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Contact with my adopted parents. Threw my spiritual cleansing, I’ve had parents coaching my growth. “We consider ourselves your parents,” they confirm. As of now my angels are my parents. Almost certain their Pleadian. Wish I could explain the energy and communication I endure and LOVE. Lmao even medicated. I was reading from the book Peter Pan Syndrome men who never grow up about a month ago. My pleadian family communicated that even though my father had raised me, he was never truly a father. When I realized the message my body took shock I held my breathe and started to cry. I’d always respected my dad because mom abandoned us. It wasn’t until my adult years that I sought her out. I would have been good natured Sam in the book. Lol

These energies, or Pleadians, I cant explain how much they love me, us. Our experiences together assure that. I’ll be writing and posting a part 2 to my awakening diaries soon. I apologize for thee length to those that read it. But it is worth the read. We worked hard. Although nothing is like the actual experience.

Here of late it’s come to my attention that I have a lot of wisdom and not so much knowledge..( I should listen more I know, working on it.) It frustrates me. I wish I could absorb more. For me its going to take repetition and patience. I’ve been renting books from the library to educate myself further. I’m really concerned about my spiritual growth.

Which another reason occurs to prompt this discussion. As many of you probably already sense my undying soul search for my twin. In any event I’m really frustrated because I feel it blocks my growth. I’m tired of, I guess, obsessing over it. Please help me? How can I overcome my selfish search? I know that in the right time destiny will find its way. Yet, I still can’t get over my premonitions and the hallucinations. Maybe I should just be more patient with time. I’m just so tired of mourning someone that thinks I’m an insane person. Who chooses avoidance instead of friendship, only because he doesn’t want me to take things wrong I understand. None the less we’re collectively frustrated. I need to find my way past this to grow. It’s like I think that persons energy is communicating with me. Mixed signals from reality I assure you. I need channeling clairvoyance. Because I know I have a gift. I just want to use it right.

On another note, I had an intuition tell me to focus more on my children, not that I don’t, but I’m working on it. I have five therapies each week. They admire my devotion . My children do come fist..:):):)

With love rejuvenating your star seeded sister Amanda

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You see my dear Amanda there is a happy ending after all ... and that is where we all will end ... in the happy ending ... starting a new life of the true Being Of Light we truely are ... I am truely Love You ALL SAVIORS OF

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