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hm scary

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This is not the first time I've heard this warning. In fact, it appeared on this board about a week or so ago, same message, same dire predictions.

Just as then, I've had to do a lot of soul searching (a term I didn't fully understand the implication of until recently) to determine how I was to react to this. And the answer I came up with then is the one I've stuck with.

This message delivers a warning of a vague threat, giving it different names and different Modii Operandi, without giving any advice as to avoid playing into its hand other than 'do not give out your energy'. This implies to not give out your energy, ever, to anything, as 'Those Who Deny The Light' can masquerade as anybeing and twist it to their own will.

Now, as well meant as this warning may have been, I can see only one possible outcome if everyone /out of fear of doing the wrong thing/ stops investing their energy. Stagnation. Entropy. And that is the exact opposite of everything a Lightworker tries to achieve.

So I'm going to participate in this meditation, and I'm sure many with me.

Anchor your energies, declare your intent carefully, and trust in your own godspark and heart to guide you.

Fire up the Grids!
elequently put Ullan

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