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Have you had enough of looking and waiting for a Saviour?


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Have you had enough of looking and waiting for a Saviour? A new benevolent world government, your star brothers and sisters, an Avatar, a miraculous and instantaneous shift for Gaia and all her kingdoms including us (the “Rapture”), etc... When will you fully take it in that ……………WE ARE THE ONES. 
We, extraordinary human beings are responsible for our own evolution. 
Stop waiting for Yourself. 
The veil has gone, you can perceive and experience anything you wish if you drop your own distrust of yourself. 
The dramas are over. Unconditional, Universal Love is flowing from within and around everything. All discordant dense frequency is disappearing into the nothingness from which it came (when You say so) and our task is to allow it to dissolve from the perceptions in our responses to life as we find it. To consciously take command and direct and amplify our Lovingness. 
The changes in our world will be a direct result of our capacity to Love, to dream vividly, lucidly, clearly, and to consciously open to the Christed Light that WE anchor Unto Ourselves through this current Gateway available to us. 
We are incredibly powerful. 
So stop scaring yourself and distracting yourself and get on with being the Love that you are, not just for short periods but ALL THE TIME . 
Be the Christed Shine that is there and available, and IS YOU, radiating from Your Heart. 
Receive It, beathe it, own it, Be it, radiate it far and wide. 
Shine On

I So Love You.

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