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Golden Age Messages From the Ascended Masters - Living In the Here & Now - Part 1

Golden Age Messages From the Ascended Masters - Living In the Here & Now - Part 1

Golden Age Messages from the Masters through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School January 2014

Living in the Here and Now Part I We are easily one with you when you are living in the here and now because then you are truly abiding as your God Presence and we are always in union with your Presence.

When you see the world as living, pulsing energy, you will see that energy exists in frequency wave bands and we are calling you into a “band” that is pulsing with Unity Consciousness because that is your new foundational home base and that is where we live in Oneness with you.

When you are consciously living as the Love and Light of Source that you truly already are and have always been, then you are living as your God Presence in Unity or Christ Consciousness where the celebration of life is endless and joy is your natural state of being!

~ The Councils of Shamballa

Where is the here and now? Is it a specific place based simply on where you are placing your attention in the moment, or is it perhaps much more than that? Consciousness is unconfined by time, so when we speak of the here and now, we are referring to a vast field of energy that has not yet been qualified by any particular thought or feeling.

From this perspective, consciousness is actually separate from the limited thinking mind and exists within an unlimited field of potential that contains all possibilities.

The brain is a conduit for consciousness. It receives a signal like a television set, which it then decodes-yet it does not create the signal. The signal is sent to you from Source and it is the unlimited energy within this magnificent Source that is now, and always has been, your omnipresent co-creative partner.

Living in the here and now allows for the pure joy of simply being present and it provides you with the ecstasy of being truly intimate with yourself and another. In Unity Consciousness the concept of duality is replaced with your in-depth experience of being one with all of life.

In reality the principles of good and bad appear to be polarities because the infinite and timeless spectrum that is in between those two has not really been available to the third dimensional levels of your consciousness, yet what if the whole basis of your reality was not founded in the dimension in which you are living?

What if you are truly living outside of all time and form-based realities and you only chose to have an experience in the 3rd dimension so you could master the physicality that comes with simply slowing down your vibrations?

What if you are now here to master being multi-dimensional while living in the appearance of a physical world and body? What if you are being provided with this extraordinary opportunity so you can be a living example of living as your God Presence on Earth?

And what if this is the opportunity of many lifetimes and one you have been waiting for throughout the centuries?

Even though we are posing these truths as questions for you to ponder, know that this is the journey you are now engaged in while being in a physical body.

Unending gratitude for simply being alive and on Earth during this extraordinary passage and ascension into an entirely new dimension is truly the response that will serve you in moving forward with ease and grace into your new era of peace. And yes, peace does begin with you!

Being peace fully is much easier when you allow yourself to so completely forgive your past or your present circumstances that you are totally available to enter into the frequency of gratitude.

When you are willing to accept and be grateful for the gifts that have come into your life based on your past or present circumstances, then all of the perceptions you may be carrying about yourself, your life or others can be gracefully dissolved within a giant heap of gratitude and compassion, and this leaves you free from carrying any old stuff into the unlimited possibilities that await you in this new year.

Saint Germain is sending out giant waves of freedom to assist you in simply remembering who you truly are without any restrictions, all of which have simply been based in the misconceptions and perceptions that have been carried forward within the collective consciousness of humanity.

He awaits your homecoming into the true land of the free where you will know how loved and supported you truly are. This home is within your own heart in union with your God Presence. It is truly time to say whole-heartedly, Happy New Year!

All of us at the Ascended Masters Mystery School wish you and yours a most blessed new year of peace, joy and abundance. May you all be living demonstrations of Divine Love as you co-create a new Golden Age of Freedom.

We invite you to join us in June 2014 for a Reunion to Live as the Presence in Unity Consciousness on the Personal, Local, National and Global Levels of the One Self we share with all of life. *** Live as the Presence in Unity Consciousness on the Personal, Local, National & Global Levels June 2014 Maui, Hawaii For more information on the Courses to Walk the Earth as a Living Master, go to:

VIDEO: "Send Your Light - In Unity With All The Other Yous"

VIDEO: "Send Your Light - In Unity With All The Other Yous", & IS FOUND ON YOUTUBE AT:

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SaLuSa 17-January-2014 by Mike Quinsey

 SaLuSa  17 January 2014

From our vantage point your Earth shines out like a jewel in the firmament, and makes it known to all observers that the Light is once again returning. With your input and our assistance it will continue to do so, and no outside influence will be able to stop or hinder it. It has been decreed that this cycle will end in victory for the Light, and this was planned eons of time ago.


You can therefore leave the old behind that has served its purpose, and indeed eventually only the higher vibrations will exist. Hitherto, the cycles have ended with massive Earth changes, so much so that little evidence has remained of earlier civilisations. However, now that necessary lessons have been learnt, the experiences have brought about  the desired upliftment in the levels of consciousness. This was required to bring those souls who were ready to ascend, to a level where they could do so and complete their experiences in the lower vibrations. This is normal when a cycle reaches a stage of completion.


Now Dear Ones you can focus on the future, and know that there are many changes to come that will prepare you for even higher levels of existence. It is only natural that you will wonder about the future of family and friends, and many of your groups will stay together for some time to come. If a member should go in a different direction it will be right for them, and they should be released with your love and blessings. However, as was pointed out in a previous message - the love link is a powerful bond between souls, that remains regardless of the distance that may separate you.


In fact, the energy of Love is the glue of the Universe and it is indestructible. Indeed, in the final reckoning Love is all there is.     Some of you who are recognising the power of love. are beginning to realise that it is the energy behind what you call "miracles". An example is what you call a "Mothers Love" for her children and why she carries so much power with her to heal when the necessity arises. All of you to some degree have such abilities but they lay dormant until you awaken to them.


As time progresses you will find that your energies have much more influence upon people around you than you imagined.  It can of course be for better or worse, and soon you will learn to take full responsibility for them. If a collective of people take part in a healing meditation and have a single focus in mind, their power is increased many times. It is probably already known to you, but it has to be said that where healing is unsuccessful, it is not normally due to a failure of the Healers. It is other factors such as the karma of the soul who is receiving healing, so do not be dismayed if you are unsuccessful.


As you learn of the way in which you have been controlled, you will understand why for many lives you have lived an illusion. Whilst it is true that you have created what is happening on a daily basis, at the same time you have not done so whilst being aware of the Truth. For eons of time you have been led by souls with their own agenda, who have literally kept you in the dark. You have also been fed lies and misinformation making it extremely difficult for you to know what is true. However, do not despair as soon the dark forces will lose their influence and power over you.


Keep an open mind as the revelations come out, and intuitively you should be able to discard information that does not "feel right". Trust your tried and tested sources of information and be wary of those that create fear, as that is not the way of the higher ones working for the Light. As you must be aware, the dark Ones have a large degree of freedom to carry out their agenda, as they also have freewill. However, they cannot successfully prevent the Light from permeating all levels, and this is why their success will always be limited.


Many souls lead their lives without the slightest inkling that they are being manipulated. The dark Ones are very clever in hiding their influence behind respectability or acting through lesser Beings. However, it is too late for them to stop the onward march of the Light, and they are fighting a lost cause. Already they can see their power ebbing away and there is no way in which they can recover. So do not fear the dark Ones as they are about to lose control of their power structure.


Keep looking ahead knowing that your future is assured in the Light. As time passes holding your place in it will become easier, as you will slowly cut your ties to any links that are not connected to the Light. Many carry undesirable baggage from many lifetimes, but inwardly you will know what it is and it will surface for cleansing. It is a fact that anything of the lower vibrations will hold less attraction for you, and you will soon deal with it.


I am SaLuSa from  Sirius, pleased to give of myself for your upliftment, and leave you with Love from the Galactic Federation.


Thank you SaLuSa,
Mike Quinsey. 

Hi! I've got two more names to describe the galactic federation and sometimes I like to call them,"The Cosmic Family of One!"Or,"The Nameless Ones!"

Notes from the Ideafrontier january 2014

Notes from the Ideafrontier
january 2014
Hello Amazing Earthling!
Today I'm writing to share a channeled message that will share with you, a view of all this Earth-shift-stuff, from a Cosmic Perspective. It's quite eye opening. To say the least!
I also am writing to share a little bit about tonight's Full Moon and to announce our next Soar Fest.
We're in the midst of a very powerful cycle of physical upgrades, and lots of infusions from the Sun. 
Yesterday, I was meditating this morning and realized it feels like there is a new body available to me. Like it's been created and exists on a separate timeline, or dimensional setting and I can shift into it. I'm exploring more about this within -- are you noticing such things? 
As we elevate we become more and more aware of letting our own essence present life to us, the fullness we are open up our lives. We surrender. 
We experience the innate harmony we have with all life by allowing the Universe to be here as YOU, as ME and it also yields the wonderful qualities inherent in the Wholeness we are -- abundance, coherence, spacious, unboundedness, etc.  the good stuff 
This Full Moon feels to me like that which really ushers us out of, and completes 2013. That this new year will commence after this. It's a powerful time, for me, to really clear the slate and let myself be fulfilled anew.
ANNOUNCING! A New Soar Fest!
The Magic Soar Fest: Animating the Material. This Soar Fest kicks of this amazing new year, by transmitting energies and perspectives empowering us to use our multidimensional capabilities for creativity and self-expression. I am increeeedbileeeeee excited for this Soar Fest. The last one was so expansive and really pulled back the curtains on things. I cannot wait to see what we will summon and receive here. 
Like all Soar Fests, it's "pay what feels right." I'd love for you to join and I can promise a sensational experience. These are the most amazing things I can hardly believe them. (word.) Thank you! -- After all, it's YOU who are summoning this delicious stuff I get to channel!
New REALLY BIG NEWS Channeled Message
If you don't already know, consciously, what's in this message. It will most definitely alter your relationship to life. Archangel Michael gave this message in the recent Soar Fest and I've been guided to share it more broadly now.
Click the photo to read the message. If you're reading on a device in which this doesn't work, you can always find the latest channeled messages by visiting and clicking "MESSAGES."
The Really Big Cosmic Picture of What's Happening on Earth
I had been seriously decommissioned since late December so it feels lovely to be back in the groove again. It's that completion thing going on with the Full Moon today, I'm sure!
Happy 2014 -- year of the Horse.
Are you feeling your oats yet? ;)
For more information about the Legion of Michael, and all Expect Wonderful events, retreats, workshops, programs, readings and to access channeled messages and articles, visit Expect Wonderful online.
© 2009-2013 Meredith Murphy | Expect Wonderful. All rights reserved.  
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Notes from the Ideafrontier january 2014

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"Everything we've been taught about the origins of civilization may be wrong," says Danny Natawidjaja, PhD, senior geologist with the Research Centre for Geotechnology at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences. "Old stories about Atlantis and other a great lost civilizations of prehistory, long dismissed as myths by archaeologists, look set to be proved true."

I'm climbing with Dr Natawidjaja up the steep slope of a 300-ft high step-pyramid set amidst a magical landscape of volcanoes, mountains and jungles interspersed with paddy fields and tea plantations a hundred miles from the city of Bandung in West Java, Indonesia.

The pyramid has been known to archaeology since 1914 when megalithic structures formed from blocks of columnar basalt were found scattered amongst the dense trees and undergrowth that then covered its summit. Local people held the site to be sacred and called it Gunung Padang, the name it still goes by today, which means "Mountain of Light", or "Mountain of Enlightenment", in the local Sundanese language. The summit, where the megaliths were found arranged across five terraces had been used as a place of meditation and retreat since time immemorial, archaeologists were told, and again this remains true today.

However neither the archaeologists, nor apparently the locals realized the pyramid was a pyramid. It was believed to be a natural hill, somewhat modified by human activity, until Natawidjaja and his team began a geological survey here in 2011. By then the summit had long since been cleared and the megalithic terraces recognized to be ancient and man-made, but no radiocarbon dating was ever done and the previously accepted age of the site - about 1,500 to 2,500 BC -- was based on guesswork rather than on excavations.

The first scientific radiocarbon dating was done by Natawidjaja himself on soils underlying the megaliths at or near the surface. The dates produced - around 500 to 1,500 BC - were very close to the archaeological guesswork and caused no controversy. However a surprise was in store as Natawidjaja and his team extended their investigation using tubular drills that brought up cores of earth and stone from much deeper levels.

First the drill cores contained evidence - fragments of columnar basalt - that man-made megalithic structures lay far beneath the surface. Secondly the organic materials brought up in the drill cores began to yield older and older dates - 3,000 BC to 5,000 BC, then 9,600 BC as the drills bit deeper, then around 11,000 BC, then, 15,000 BC and finally at depths of 90 feet and more an astonishing sequence of dates of 20,000 BC to 22,000 BC and earlier.

"This was not at all what my colleagues in the world of archaeology expected or wanted to hear" says Natawidjaja, who earned his PhD at Cal Tech in the United States and who, it becomes apparent, regards archaeology as a thoroughly unscientific discipline.

The problem is that those dates from 9,600 BC and earlier belong to the period that archaeologists call the "Upper Palaeolithic" and take us back deep into the last Ice Age when Indonesia was not a series of islands as it is today but was part of a vast southeast Asian continent dubbed "Sundaland" by geologists.

Sea level was 400 feet lower then because huge ice caps two miles deep covered most of Europe and North America. But as the ice caps began to melt all the water stored in them returned to the oceans and sea-level rose, submerging many parts of the world where humans had previously lived. Thus Britain was joined to Europe during the Ice Age (there was no English Channel or North Sea). Likewise there was no Red Sea, no Persian Gulf, Sri Lanka was joined to southern India, Siberia was joined to Alaska, Australia was joined to New Guinea - and so on and so forth. It was during this epoch of sea-level rise, sometimes slow and continuous, sometimes rapid and cataclysmic, that the Ice Age continent of Sundaland was submerged with only the Malaysian Peninsula and the Indonesian islands as we know them today high enough to remain above water.

The established archaeological view of the state of human civilization until the end of the last Ice Age about 9,600 BC was that our ancestors were primitive hunter gatherers incapable of any form of civilization or architectural feats. In the following millennia settled agriculture was very gradually developed and perfected. Around 4,000 BC the increasing sophistication of economic and social structures, and growing organizational abilities, made possible the creation of the earliest megalithic sites (such as Gigantija on the Maltese island of Gozo for example) while the first true cities emerged around 3500 BC in Mesopotamia and soon afterwards in Egypt. In the British Isles Callanish in the Outer Hebrides and Avebury in southwest England, both dated to around 3,000 BC, are the oldest examples of true megalithic sites. The megalithic phase of Stonehenge is thought to have begun around 2,400 BC and to have continued to around 1,800 BC.

Within this well worked out and long-established chronology there is no place for any prehistoric civilization such as Atlantis. But interestingly the Greek philosopher Plato, whose dialogue of Timias and Critias contains the earliest surviving mention of the fabled sunken kingdom, dates the catastrophic destruction and submergence of Atlantis by floods and earthquakes to "9,000 years before the time of Solon" - i.e. to 9,600 BC, the end of the last Ice Age. Since the Greeks had no access to modern scientific knowledge about the Ice Age and its rapidly rising sea levels (often accompanied by cataclysmic earthquakes as the weight of the melting ice caps was removed from the continental landmasses) the date Plato gives is, to say the least, an uncanny coincidence.

In Danny Natawidjaja's view, however, it is no coincidence at all. His research at Gunung Padang has convinced him that Plato was right about the existence of a high civilization in the depths of the last Ice Age - a civilization that was indeed brought to a cataclysmic end involving floods and earthquakes in an epoch of great global instability between 10,900 BC and 9,600 BC.

This epoch, which geologists call the "Younger Dryas" has long been recognized as mysterious and tumultuous. In 10,900 BC, when it began, the earth had been emerging from the Ice Age for roughly 10,000 years, global temperatures were rising steadily and the ice caps were melting. Then there was a sudden dramatic return to colder conditions - even colder than at the peak of the Ice Age 21,000 years ago. This short, sharp deep freeze lasted for 1,300 years until 9,600 BC when the warming trend resumed, global temperatures shot up again and the remaining ice caps melted very suddenly dumping all the water they contained into the oceans.

"It is difficult," Natawidjaja says, "for us to imagine what life on earth must have been like during the Younger Dryas. It was a truly cataclysmic period of immense climate instability and terrible, indeed terrifying, global conditions. It's not surprising that many large animal species, such as the mammoths, went extinct during this precise time and of course it had huge effects on our ancestors, not just those 'primitive' hunter gatherers the archaeologists speak of but also, I believe, a high civilization that was wiped from the historical record by the upheavals of the Younger Dryas."

What has brought Natawidjaja to this radical view is the evidence he and his team have uncovered at Gunung Padang. When their drill cores began to yield very ancient carbon dates from clays filling the gaps between worked stones they expanded their investigation using geophysical equipment - ground penetrating radar, seismic tomography and electrical resistivity - to get a picture of what lay under the ground. The results were stunning, showing layers of massive construction using the same megalithic elements of columnar basalt that are found on the surface but with courses of huge basaltic rocks beneath them extending down to 100 feet and more beneath the surface. At those depths the carbon dates indicate that the megaliths were put in place more than 10,000 years ago and in some cases as far back as 24,000 years ago.

Columnar basalt does form naturally - the famous Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland is an example - but at Gunung Padang it has been used as a building material and is laid out in a form never found in nature.

"The geophysical evidence is unambiguous," Natawidjaja says. "Gunung Padang is not a natural hill but a man-made pyramid and the origins of construction here go back long before the end of the last Ice Age. Since the work is massive even at the deepest levels, and bears witness to the kinds of sophisticated construction skills that were deployed to build the pyramids of Egypt or the largest megalithic sites of Europe, I can only conclude that we're looking at the work of a lost civilization and a fairly advanced one."

"The archaeologists won't like that," I point out.

"They don't!" Natawidjaja agrees with a rueful smile. "I've already got myself into a lot of hot water with this. My case is a solid one, based on good scientific evidence, but it's not an easy one. I'm up against deeply entrenched beliefs."

The next step will be a full-scale archaeological excavation. "We have to excavate in order to interrogate our remote sensing data and our carbon dating sequences and either to confirm or deny what we believe we've found here," says Natawidjaja, "but unfortunately there's a lot of obstacles in our way."

When I ask what he means by obstacles he replies that some senior Indonesian archaeologists are lobbying the government in Jakarta to prevent him from doing any further work at Gunung Padang on the grounds that they "know" the site is less than 5,000 years old and see no justification for disturbing it.

"I don't deny that the megaliths at the surface are less than 5,000 years old," Natawidjaja hastens to add, "but I suggest they were put here because Gunung Padang has been recognized as a sacred place since time immemorial. It's the deepest layers of the structure at between 12,000 and more than 20,000 years old that are the most important. They have potentially revolutionary implications for our understanding of history and I think it's vital that we be allowed to investigate them properly."

Gunung Padang is not the only ancient site that raises huge question marks over the story archaeologists tell us about our past. On the other side of the world, in southeastern Turkey, another man-made hill has been excavated during the past decade, this time by Professor Klaus Schmidt of the German Archaeological Institute. The site, called Gobekli Tepe (which means "Potbellied Hill" in the local Kurdish language) consists of a series of immense megalithic stone circles on the scale of Stonehenge and was deliberately buried (creating the appearance of a hill) around 8,000 BC by the mysterious ancient people who made it. The circles themselves date back to 9,600 BC, however, with the oldest work being the best. At least twenty further circles on a similar scale, identified by ground penetrating radar, are still deeply buried. Some of these, Klaus Schmidt told me when I visited Gobekli Tepe in September 2013, are likely to be much older than those already excavated.

At 7,000 or more years older than Stonehenge the megaliths of Gobekli Tepe, like the deeply buried megaliths of Gunung Padang mean that the timeline of history taught in our schools and universities for the best part of the last hundred years can no longer stand. It is beginning to look as though civilization, as I argued in my controversial 1995 bestseller Fingerprints of the Gods, is indeed much older and much more mysterious than we thought.

In essence what I proposed in that book was that an advanced civilization had been wiped out and lost to history in a global cataclysm at the end of the last Ice Age. I suggested there were survivors who settled at various locations around the world and attempted to pass on their superior knowledge, including knowledge of agriculture, to hunter-gatherer peoples who had also survived the cataclysm. Indeed even today we have populations of hunter gatherers, in the Kalahari Desert, for instance, and in the Amazon jungle, who co-exist with our advanced technological culture - so we should not be surprised that equally disparate levels of civilization might have co-existed in the past.

What I could not do when I wrote Fingerprints, because the evidence was not then available, was identify the exact nature of the cataclysm that had wiped out my hypothetical lost civilization, and this absence of a specific "smoking gun" was one of the many aspects of my argument that was heavily criticized by archaeologists.

Since 2007, however, masses of scientific evidence have come to light that have identified the smoking gun for me in the form of a comet that broke into multiple fragments now known to have hit the earth 12,980 years ago. The impacts (some on the North American ice cap, some elsewhere) caused floods and tidal waves and threw a vast cloud of dust into the upper atmosphere that enshrouded the entire earth for more than a thousand years, preventing the sun's rays from reaching the surface, and setting off the Younger Dryas deep freeze.

I believe it is possible that Gobekli Tepe may prove to be the work of the survivors of a great civilization lost during the Younger Dryas (interestingly the so-called "origins of agriculture" have been traced back by archaeologists to the vicinity of Gobekli Tepe and to the exact period in which Gobekli Tepe was created). But it is to Gunung Padang that I now look for a possibly even more stunning confirmation of my theory. Danny Natawidjaja's geological survey has revealed not only deeply buried massive constructions and very ancient carbon dates at Gunung Padang but also the presence of three hidden chambers, so rectilinear in form that they are most unlikely to be natural. The largest of these lies at a depth of between 70 and 90 feet beneath the summit of the pyramid and measures approximately 18 feet high, 45 feet long and 30 feet wide.

Could it be the fabled "Hall of Records" of Atlantis? If Dr Natawidjaja's geological excavation is allowed to proceed, despite strenuous attempts by local archaeologists to prevent it, then we should know the answer to that question, one way or another, by the end of 2014.

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