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Contact with my adopted parents. Threw my spiritual cleansing, I’ve had parents coaching my growth. “We consider ourselves your parents,” they confirm. As of now my angels are my parents. Almost certain their Pleadian. Wish I could explain the energy and communication I endure and LOVE. Lmao even medicated. I was reading from the book Peter Pan Syndrome men who never grow up about a month ago. My pleadian family communicated that even though my father had raised me, he was never truly a father. When I realized the message my body took shock I held my breathe and started to cry. I’d always respected my dad because mom abandoned us. It wasn’t until my adult years that I sought her out. I would have been good natured Sam in the book. Lol

These energies, or Pleadians, I cant explain how much they love me, us. Our experiences together assure that. I’ll be writing and posting a part 2 to my awakening diaries soon. I apologize for thee length to those that read it. But it is worth the read. We worked hard. Although nothing is like the actual experience.

Here of late it’s come to my attention that I have a lot of wisdom and not so much knowledge..( I should listen more I know, working on it.) It frustrates me. I wish I could absorb more. For me its going to take repetition and patience. I’ve been renting books from the library to educate myself further. I’m really concerned about my spiritual growth.

Which another reason occurs to prompt this discussion. As many of you probably already sense my undying soul search for my twin. In any event I’m really frustrated because I feel it blocks my growth. I’m tired of, I guess, obsessing over it. Please help me? How can I overcome my selfish search? I know that in the right time destiny will find its way. Yet, I still can’t get over my premonitions and the hallucinations. Maybe I should just be more patient with time. I’m just so tired of mourning someone that thinks I’m an insane person. Who chooses avoidance instead of friendship, only because he doesn’t want me to take things wrong I understand. None the less we’re collectively frustrated. I need to find my way past this to grow. It’s like I think that persons energy is communicating with me. Mixed signals from reality I assure you. I need channeling clairvoyance. Because I know I have a gift. I just want to use it right.

On another note, I had an intuition tell me to focus more on my children, not that I don’t, but I’m working on it. I have five therapies each week. They admire my devotion . My children do come fist..:):):)

With love rejuvenating your star seeded sister Amanda

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Why do you need your twin? Do you really need a twin? or just someone who makes you feel less alone? Have you learned how to love yourself yet?
Believe me i think everyone one of us here feels somewhat alone. To the masses, we come off nuttier than squirrel shit.
Amanda, your twin fears you because you represent that part of himself he wishes to hide away. Good luck with your own journey.
Ask your guides sweetie ask them the answers your looking for ... Try to find peace and do not wonder why there is much frustration going on in your head ... If there is a twin presence, believe me she/he will come forward, but all in good time ...
First Love Yourself beyond anything ... Show yourself the Divine woman you truly are ... I am sure it will make your guides very very happy ...

Btw I didn't find my twin eather, but I am sure connected to my guides, and they take every opportunity to show me their presence their wisdom and most of all their Love ...

Namasté Beautiful Soul Amanda xxx
hey trudy i am with you with this frustration. It is a backwards world and all i can do is ask myself "why are things they way they are, it makes no sense".
I ask my guides to make themselves known to me all the time. I never get nothin :(
Amanda, it's nice to hear you are so in touch with your guides and angels, you are very powerful in this way.
We can all relate to Vaddix's experience as well though. Contact with our guides etc seems to take place on the edges of consciousness, or the edges of this (observable) dimension, something like that. It is ultimately ungraspable.
Vaddix dear, are your never overwhelmed by your thoughts, that at once you think, why am I thinking this? That is your guide coming through. Or you have a conversation and the way you'd given your answer was so very very specific, and while talking you was becoming aware of that?!? that is your guidance !!!
And there be many many more, for each person they work different, I for example hear sound in the living-room when I'm flowing in my thoughts ...
Or the last 2 months I see sometimes light beside my eyes, or when I am sitting behind my desk and I am reading a blog post or so I see a movement in the corner of my eye, looks like smoke or a small cloud ... it is all fine by me ... I smile and welcome them :)))
But who they are??? that still is a mystery for me ...

Vaddix said:
I ask my guides to make themselves known to me all the time. I never get nothin :(
Lucky girl you are Amanda ...
It's nice to know that your twin is a part of your earthly journey...
I am wondering when it will be clearer for us all, how and what to expect in our development as being of light. It is a great time that lies ahead , that is clear to me. It will never be worser than this life right now is on earth.
I am ready to roll ... for me the ascention may start any given moment :)))
Very grateful for your presence dear Amanda Namasté

Amanda said:
Trudy....I was excited to get back here and tell you that I did ask my guides..why my twin was so important to me... and they said...because he's a hhhhuuuugggeee paaarrrttt of my journey here on hopefully I and well all of us get to meet our twins...That was an emotional night...and I'm with you on your feedback to Vaddix..and I to have seen light clouds and even dark fact my light ones have fought off some dark ones for me...Our guides are wonderful arn't they? Your right who they are is unknown...for me it feels as if Pleadians are gracefully touching our hearts and encouraging our paths...I just feel a strong connection there..but im still awakening..Trying to overcome the doubts of this world...:):):)love you my sister...
For me this is hard to read ... I know I must overcome the issue I had with you ... but never the less the first impression counts ... So in my opion dear Clinton I can not go into this whole thing of yours about your explaning about twins ... everybody has his own experience ... When I know from my heart you were pure ...
I would not type these words ... but I am still doubting ... you broke my heart and I know I must overcome you for we are all one, but it isn't easy .... I still see you and Antonela as a couple who felt for eachother, in words or in thoughts ... but that has nothing to do with finding your twin ... it is like PatriciaT said : If we are all one, then wouldn't that mean that everyone was your twin?
She put there a very good point ...
Namasté dear Clinton and Namasté dearest Amanda ~*L*~


Clinton Doherty said:
The learning of pressure, trying to break your twin into seeing what you see.

This experince of self is actually nothing to do with twin flames but to do with understanding time. The only thing that matters is the now. Within that understanding you will allow all future and past to be the future or past and that grasping on to what you are doing right now takes over into your passionate experince. THE ONLY TIME IS THE TIME YOU GIVE IT.

With this understanding you can master the presnt reality and take over control into your life. This allows yourself to take part in what is in the now and allows a benifitial experince.

With out this experince you will spend all your TIME. WISHING ABOUT ANOTHER TIME.


HAHAH good.

The amount of time I spent on hoping I would be with her or pictured myself with her, in her arms is the amount of time I gave away.

I aged many years that way I am telling you now.

So the thing is think about what do you have in your reality that gives you most pleasure in your exprince. If that is your twin flame and he or she is around even if its online GREAT. Spend that time with him or her because you are learning from a reancarnation of self. Isnt that a wonderfull experince indeed.

Now the best Advice I can give you is you have to learn patients but if you get desperate lol and are fully ready to experience your twin flame earlier in your time line as he or she is totally unable to commit to your time line freewill falls into place once again.

This free will is based on essence. Essence of self if you are stubborn like I was and never waited for my twin to accept me into my life and it was damaging my everyday experince because you are open energetically you have no choice but to feel her or him in what they are experincing.

Through this experince of feeling you must realise that because you choose to open fully to your masculine in your case you have allowed yourself the opening to his energy grid in physical experince as well. So if he is not feeling well QUESS WHAT, You will have to heal that, If this happeneds to him guess WHAT u TOO U TOO U TOO. Because YOU ARE TWO in your opening. Even if he is not fully open to that same responsibility.

Now I would like to talk about twin flame arguments:

The reason why twin flames argue as I have had loads of experince with this latley is because through argueing about what is correct and the way each other should be once the healing is done. The experince comes closer to waht TWIN FLAMES are as an essence because everytime you disagree you heal and come into contact of self TRUTH once again.

Within this self truth you will learn about your partners true time line and experince and within that experince of drama you will understand that everything is the way it has to be in order of the others personal progression.

Now the technique I discovered to speed up the process is a energetic one and a meditation.

The key to unlocking this is to understanding the body dynamics.

LEFT HAND - masculine or feminine consciousness
RIGHT HAND - Masculine or feminine consciousness

It all depends on the indiviudauls energy make up. Kinda the same thing as right brained left brained people.

So what you have to do is allow this same understanding in your life with your twin flame. When you do energy healing on yourself and consentrate the energy into your hands if you held them in front of you and heal that means you are healing through your one vessel not the dual vessel that you are.

If you bring your hands together and energy heal or intent heal from that perspective what you have now done is intuned yourself to the consciousness of togetherness. Right hand and left hand as one. MASCULINE AND FEMININE IS CONNECTED like a circuit board and you are able to heal both parties at one.

For now that is everything I can give you from my side. Antonela will give you the rest when she is ready..

Good luck with your journey Love clinton.
Your quick answer is a prove you are truely with yourself now, follow that road my dear friend, and we will follow you in your true experience of the truth ...
Always in Love Light and ofcourse LAUGHTER ...Namasté Clinton

Clinton Doherty said:
Yes I understand this trudy I am dearly sorry about how I acted in the past and I knew that by coming here I would have to heal. This meant through my experince in self that I had to let go of my ego, my pride and my inner fighter in my journey before I could come here. As for if we are all one then we are all twin flames that is exactly true yet untrue for the twin flame relationship as well.

You see what happeneds in the expandsion of consciousness is that first we make peace with our duality opposite by accepting them into our lifes and making your feminine or masculine apart of whom you are. This drops duality in self.

Now through this expansion you are seeing more of oneness than before and through that expansion of self you connect further with what oneness truelly is and with that perception you find one soul. A SOUL. A Univursal creator soul. THE SOUL. Now that soul is seen seperate but in essence is the soul we all come from. In this univurse souls are split as we live in 3 dimensions of space and time. What the twin flame consciousness is about is uniting what is and regaining our expression into wholeness.
I understand this like there are different levels or layers.

| <- Creator soul
| | | | | <- Souls
| | | | | | | | | | <- Part of the souls

So "we" as a whole souls are part of the creator soul, and our "whole" souls are split apart into two, which are feminine and masculine (we).

I think this model is seen pretty much everywhere. There are many, that are part of the one, that is one of the many, that are part of the one, and the fractal goes on and on... the creator soul is propably part of a larger picture we can't yet see.

Just my rambling. Love you, guys :)
Clinton Doherty said:
Nick you are spot on and you know I love you right?

Oh cool, love you too! ^^

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