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For people in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada....AND EVERYONE ELSE I GUESS

for anybody in Ottawa, Ontario.....did you happen to just hear whatever the hell was just in the sky?!

just about like 15 mins ago I heard an EXTREMELY LOUD whistling/thunderous type of noise from my BASEMENT. I go upstairs to check it out, I thought it was my refrigerator or washing machine or someone doing some laundry near by (when you hear it through vents outside)

so it's none of that so I go outside and hear this annoying and once again extremely loud whistling/propeller noise. I look around in the sky and I see the culprit, but I don't know what it was! if anyone can confirm that here that'd be appreciated....I'll describe

I thought it was a helicopter, but here's the was twinkling and flashing blue lights in a pattern where one would go off, then the other, on different sides but it was almost like sirens

I caught a glimpse of it through the clouds (it's cloudy today) and it was almost shaped like a triangle, and had like 3 or 4 other red lights behind it

As it was flying away I could still hear the same noise from farrrrr away I couldn't even see it. so I go back inside perplexed. THEN I hear it AGAIN. it came back around! to make a long story short it came back around FOUR TIMES, just going in a circle or whatever it's agenda was. the last time I saw it leave it was only one strong red light pulsating, not flashing or twinkling.

correct me if I'm wrong but I know planes have to have standard red FAA lights but this looked nothing of the short, and at times only repeated blue lights.

IF ANYONE'S IN THE CITY, DID ANYONE ELSE SEE/HEAR THIS?! who can I call and/or complain to about it? to my knowledge no plane just flies overhead 4 times in the same area. I want to report it. I've heard rumors of police planes coming into effect in the summer but I'm not sure how valid that is. and it didn't sound/seem/feel like anything "paranormal", it seemed more government operated.

This was at almost 1:30 a.m! I forgot to grab a camera and record it and I regret it

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odd I saw a strange triangular craft in the sky at about 8 30 pm, Although it could of been a carrier craft used by the local base, those things are huge and i did see a carrier in the sky a few minutes after I spotted the craft but it was in a completely different place and heading in a different direction. I was in northern California at the time.

Although I do see UFOs, "the sport modules", some what regularly and one time I saw an absolutely gigantic craft that was spinning far to fast to be any traditional air craft

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