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How To Change the Timeline

How do time lines change? They change by the power of imagination and intent. Use yourself as the pattern because you are patterned after the Ultimate Mind, and you create with thought just as It creates with thought. You are a fractal reflection of the whole. You are able to imagine anything in your mind and at first it is vague and blurry but the more you focus upon it, the more details you create.
Now, imagine you read a story someone else has created about a world where the inhabitants are slaves and must work for the masters who are ignorant of the natural laws that govern it and are cruel and self serving. Suppose you find this very unpleasant reading, and so you go to the keyboard as the extension of your thought, and create a better world less unpleasant and more to your liking. The more you think about it, the better it gets. You change the story, the setting, the attitudes, the events, but in stages, so that every new draft is an improvement on the previous draft.

Let’s imagine twelve versions or time lines. Say the first draft is the prison planet version the former author envisioned, the one you didn’t like. So you make improvements on the previous one, perhaps deleting the prison camps and other policies. This is an easy way to understand how a lot of individuals who imagine how things that are not, can go from the ethereal to the manifest. They create a shift in the time line just by not accepting the story as handed to them.

We might begin with the year 2000, and think of what was handed us at that time. We had a time line that included world dominion by rulers who used the people as pawns, sucked them dry and gave them poor food and TV to keep them unhealthy and ignorant, while they plundered the planet of resources. Of course every interesting story must have it’s villains but say you are tired of reading about misery and want to read a lighter story. You can’t seem to find one so you decide to write your own.

Enough of us longed, prayed and wished for something better. Some of us were determined not to accept that version and so we began changing it because we were imagining a better version. By the year 2004, several new drafts had been written and certain calamitous events were written out of the script.
There has been a certain confusion by those who are still reading the old prison planet draft and waiting for one disaster after another because that was the way the original script was going. By 2012 we would have written twelve versions and each year it just gets better and better. We have written some new and surprising events into the drafts recently. Nothing is written ahead of time and since even so many are writing their own versions, the details might not totally merge but the new drafts all have moved away from the prison planet theme and are on themes of justice, love and unity.

What makes these ‘realities’ challenging is the free will factor because the number of individuals who want to create a prison planet and be the wardens must be outnumbered by those who want freedom and happiness. The slaves do not have to rise up and burn and loot to become free, they only have to come together in a collective thought for peace and freedom.

This is dedicated to all those thought creators who woke up just in time to start rewriting this saga. The Law of Squares which says that every additional mind doubles the strength of the power of the entire number, has kicked in.

The wardens knew they had to keep us unconscious because it would only take a few to start the ball rolling.
If there are on thousand writing about the beauty of the human spirit and only one adds his story, that makes a strength of intent equal to two thousand. It only takes one. If then it becomes one million, it only takes one to create the strength that belongs to two million. It only takes one. Never say what good does one do!.
And that is how we change the time line.


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i think of everybody awakening
Yes...Awakening global consciousness is key!

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