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It usually happens between 5-10 minutes through, i havn't been able to go further. I can't drink too much before i start then i'll have to go to the bathroom. My mouth gets very dry very quickly all my life i've always had to have water with me everywhere i go. So this is what has been frustrating me as soon as i get into an altered state of consciousness i have to stop and get a drink of water. then i have to start all over again. I'm doing the deep breathing and relaxing but it's one of the reasons why i havn't progressed through meditation.
I was doing really well at quieting the mind until this dry mouth i get stops me in my meditation. Any thoughts or ideas

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maybe try something like a peppermint or piece of gum that you don't chew but just hold under the tongue or between your gums and cheek to keep the salvation working.
I'm going out on a limb here but have you ever tried drinking milk?... because water is not cutting it for you. I hope this helps you.
Another solution could be a water additive, I myself don't drink enough water and suffer dehydration every now and then.

I used to use a powder additive that I added to water that hydrated me better than water on it's own i.e. drink the same amount but absorb more hydration into the body.

X20 is the particular product I tried. Don't know if it would help you but may be worth trying.
are you breathing in through your mouth?? if so, thats why. try breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth or nose. constant inhalation through the mouth dries my mouth quick.
for Matt Wilkinson
"yes i breathe through my mouth the most, but i do breath through the nose as well just a little bit"
For Dana
"that might be a good idea but i don't chew gum, i gave that up a long time ago"

for Emily
Yes i do drink milk every now and then not too much

For STephen
I do have a powder i can put in it, The powder is for fiber so i'll try that again before i meditate

I Guess my body doesn't absorb the water and that's why i get a dry mouth, because it goes right through me. I drink atleast a Gallon of something a day.

Thanks for all your comments.

much love
If i'm not mistaken, I think Fibre will actually make you dehydrate more as it should be consumed with lots of fluid.

Whereas the product I was referring to will assist in hydrating not dehydrating.

As for Emily's comment, I myself find Milk to dehydrate me a while after drinking it.

Just my two cents worth, hope it helps you in some form or another :)
Matt has a valid point... unless you are doing a breathing exercise, breathing should be in and out through the nose. It helps to keep a deep steady rythym for a more disciplined mindful meditation and is easier to focus on if you're counting your breaths to detach from wandering thoughts. Unless you have a physical problem that you can't, maybe give it a try :)
lmao Simone... At this point I think salivation would be salvation for Aaron lol...

Simone said:
salivation or salvation? lol

Dana said:
maybe try something like a peppermint or piece of gum that you don't chew but just hold under the tongue or between your gums and cheek to keep the salvation working.

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