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Curtsy of the crop circle connector

I believe this is the first circle for 2010. The circles are coming in late this year due to the harsh snowy start to the year, which damaged the ground and has until now delayed the drops.
Anyhow, i will be checking the CCC on a regular basis and i will bring forward the circles as they come out :)

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it looks like a 3d drawing of a ring
if you notice the other photos in ccc, there is another ring like man made structure near it. i think its telling us the manmade structure is indicative of a similar structure in the core...and that it runs in a line around the globe just like a ring..

my take on it. :) (with extra help)

Yaaayyyy! Finally!! :)
The season started!
I was wondering when the crop circles will start...

What will we get this season? ...
Time will tell...

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