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Hi, I am new to this particular forum - however, I have been interested in healing through EFT, Reiki and Healing Hands for some time now  (also quantum touch).  The only subjects I have are my wife, myself and two golden retriever sweethearts.  I've tried early on using quantum touch on my wife to no avail but when I used it on myself it seemed to work.  To the point - I've tried to use a few methods on my golden retrievers - one has skin issues and she gets really bad hot spots - the other has recently developed what I've come to know as head tremors, where she begins to shake her head like she is saying no - it scared me so bad the first time I saw her do it that I rushed her to the vet.  The vet can not find anything wrong with her in his blood work but said I could have a cat scan - something that is very expensive and may not give us answers.  She did it again today, prompting me to become more concerned because this is about the 5th time in a month and the shaking seems to be getting even more pronounced, lasting longer than before.  I know healing works on animals so I am open to anyone who can give me some ideas of how I can successfully heal the head tremors and perhaps the skin problems in the other.  They are sisters and are only two and a half years old.  thank you.

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