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From Gaia - The Flow of Receiving in Your Life The Cycle of Your Seasons a message from Mother Earth/Gaia . ... ~ channeled by Pamela Kribbe

From Gaia - The Flow of Receiving in Your Life The Cycle of Your Seasons .
...~ a message from Mother Earth/Gaia channeled by Pamela Kribbe

I am Gaia, the voice of Earth that speaks to you from the ground beneath your feet. I speak to you from the heart of Winter, which is a season of the year that brings much to you even though you do not always believe this.

In Winter, there is a withdrawal of the life force into the core.

The season of Winter revolves around that core: the core of light inside you, the fire that burns deep within, the power of the spirit in you.

In Winter, the outer falls away; the branches are bare. Life withdraws into the trunk and into the roots, and there is silence and tranquility in nature.

But this silence, this emptiness and barrenness, is not without life and not without soul - feel it. When you walk through the forest or in the fields, life is there - invisible, but tangible.

Life withdraws into the core where it gathers force to sprout again in Spring.

This gathering of forces, in order to arrange them anew, takes place in a cycle that repeats itself again and again: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter again. Such a cycle also occurs in your lives.

There are times when your soul’s energy on Earth manifests itself entirely; moments when the light from your heart connects with this reality and you completely express who you are. Think of such a moment from the past.

Ask yourself, “Which moment from the past meant for me a complete fulfillment of who I was? In what, and where, and with whom did I allow myself to be seen fully? Where did my energy flow well and completely?”

Feel this for a moment in yourself. Within a full cycle, this is a time of reaching out, of radiating, of Summer. Then, the next phase of the cycle is the energy withdrawing, in order to rearrange and reflect on itself.

And then the cycle revolves again to a subsequent level of reaching out even further, so as to express even more fully the soul on Earth.

So you find yourself in a constant rhythm of reaching outward and coming inward; a return to the core in order to reach out, yet again, and to be yourself joyfully and to share yourself with the world.

Now, feel in yourself that core into which you withdraw. There is a place in your belly, just below your navel, where you can feel your humanness, here and now, deep within the core of your incarnated being.

I ask you to sink into this spot and from there to feel the primal strength that lives within you. Your heart belongs to your Angel-being - your higher self - while your abdomen is the place of the “beating heart” of your humanness.

Your objective in this life is to connect to that place in your abdomen. Only there do you incarnate on Earth and become fully human, because only from there does your Light truly make a deep connection with earthly reality.

Make contact with the flow of energy in your abdomen, by allowing your breath to sink into your abdomen and to feel the life inside it.

Feel how this energy flow is connected to your creative power, with the vitality of the body itself and also with your sexuality. Sink deeply into the center of your abdomen and let go of the outer world for a moment.

Feel how forces are gathering there that enable you to begin a new chapter in your life on Earth, and that give you precisely the powers and talents you need now to manifest yourself more fully on Earth. Speak to that power.

Allow yourself to be embraced by that immense power in your abdomen and your humanness. Feel how you are deeply connected to me in that place with my core: the center of Earth. Feel how connected we are.

Now take a fear from your everyday life that you encounter frequently. Where and of what are you afraid? Name it for yourself: is it the fear of being rejected, or of being judged, or of being alone?

Feel then how that fear gravitates to you, especially around your shoulders and head, because fear attaches itself strongly to thinking. Fears are fed and grow larger through thinking. Your thoughts are often panicky and lack confidence.

Feel for a moment how the fear is not really related to something in the outside world, but stems from within your own mind and comes out of your own being. Imagine now that you contain that fear as a cloud of dark energy, and with your hands you guide that energy cloud to that silent, still point in your abdomen; into the stream of power that flows quietly and confidently there within you.

See how your abdomen receives and greets your fear in a very neutral way. Feel the elemental forces of nature in your abdomen. You are bigger than this fear - console it.

Let the fear see how strong you are really, and how you are part of Eternal Life. You are now embodied here on Earth and you are of flesh and blood. Your body is a sacred home that you animate with your own Light, and your essence is eternal, regardless of whatever form it takes.

Feel the serenity of your unparalleled strength, and then see and know that the fear remains on the periphery, not in your core.

Let the fear circle around you, while you pull back into your core, into the deepest inner knowing that belongs to you: “I am good; I am accepted here; I am beautiful as I am”.

I am Earth, and I recognize and greet you as the angel you are. Trust in my powers and trust in the instincts of your body. Now in this Winter season, take the time to withdraw and to create as much emptiness within as you can.

Remain in that silent space and feel what it is you want from your core; what wants to manifest on Earth, and feel you have the strength to rise above your fears.

When you become aware of your fears, it is a sign that you are ready to transcend them. If your fears become perceptible, consciousness is ready to receive them with compassion - the time is ripe.

Have no fear of your “fears”, and when fear arrives, call on your deepest power, your core. The fear makes it possible for your core to be felt, so be sympathetic toward the fear.

You live in a world of duality - near the darkest part the brightest light is always present.They call out to each other and together form a dance.

In your earthly life there is always the cycle of initially going inward and then reaching outward, and again going inward and then outward.

And every time you go inward, you burrow a bit deeper into the dark, so that even more of your Light can flow outward. Deep within you the light and dark are acting together in this dance.

Honor this dance, for it is how the life energy functions on Earth. It is an alternating between going inward and reaching outward, between light and shadow, so honor the shadow as part of life.

Just as a tree loses its splendid foliage in order to turn completely inward, so you also do something similar in the seasons of your life.

By turning inward, you connect for a time with your pain, loss, and mourning. But it is also a beautiful movement in that the connection helps you to come closer to yourself, to enter more deeply into the core of who you are.

Accept this process, for darkness is the way by which you travel toward the Light. They are the two elements that are dancing together. Do not abhor your darker parts, because they nudge you forward.

They cause your Light to incarnate even deeper. Welcome the parts of you that have carried the darkness within you and are bringing it into your awareness.

If you have compassion for them, and accept them as part of your path, they will become your best friends through a deep sense of intimacy and connection.

You are allowed to be human. You are an incarnated Angel who experiences the extremes of light and dark so as to create “gold” by accepting both.

By transforming your own shadow, you create the “gold” of understanding and of compassion and the “gold” of unity consciousness.

That is the reason you are here on Earth, and that is why I love you intensely and welcome you from the heart. Whenever and wherever possible, I will support you with my strength.

Feel this strength present in the ground beneath your feet, in the air around you, and in your body. I am here for you, so trust in our togetherness and know that I love you.

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Tuning in to Hope’s Whisper Message from Elohim Cyclopea, Channeler: Julie Miller

Tuning in to Hope's Whisper Received by Julie Miller

Think of all that you have done and all that you have yet to do in your life and try to determine if any of it can be done well without concentration.

Even from the most mundane and tiniest of tasks to learning something that requires dexterity and effort, concentration is required if you are desiring a certain outcome.

If you have no concentrated effort, what you will achieve is mediocrity; where you only produce the smallest of effort, giving you the bare minimum of results.

However, for the dear souls that are determined to succeed and to rise above the mundane, will choose within themselves to excel and move forward regardless of the circumstance they may be facing.

Becoming dedicated to themselves and to the task before them with full concentrated energy and power is what will propel them forward until they accomplish what they set out to do.

There is no room for doubt, or the ego’s nagging messages it leaves you about uncertainty. When you are filled with determination and concentration, you will move through the unknown paths because you are filled with a purpose, and a passion to fulfill the goal, the task or whatever else it is that you have begun.

To the dear souls that express fierce determination in all they do to a point of mastery such as musicians, artists, athletes, chefs, designers, etc., you will be able to safely conclude that they use the energies derived from their concentration to help develop their vision of what they are to create and to become - it is part of their own personal mastery, worth and what they feel from their heart and soul as value.

Being able to do a little bit of this and a little bit of that is wonderful, but from all that you tinker in what is that you master, or know inside and out?

Unless you are able to choose from all the things you do to become a master of, then what you are doing is just skimming the surface of what you could be doing, steering away from developing a honed skill in that one specific area that would carry into an actual manifestation.

You feel this drawing energy from your heart when you are applying effort on a task or project. You have an innate feeling; it is a good feeling that propels you further to do more and to finish.

Your attention is pure and to where your concentration is on completely is where you figure out what it is you are able to bring into mastery.

And from your efforts, the task or project that you were working on will produce even greater results. It is you dear ones, your efforts, your attitude and your passion to accomplish all that you set out to do that will bring you to your success.

If you are determined enough and always apply yourself with full concentrated power and energy you will always manifest the outcome you were hoping to reach.

If you take the time to observe yourself while working on something that requires your heart and soul, you will be able to see there is a certain beauty about your efforts, a fluidity of motion that is filled with intense energy that is filled with purpose and certainty.

Being able to draw energy from all the goodness that is coursing through you during each step you are taking to reach the goals you have set out for yourself will encourage you to continue and to move forward, accepting changes if they arise and learning to work around them.

As you proceed, your perception changes and you are able to make appropriate adjustments when and if they are needed, there is no negative outburst, just a clear understanding that if you want to bring your goal into completion, then sometimes a little flexibility is required.

Being flexible upon your path that is leading you towards the end of a goal doesn’t mean you are being passive or not serious enough, it really speaks that you are willing to see beyond your normal emotional outbursts and recognize that when you meet a bump along your path, you simply learn how to manoeuvre around it, you learn what you can from any sudden intrusion, then you continue along your way taking the knowledge that was presented to you and turning it into valuable wisdom.

It is normal dear ones; while on the path to meet a certain goal that obstacles will present themselves. They are not there to irritate or upset you, but to challenge your concentration, to determine how focused you are and to gauge your reactions and responses.

We have witnessed many times, how the tiniest feeling of anger can turn a well-established project into a dead-end.

Learning to overcome adversity, changes and other issues that you can be greeted with especially while working on completing a certain task, not only enhances your resolve, but it will inspire you to continue pushing forward, trusting your heart that what you are doing is what you are meant to be doing…

knowing that God is loving you each step of the way and through His light a great joy seeps through every part of your being and this joy is your motivation because when you finally complete your task you are filled with joy and great satisfaction and that joy dear ones is pure and it is felt by God and as you smile, so does He.

When you start something and you work towards accomplishing it, on the inside you have made an agreement with not only yourself that you will be purely focused but that you consented to a plan God has devised for you to complete and bring forth, whether that plan is the restoration of a family, helping to plant a forest, giving yourself financial freedom, caring for your body, being a listener to the elderly, just know when you put your heart and soul into something, it can and will be done.

You will be faced with obstacles that may delay your outcome and instantaneous flow of creative energy. They may cause discouragement if you allow them.

They may cause doubt, again if you allow them - they are feelings that your ego will create to prevent you from moving forward. When you rise above your ego and move through the unknown that many goals will take you to, you are greeted with clarity from your inner self, a profound knowing that by moving forward even with the smallest of steps is bringing you that much closer to reaching your goal.

By choosing to not abandon your goal, you create a greater force that moves from the inside, a force to be reckoned with because at that precise moment realization sets in that just around the corner is the outcome you have been aiming to reach and to quit while you are so close to finally accomplishing what you set out for would be a shame.

Let hope speak to you in her silent whisper, because you never know that the next step you take could be the one that brings you to the outcome, to the successful completion of the steps you have worked so hard to fulfill and to reach.

We have witnessed so many dear souls, in the middle of a great task where they were becoming masterful within the efforts they were applying and they allowed a distraction to enter their mind-set, what happens is that they stop working on their goals for only a few short minutes and they missed reaching their outcome.

Having faith and consistency will reveal so much truth to your consciousness and will help you achieve your goals. Believe in your efforts, not just at the beginning, but consistently throughout each step you take.

We have witnessed so many dear souls start a project, but as soon as something of the merest challenge arises, the project becomes abandoned or a negative thought enters the mind that helps to discourage them enough to leave what they started to manifest.

When you drop these projects, even for the smallest amount of time, your momentum also becomes dropped and it the energy that fills this becomes dissipated due to your lack of concentration that is the fuel of your plan’s life.

If you never pick them up again to bring them to their completion, or never return them to their unformed beginning, through the delicate energy of transmutation that works through the ethereal realm they can be claimed and completed by another dear soul through your energy pattern and they will be the ones that receive the benefits of all your work.

When you suddenly cut the strings of your momentum and concentration that was part of plan you were working on completing, understand the energy that came with your efforts is still being emitted and does have the potential of being drawn by another dear soul if you don’t reclaim it.

We are positive you have witnessed where people, some that you know just seem to have strokes of good luck, where things just come to them without an effort from them…this is because they are getting the constructed and qualified energy and plans from someone else who has abandoned them.

When someone abandons their plan or goal, there is a pattern that also leaves their consciousness.

And this pattern is filled with energy and it continues to move being unclaimed until someone else is able to pick up this energy before it was able to manifest and make it their own.

This is why we encourage you to finish what you begun, let your plans and goals manifest -learn to follow through your steps and not to abandon what you set out to accomplish.

It is essential to your own growth and development to pick up the positive habit of always applying full concentration on any goal or plan and to manifest by your own efforts what you set out to achieve.

Rhythmically work on your steps, find a pace that fits you and will bring you into fulfillment of the purpose that drove you to begin in the first place.

Don’t allow doubt to neutralize your efforts, turn your doubt around, refuel yourself with love and commitment and give this energy into every step of your goal and you will succeed dear ones.

Try to comprehend, the energy found within your concentration is formed through your heart and within your Heart is a divine and fatherly presence and He is always with you.

It is His light that moves through your mind and His love that warms your heart and together His combined Light and Love energy fills each cell of your body with renewed vigor and determination.

Allow God to be your guide, to illuminate the way that will bring you to your success - follow through each step not just for yourself, or for the ones the project or goal was intended for, but also for God.

Let God be the fire that will get you through any feeling of quitting when victory is just around the corner. I AM Elohim Cyclopea through Julie Miller


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Cell Purification and Cleansing

by Lady Quan Yin

Channelled through Natalie Glasson


ImageDear and beloved beacons of light upon the Earth, I step forth with the goddess qualities of grace, humility and love to greet you with tremendous respect and honour for the journey you are partaking upon the Earth. My only wish is to offer to you insights and awakening to fuel your remembrance of the Creator within your being but more importantly in this moment within the cells of your physical body.
The cells of your body are so magnificent at a physical level they are truly the creation of the Creator but they also hold an ability to absorb, maintain and hold vibrations of light, consciousness and energy. Your cells are your treasure chests; you could say they are like bottomless pits with the ability to hold tremendous volumes of information and energy. What makes your physical body more magnificent is that you do not simply have just one cell but multiple cells; your physical body is comprised of cells with their capacity of holding valuable knowledge and wisdom especially downloading the divine blue print within your soul and auric field. Your divine blue print is the perfection of the Creator for your physical body, a template of manifestation which allows your physical body to exist with the magnificence you recognise now.
You can imagine how magical it is to have every cell of your body holding within it the divine blue print of the Creator for perfect health, wellbeing, vitality and perfection. Each cell is like a universe, holding identical energetic information concerning your divine blue print, therefore your blue print is being magnified and energised multiple times to build and create all that you are, projecting the essence, magnificent, magic and beauty of the Creator into the reality of the Earth. How amazing you are and the vehicle you inhabit is. How beautifully and constantly your physical body is linked and connected to the Creator, always receiving the consciousness, energy and templates of perfection of the Creator. Your oneness with the Creator is even recognised and evidential within your physical body. There isn't a part of your being that wasn't created by the Creator or isn't supported and linked to the Creator. Can you recognise you are a beautiful expression of the Creator, designed by the Creator to be so and to experience the Creator through many channels of your being but especially your physical body? Do not disregard your physical body as being non spiritual, disconnected and separate from the Creator, your physical body is as one with the Creator in the same way you perceive your soul to be. There is sacred divinity within your physical body as there is within all aspects of your being.
Your cells are akin to sponges to the light, love and consciousness of the Creator, they are ready to receive, to magnify and project. Living in a sacred ashram constantly focused upon the light of the Creator or within nature with no outside contact or influence your cells would flourish with the light and consciousness of the Creator, creating only perfection because that is all that is available. 
I do not say this to bring fear but to bring forth greater awareness. You are aware of the reality you exist within and the creations of others. There may be circumstances, energies, vibrations, consciousness, words and even sounds that do not resonate with you and do not in your view hold the truth of the Creator. With this in mind, I remind you that your cells are akin to sponges, collecting all energies and consciousness to aid and use for the creation and rejuvenation of your being. Even unheard or unseen vibrations transmitted that you are simply not aware or conscious of can be absorbed by your cells and held alongside your divine blue print of the Creator, such energies can clog up your cells causing them to function poorly and for the radiance and vitality of your body to decline. This could be perceived as a battle within your cells but it can cause an experience of separation from the Creator  and the body to show signs of suffering, it can be as simple as tiredness or imperfections on the body, (e.g. spots, lines and wrinkles).  Again I say this to bring awareness and a deeper intention of love within your cells rather than fear. If you find yourself in this moment thinking in fear let me embrace you in my compassionate love, allow soft pink light to penetrate your entire being to bring forth truth, understanding and action from love rather than fear.
Perceive yourself always as love rather than in any form of negative perspective.
I share this information with you so you may understand the magnificence of your physical body and the importance of cell cleansing and purification. You live in a reality where the general consciousness of humanity can still influence your being and be absorbed by your cells; there is no need for you to carry heavy, old energies within your cells any longer. You have the ability to empower and free yourself from influences that do not resonate with the divine self, source and essence, you know, recognise and give yourself permission to be. Now is the time to empower yourself and accept your divinity with the process of cell cleansing and purification. With your conscious awareness you can achieve anything and everything, bringing yourself into complete alignment, recognition and remembrance of the Creator within you. Free yourself from the burdens of the Earth, igniting and raising the consciousness of your cells so they may work as the Creator intended.
You can achieve cell cleansing and purification in so many ways; your intentions and awareness of this process manifest it with tremendous ease.
When washing your physical body, let yourself focus upon these words;
'With the strength of my soul I penetrate every cell of my body with the purest vibration of light, love and Creator consciousness. My cells are healed of unneeded energies; magnified is the blue print of the Creator. I am health, vitality and love.'
You may say it once or as a repetition but imagine your cells being empowered once more.
In quiet time or meditation, you can call upon my energies, Lady Quan Yin, asking me to send a light of purification and cleansing from the Goddess vibrations through your entire being like a wave penetrating all your cells.
You may wish to say; 'Lady Quan Yin, I open my energies and love to your support, I ask you to send a light of purification and cleansing from the Goddess vibrations through my entire being like a wave penetrating every cell. Let all unneeded consciousness, energies, vibrations and unseen penetrations be permanently dissolved and erased. May the divine blue print my cells are programmed to absorb from the Creator be magnified and fuelled within each cell, let the presence of the Creator be evident within my cells emanating into my physical body, entire being and reality with grace, peace, radiance, glowing and vitality. With the presence of the Creator within my cells I acknowledge my cells as love. I experience the power of love and its influence within my physical body constantly.  This is now my experience. Thank you.'
Sit imagining the light penetrating every cell, being cleansed and purified, encouraging your entire being to transform in love. You may notice a peace and contentment emerging from your cells and reflecting into your physical body.
The intention of purifying and cleansing your cells can be practiced daily as a process of raising the vibration of your body to commune with your soul and the Creator, creating harmony, unity and love. It can be as important as washing your physical body but can also offer a tremendous sensation of freedom as you tap into the magnificence of the Creator.
With love, compassion, purification and cleansing,
I am Lady Quan Yin 


Email: Website: Wisdom House, Kingsley Road, Harrow, Middlesex HA2 8LD, UK 

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It’s Time to Care for the Planet

Planetary Healing

By Wes Annac

The following was written by Wes Annac for the “planetary healing” section of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter, which is being offered for $11.11 a month. Income from the newsletter helps my family and I get by, and the option to subscribe will be given below.
I think it should go without saying that healing the planet requires recognizing and fixing the destructive things we’ve done to it.
It’s time for us to start caring about the condition the dear Earth is in, because we have a lot to do here and we’re being called to start the most potent of our work. Individually, we can only do so much, which makes our collective recognition of where we’ve went wrong more important.
It’s time for us to love, nurture and care for the Earth. It does the same for us every day – provides us life and nurturance from a place of human neglect. In my opinion, it’s very unfortunate that most people care more about themselves and how they can gain from natural resources than taking care of the planet that gives them to us.
This planet has so much to offer humanity, but we’ve been taught to see it as an inanimate object that we can plunder all we want with no consequences.
We’ve been taught to believe that the planet doesn’t suffer when we destroy its natural environment, and were it not for the forces beyond the veil who watch and assist us, we could experience a devastating future because of the things we are and aren’t doing right now.
Of course, those of you who are reading this already know what I’m saying and probably wonder what we can do to stop humanity’s gross misuse of the Earth. The number of seekers who are dedicated to changing our current paradigm is growing, but unfortunately, we still need more people to get on board.
More people need to understand the injustice that is our destruction of the Earth, because we can’t come together in peace and harmony on a broken planet. We can’t heal our collective relations if we don’t heal the world we’ve hurt for so long, and it’s time for everyone to gain a sense of the harm we’ve caused.
[Last] week, I reposted a story from Natural News about Shell oil’s pollution of a “small Illinois town” that’s very close to where I live. Because of multiple chemical spills at Shell refineries around here in the past couple of decades, an extremely toxic and illegal amount of benzene sits under the town’s ground.
A judge ruled that Shell can’t be sued over the ordeal, even though one woman claims that benzene soaked through her basement walls and gave her cancer.
The reason for the ruling is that the benzene hasn’t been proven to have contaminated the water supply. I can tell you firsthand – because of the refineries and the fact that oil is known to sit under the public water supply of some towns, almost nobody around here drinks the tap water anyway.
The problem is that this dangerous chemical is in the ground in such high numbers that it’s actually leaked into people’s basements. The problem is also that the level of benzene under our ground exceeds the legal limit by thousands, but the judge ruled that this doesn’t matter.
According to him, legal benzene limits don’t apply if the benzene hasn’t directly infiltrated a public water source, which essentially means that an infinite amount of the carcinogen can be spilled underground with no accountability as long as it doesn’t get in our drinking water. Does this appall anyone else?
Let me get this straight – state laws for the legal limit of a carcinogenic substance that shouldn’t have been spilled in the first place no longer have to apply if people aren’t drinking it? Are you kidding me? This is the exact type of backward behavior that we need to change.
The last thought on that judge’s mind was probably what all of that benzene would do to the Earth – you know, this living body that hosts our consciousness. Because they don’t have to live here, the powers are perfectly fine with dumping benzene into our ground, and they now know that they’ll get away with it.
This isn’t the direction our civilization should be taking, and it still surprises me that people can care so little for the fate of others and the fate of the planet. In this case, it’s all in the name of moneymaking.
Fellow seekers, it’s time to get active in restoring the planet to the pristine condition it was once in and can be in again. It’s time for us to eradicate injustice and see to it that the Earth is loved and respected like it should be, and it’s time for us to hold the people who’ve endlessly polluted our environment accountable.
It’s time for awareness, caring and love to trump individual, egotistical desires and pursuits, and it’s especially time for us to stop taking our planet’s natural resources out of the ground. We see the harm that can be done when companies are allowed to ravage the Earth with no hindrance or accountability, and it’s essential that we put a stop to this.
How much more are we going to put up with? How much damage is our planet going to take before we step up and say enough is enough? How many more people, around here and in other refinery areas, will have to develop cancer before we open our eyes and see what’s going on?
A side note – cancer is common around here, and a lot of people attribute it to the smoke billowing out of our multiple refineries every day. Benzene isn’t even on most people’s minds, even though it exists under the ground at 26,000x the legal limit (and I’m not exaggerating that number).
People have and continue to get sick around here, and I’m sure the same can be said for any other refinery area. This stuff clearly isn’t good, and yet, we remain complacent and let the oil companies ravage our Earth and our health so they can make money off of the overpriced gas we think we need.
There’s technology out there that’ll completely eliminate the need to use fossil fuels, but to the chagrin of the elite, it won’t make them any money or let them cause the destruction they’ve caused for generations. We can’t put up with this type of oppressive behavior anymore, and it’s time for them to be held responsible.
Another important part of healing the planet is holding the people who’ve hurt it accountable.
I’d like to see the judge who ruled that the immense benzene under our ground doesn’t matter come live here for a while and see how long it takes him to develop cancer, but the one percent are never made to live in the environments they’ve created for the rest of us.
They still haven’t been held accountable for their many crimes, but after they are, it’ll be up to us to address and fix the things we’ve done wrong. We’ve went wrong by assuming we could treat the planet however we wanted, and in a time of heightened awareness, this and a lot of other things will have to be addressed.
We can’t keep moving in the direction we have been. We just can’t. It isn’t sustainable, and in fact, it’s among the worst paths we can take. We’d be headed for complete social and environmental destruction if we weren’t starting to come together and change our ways, and destruction is exactly what the former powers want.
They want to see society buckle under the weight of pressure they don’t have to feel, and they especially want us to turn violent in the name of a new world. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that peaceful assertiveness is much more powerful and effective than violence, and billions of people striving to change the planet can’t and won’t be stopped.
As long as we start the hardest work to repair and care for the planet, the former powers will be completely unable to stop us. They might try, but we’re growing stronger by the day and using our power to change things for the better. Nothing can stop our growing revolution, but we have to be willing to start it if it want it to succeed.
Environmental destruction is among the most important things for us to address and mend, and I can envision a fully restored planet offering its people bountiful nature and resources that we happily use without hurting or destroying it in any way.
Even though I advocate ceasing our use of the natural resources that’ve been “officially” discovered, I also think there are other, better natural resources we could be using that’ve been hidden because, again, they don’t make money for the one percent.
Free energy is one such natural resource, and even though I haven’t studied it as much as I’d like to, I’m confident in saying that it could power our modern existence and help us excel in ways that oil never would. I think that oil is intended to remain inside of the Earth, and other resources are given for us to use that most people don’t even know about.
As consciousness continues to rise in every social area, an increasingly aware humanity is examining the progress we’ve made so far and asking the essential question: are we helping or hurting ourselves and the world that hosts our life? This is for each person to decide, but the answer, just like the solution to our problems, is simple.
This concludes this week’s planetary healing.
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Wes Annac | February 8, 2014 | URL:

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Breaking FREE: the call of destiny

By Lauren C. Gorgo On February 7, 2014

Holy crap..things are powerfully pressurized at the moment. And interestingly, I am hearing that this intensity is firing in two clear directions where some of you are experiencing enormous expansion and feelings of betterment, while others are still pretty pummelled by these new frequencies and feeling down in the dumps.  Most of us I imagine, are somewhere in between on the blissed-out to bottoming-out spectrum.
Because of this, the Pleiadian High Council has asked that I address this pressure first and foremost to help alleviate any extra tension, depression, fear or anxiety that many are picking up on as these collective energies freely float around the ethers from all the explosions of  new (solar) light.
First and foremost, because we are ever-so-slowly moving out of the transformation process, we are (for the most part) beginning to adopt a new detached mental outlook that is so much more helpful than in the past…that much should be clear.  Yet, there are still those days/hours/minutes that are supremely challenging even if they are growing to be more sporadic. The pressure from this compounding change is also evident in our physical bodies, mostly in uncomfortable ways, tho it should be obvious that we are grounding deeper and deeper into our vessels and getting closer and closer to emergence.
What I am hearing over and again is that the reason that some of us (read: super sensitive souls) are having such a difficult time since the solstice cycle commenced is directly related to the new (higher) level of photonic frequencies…compliments of the solar maximum cycle/pole shift. This radiation of new light that we are absorbing is literally unlike any other encodement that has preceded it, and is therefore affecting us all in a myriad of fortunate, but challenging ways.
The council tells me that up until now there have been those who have achieved embodied enlightenment, certainly….however, what they want us to understand is that the level to which we are able to attain biological & spiritual mastery now, is unparallelled…that in some cases, we are even moving beyond the level of mastery that many of us have attained during the time of Atlantis…which indeed was a very enlightened time.  
We are entering a cycle of evolution where everything becomes possible, some of which will be possible for the first time in the history of humanity, and all this via the sun which acts as a transmitter of the pure, LOVE energy from the HEART of the galaxy… from Home.
So the Pleiadians are pleading with us to hang on while we adjust to these new frequencies, insisting that we cut ourselves some slack…that we give our body, mind and soul permission to make this transition in its own time and in its own way, without judgement, expectation or attachment…
Certainly we understand what we are asking of you, we know what this requires…yet, we also know exactly what each of you are capable of. With that, we assure you as always that what’s to come will far outweigh the challenges to arrive here…and though in some ways you are still incubating, you are closer than ever to emergence. -PHC
Most important is that we understand that the body is taking on a radiance never before attained in the physical flesh…which is also why it has been speaking so loudly lately in response to all the solar activity.  So much rest has been required recently it’s just plain ridiculous…and while it has been such a struggle to stay awake at times, at others its been a struggle to get to sleep.  And then of course there are those maniacal periods of exaggerated vitality, in almost mocking ways.
We know by now that these extreme highs and the lows can be quite turbulent and cumbersome to manage, integrate and balance, but the PHC is really urging each of us to stay as centered, grounded and detached as possible while we welcome in the new robust and very powerful (wood horse) energy of 2014…which is already beckoning us to buck wildly for our freedom, in sometimes exaggerated ways.  No doubt we are beginning to feel the outer edges of what’s truly possible…what our hearts are really pining for…and this is inspiring within us brand new desires, some which include radical life changes.
We are literally bumping noses with the possibilities of our future and beginning to entertain ideas never before considered.  And this is exciting and invigorating, but also challenging  based on our still morphing form. This new energy is starkly contrasting the last (water snake) year of immobility, hibernation and metamorphosis while we painstakingly shed our outworn skins…seemingly cell by cell…so it can feel infuriating/disheartening to sense the immensity of the new, while still (physically and/or emotionally) trapped in the old.
Add to that the fact that there is no real certainty or clarity available to us yet with regard to how these new bubbling desires will manifest, but thats mostly because “the how” doesn’t come about until we are fully invested in our heart’s call.  Once committed, it is the desire itself that will magnetize the routes to our destiny, so right now it’s super important that we allow ourselves to really accept & feel the possibilities contained within our desires…and without fear.  That’s exactly what they are here for, tho some of what’s being revealed is BIG stuff…changes that we knew would one day call to us, but it can be a little intimidating from where are now to truly allow those desires to take root in our hearts.
Ignore that impulse (read: bad habit). This is our job right now…not be overwhelmed at what it would take to make those visions a reality, but to simply allow ourselves to have them, to imagine what they would be like, and ultimately to watch the “the how” rise up to meet us. Besides, we have the horse on our side this year and even tho our inner-bronco will need some taming and direction, it will also afford us the strength, stamina and mobility to bust out of any self created ruts and make those changes in our lives that are necessary to honor the spirited call of our recalibrated hearts.
And this building pressure to DO, to change, to move on to something more aligned with our LOVE is palpable, but we definitely need to hold our horses for a minute (the second to the last horse pun) and get clear about our directions while we acknowledge any discomfort that arises in contrast to the emerging freedoms trying to break into the manifest world.   These seeming roadblocks are showing up for a last look at how our thoughts can keep us small, trapped in limitation, and are offering us the chance to realign with those thoughts that are based in the expansiveness of our LOVE.
This will prove to be a very healing time in retrospect but because we are preparing to go the distance, we really need this month to settle into our new grooves and make a concerted effort to break free from the past, sever ties with our old programs and release with finality, any and ALL things that are preventing us from living a divine life…an authentic life, where our LOVE leads.
And this is the gift of February…
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