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Hi Grandmother Earth. I want you to know that I LOVE you....Thanks to my friend Bent for this!

Hi Grandmother Earth. I want you to know that I LOVE you.

I see you bleeding and I understand that you are in pain. I want you to know that I am grateful for you as my home. I admire you in so many ways in every moment of my LIFE.
Without you, no humanity.

I want you to know that I pledge to remember that you are hurt by the irresponsible actions of my species, and that I understand that it does not work, and I promise to do my best to always do what works in accordance with LIFE.

I am grateful for the explicit beauty of all natures creations and for observing gods magnificent creativity everywhere.
I have seen so many breathtaking sights of natures greatness, and thought that nothing could be more beautiful.
I have then observed that LIFE continually delivers yet another breathtaking sight.
It can be in the form of a gigantic view of landscape, or even in the form of a small butterfly.

I am grateful for the bird that reminds me that I am FREEDOM when I see it fly, and that universe provide, when I observe that it doesn't carry a wallet.
It knows and bases it's survival on the everlasting presence of food and shelter. God provides for those that do not expect lack.

I am grateful for the snail that reminds me that time is an illusion, when I observe that even though it moves so much slower than I do, it must have a full LIFE as all beings.
It knows that it cannot control it's surroundings because of it's slowness, and bases it's survival on faith and it's shelter that it has created in unique colors and carry with it everywhere.

I am grateful for the three that reminds me that I am UNLIMITED when I watch it's many branches and leaves and all the flowers that each are totally unique in creation, as creation is not copying.
I am grateful that it store CO2 for me, and that it provides oxygen for me, and I understand deeply that mankind is connected to the three in a way that makes us dependent on the welfare and number of threes.

Dear Grandmother Earth.

I send you all my healing energy and excuse sincerely for any lack of wisdom from me that has caused you pain.
I am grateful to know that if humanity gather enough of us in prayer, affirmations, and compassion for you, you will heal yourself for us.

I LOVE you Grandmother Earth, and I want to help you to feel good again.
I ask the divine intelligence, call it god/LIFE/LOVE/The source or something else, to support me and all others that want to help, in gaining wisdom and clarity to remember how to take care of you, and keep you in perfect shape for the grandchildren, that we are lending you from.

I know that LOVE is the answer to all problems, and that LOVE is the only force in universe that can heal a world, so I sincerely hope that humanity on a large scale will remember their LOVE for you Grandmother Earth, and help healing you with LOVE and faith.

This is not a time to focus on the problem in fear, as that will attract more of what we fear most.
This is a time to comfort and assure Grandmother Earth, that we are choosing her, and that we care and want her to be well.

Fear not, for god is always by your side.

There is a solution to this problem, and the solution is LOVE and gratitude, for that are the feelings with the highest vibration, which is healing everything nearby, and in a conscious effort from many people will heal the wounds of Grandmother Earth.

You already know from inside what LOVE is, and that is all you need, so no matter who you are and what you believe, you know how to LOVE, for LOVE is who you are.

LIFE is adapting to the conditions we have presented the planet for, so that it can maintain it's functionality. This is what we experience as a catastrophe.
When LIFE know that we care for Grandmother Earth, and attempts to threat her well, LIFE will assume that it's integrity is not broken and create the necessary miracles to close the wound and help clean up.

Please share this, if you feel it will be helpful to set the intentions of many people to heal Grandmother Earth with LOVE.

Bent Kim Lundberg.

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