove to be very useful as a slave race. The Annunaki set about repairing their infrastructure in Sumeria, or Eden, and decide to step up their gold mining operation as well as to establish a “way-station” on Mars. The Mars way-station is decided upon as Nibiru?s future orbits will take it closer to Mars than to the Earth and so it will be easier and more efficient to ferry the mined gold to Mars and then on to Nibiru as its orbits allow. In order to help in this increase in flight traffic they build “flight beacons” and flight control stations next to the River Nile – the Pyramids. At this point, the story told in Zecharia Sitchin?s translations gradually begins to tail off and does not come to any conclusions. So, what does this story actually tell us? Well, it says that humans were created by the Annunaki to be a slave race – the adamu. The adamu are short, with dark skin and originate in Eden – modern day Iran and Iraq - but develop in Africa. The Annunaki, in Sitchin's translations, describe themselves as being “tall and blond” – Tall White Nordics it would appear. The adamu thrive and multiply and travel to other regions of the Earth at the end of the last Ice Age, or just after, around about 13,000 years ago (this is the date given in the Annunaki fantasy story for the last Ice Age but there is no evidence for an Ice Age ending at this time, it is just scientific conjecture based on this story).
Up until this point, the adamu had been restricted to regions of Africa where the Annunaki were mining gold. There were also new hybrid adamu created by the Annunaki mating with adamu females presumably producing children with a skin colour much closer to that of the Annunaki -in other words, white. Zecharia Sitchin insists that this story is the basis for the Biblical Old Testament. Unfortunately, some people believe that they are the direct descendents of the Annunaki/adamu hybrids and these people see themselves as being a more “Elite” group than the rest of humanity, who these Elite see as being descended from the adamu who were created to be slaves. After all, if you are made “in God's image”, you must be special and, therefore, above all other humans. This “Elite” group has also given rise to racism and the concept of white supremacy.
This elite group are the ones who make up the Illuminati, Bildebergers and the Thirty Third level Freemasons. It has to be borne in mind that there is nothing within the Akashic that agrees with this story. However, there are some clues as to how aspects of this story arose which were then manipulated by the Annunaki to give us their fictitious version. Firstly, are there any Earthly traditions to support the idea of “tall white” beings mating with early humans? The answer is yes, there are and they are centred around the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, particularly modern northern Iraq, southern Turkey and Turkistan. There are a group of beliefs which originate from this area, collectively known as the “Cult of Angels”. The main traditions of these cults are that the people living in this area called it Eden. The peoples are hunter gatherers who are invaded by a group of peoples who originate much further north. These northern invaders are much taller than the locals and are possibly albino, but certainly white – the origin of “tall white Nordics” perhaps. It is very likely that these northern invaders were a branch of a proto-human form known as Gigantopithicus.
They have almond shaped eyes which slope in towards the nose giving their skulls a “bird-like” appearance. These northerners also have traditions connected with birds, using bird feathers and bird wings in rituals and also practice human sacrifice. One of the main symbols connected with this “Cult of Angels” is the winged disc. These white northerners are very aggressive and very charismatic, so much so that they treat the local inhabitants as slaves and take to themselves a god-like status. They mated with the local women and produced hybrid children, known as “children of the jars”. In order to feed their “gods”, the peoples are forced into leaving behind their traditional hunter-gatherer way of life and become farmers. Also in this region is the ancient Biblical city of Ur of the Chaldes where Abraham was born; Abraham being the “father” of the three main religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity, but was also a member of the “Cult of Angels”. The eventual outcome is that having put up with these aggressive northerners for some time, they massacre them, totally destroying all of their kind. Eventually, these peoples moved south from northern Iraq, or put another way, were cast out of Eden, and they moved to Egypt, taking these traditions and symbols with them with the white northerners transposed into their vengeful Gods. These members of the “Cult of Angels” eventually left Egypt led by Moses, the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaton the third, and became the Jewish peoples with their traditional stories forming the basis of the Old Testament. It is these cultural memories and traditions which the Annunaki have taken and modified to form the basis of their adamu story. However, there is a little more to the story of those who originated in Eden than this. Eden was located in northern Sumeria and these peoples travelled south into the ancient empire of Assyria. At roughly the same time, the people who originated in southern Sumeria were on their own migration northwards. Both groups would have met each other somewhere within the Assyrian Empire. The ancient Assyrians had their own traditions and “gods”, some of whom have names that are familiar from the Annunaki fantasy story.
The Assyrian god of the air was known as Enlil whilst the Assyrian god of water was Enki. Like most ancient people's, the ancient Assyrians avidly watched the skies and so were aware of the planets and their orbits. The ancient Assyrian name for the planet Jupiter was Neberu and Jupiter doesn't travel anywhere, let alone out of our solar system every 3,600 years. What we have happening in ancient Assyria is the mingling of three different traditions: the Assyrian, the southern Sumerian and the northern Sumerian from Eden. Each of these three groups would have discussed their experiences and their traditions and beliefs with each other. What the Annunaki did was to mix together these various beliefs and added a few of the events that had occurred in their own solar system. When the Velon came to Earth, about three hundred years ago, the Annunaki travelled back in time to ancient Sumeria and dictated their fantasy story to Sumerian scribes who wrote it down in cuneiform writing onto clay tablets. Zecharia Sitchin's translations of these clay tablets state quite specifically that the story was dictated to a scribe who wrote it down on the clay tablets. In other words, this is not the natural, ongoing story of the peoples written down as their history developed but a story that was dictated in a finished, non-evolving way.
Secondly, is there any evidence whatsoever of a travelling planet which orbits Earth, whether called Nibiru or by any other name? According to the accepted archaeological view, virtually every single ancient site, from Stone Age onwards, was used as some kind of astronomical observatory. This means that humans have watched the skies for many thousands of years. It is known that the ancient Sumerians and the ancient peoples of South America used telescopes with evidence pointing to their use over 18,000 years ago. The Chinese have been keeping very accurate star charts and details of planetary movements for at least 5,000 years. Celtic, Egyptian, Tibetan, Native North American, Inuit and Australian Aboriginal civilisations were all known to observe the skies with great accuracy, so much so that many ancient beliefs concerning the stars and star systems were not confirmed until very recently, some requiring the observational power of the Hubble Space Telescope before the ancient knowledge was believed by scientists. Do any of these traditions have any records of a travelling planet – no. Do any of these traditions have any records of a planet appearing and disappearing every 3,600 years – no. So the actual existence of Nibiru, and therefore the Annunaki, is not recorded anywhere in Earth traditions. If Zecharia Sitchin's translations of orbit times and planetary appearances are in any way accurate, then the last time that Nibiru passed close the Earth was about 2,200 years ago. Are there any records of a new planet entering our solar system at this time? – no. So as far as our historical records are concerned, there is no evidence of a travelling planet whether called Nibiru or anything else. I also came across a reference to two comets called Enki and Enlil in a book about comets (sorry but I cannot remember the name of this book). About 5,800 years ago, two comets, called Enki and Enlil were in close proximity to the Earth?s orbit, close enough for them to brush the magnetosphere. The comet Enki passed Earth in the southern hemisphere whilst Enlil was in the northern hemisphere. If a comet brushes against the magnetosphere, it can cause the sky to turn either green or red – Sitchin?s translations makes mention of the sky turning red when Nibiru passed close enough to cause the South Pole to melt. It seems as though the comet Enki is still in orbit around our solar system but the comet Enlil broke in two to form the Tuttle comet and the Schumaka Levy comet. Given that comet Schumaka Levy crashed into Jupiter a few years ago, in mythological terms, it could be said that Enlil returned home to Neberu (the ancient Assyrian name for Jupiter). But, does the Akashic record any planets with the name Nibiru? (apart from the ancient Assyrian name for Jupiter). Yes, there is a planet called Nibiru that is inhabited by a race who call themselves Annunaki but they are nowhere near to our solar system, in fact they are not even of our galaxy but are in a galaxy 23 galaxies away from ours behind the constellation of Sagittarius.

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