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Yea, I always wondered how the circular ones drive. This is definately a design I can live with, now if only they could put in the antigravity devices in it. Aaaaaaaargh!!

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Ohhh, so the way they don't collide is by use of the GPS system, haaaaaaaa, more 'light' in my head. I always asked myself, at that speed, and they don't blow each other out of the bejeeezus sky? Well well, so learning of 5D concepts begins. Am game bring it on.
not bad car, amazing form this got:):):)
I can't take my eyes off this thing. Oh goodness me!
If GM is listening, 'YOU WILL MAKE THIS CAR, WITH ANTIGRAVITY TECH, OR YOU WILL BE WOUND UP'. Well, I was channeling this voice in my head. Ahem!
Im sure even with the teck its got now this thing will guzzel fuel like a waterfall. A syep forward yes. but we need to get the vehichle manufacutrers humping green energy enough to invest greatly in battery teck or hydrogen teck. Or you know make the government release all the anti grav and zero point teck they have hidden.

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