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This is a story i rarely tell people cause im not even sure what i experienced happened or not.  I get sleep paralysis from time to time and sometimes almost have an outter body experience but ussually freak out and panic in split second i have to decide to go with it.

This particular experiance with sleep paralysis was different than the others. It was probably a couple years ago i had this experience but never really told anyone about because i really comprehend or tell if it really happened.

Durring one of my sleep paralysis moments i experienced i heard a voice and i can vaguely remember what it said but i remember it asking me if id be offended if for whatever reason cant remember what or why the voice asked though. But i was terrified i couldnt move or do anything and it was hard to speak but i responded and said yes. 

I remember having my eyes open and no one being there during this time. and im just wondering if this a normal thing durring sleep paralysis? 

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