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Here is something that everyone can do to change the world.  Anyone, anytime, anywhere. Something you can actively participate in to make a positive difference in the world from your living room couch. Perfect for awakened"SOE" members. Be consciously aware of how your thoughts and emotions affect others around you and the global consciousness field of the earth.

Browse the website, [b]read it[/b]... then join the "global care room"
and meditate, pray, focus positive intentions together with other people from around the world.

 Global Coherence

"This project has been initiated because millions of people sense that this is an extraordinary time; that a paradigm shift of human consciousness is now under way; that we are at the crossroads of change and must move toward the healing of ourselves and our planet. Many people are feeling a strong desire to help change our present and future conditions and are looking for ways to use their heart, spirit-aligned wisdom and care to make a meaningful difference.

The Global Coherence Initiative is one of many care and compassion initiatives taking place on the planet. Each year, an increasing number of groups and online communities are radiating compassion and care to the planet in these times of need. We and others feel that these collective heart-based initiatives, rather than being a trend, represent the proactive consciousness platform of the future, in which individuals and communities take responsibility for shaping a new world by increasing love, care and compassion for the global whole."

"The Global Coherence Monitoring System will establish a worldwide network of sensing stations to measure fluctuations in the earth’s geomagnetic fields for the following purposes:

Verify the degree to which earthquake, volcanic eruptions and other planetary energetic events are reflected in and predicted by specific patterns of activity in the dynamics of the earth’s magnetic field.
Examine the degree to which there is an energetic resonance between the earth’s magnetic field and the rhythms of human heart and brain activity.
Examine the influence of the earth’s field on patterns of human collective behavior.
Examine the degree to which collective human emotional resonance in response to mass events of common emotional significance is reflected in the activity of the earth’s magnetic field.

We believe the Global Coherence Monitoring System can facilitate a better understanding of the mutual interactions between humans and our global environment.[b] Far more important, however, is enlisting the collaboration of individuals and groups of people in establishing and amplifying coherent out-going fields which interact with planetary fields, thus helping establish global coherence[/b]. "The Global Coherence Monitoring System will directly measure the planet’s magnetic field, which we postulate should be much more sensitive to the effects of emotion-based collective human interactions than can be detected with other types of detectors. For example, two National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) space weather satellites monitoring the earth’s geomagnetic field also displayed a significant spike at the time of the September 11th attack and for several days thereafter, indicating the stress wave possibly caused by mass human emotion created modulations in the geomagnetic field (see Figure 2)."

watch the movie:

The Heart's Intuitive Intelligence

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