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Enochian ritual - using your chakras (tsionics) - IMPORTANT FOR 2012

ok i better get this out now before time escapes me.

I will be doing a whole section on enochian magick, in which i hope to try and encapsulate a viewpoint on the incomplete magick system into a workable system. I firmly believe the purpose of the angels/spirits of enoch gave us this information channeled through John Dee and Edward Kelly, specifically for the 2012 frequency shift. It is designed to open a portal between the seen, and the unseen worlds. - I will get more onto this soon in another discussion.

Today i wanted to give the very basics of the use of the enochian system which i have found to be very efficiant .. and is great for learning. I havent found this method ANYWARE ...

Place the watchtowers in their directions (north, south etc) on the walls of your ritual working room.
Place the Ameth, in the centre, either on the ground or on the roof - iv found on the roof is great as you can then stand in the middle - you can feel the pulls of the watchtowers as you open them.

Standing in the middle of on top or or underneath the Ameth, Put your hands together, right hand a fist, left hand flat palm, and bow slightly, letting your hands roll outwards a little. Say "In the name of the supreme source, we give sacrament in the power of enlightenment. ABRAHADABRA!"
- You can change the words to whatever connotation you want, the source is connecting you to the universe , sacrament is giving to - enlightenment - light in the name of evolution - and ABRAHADABRA is a power word which strikes action - so be it.

Extend your hands directly in front of you, palms outwards thumbs and forefingers making a diamond. If can use chakras, draw in with your base and with your crown, pushing both energies into your heart chakra - as this will stimulate emotion. NOTE: For ritual to work you need to stimulate emotion, will, gnosis and yoga (union with the whole)

Stand facing the east watchtower doing sign of the enterer and say:
"To the watchtower of the East, I call upon; ORO IBAH AZOPI, AIR"

Stand facing the west watchtower doing sign of the enterer and say:
"To the watchtower of the West, I call upon; MPH ARSL GAIOL, WATER"

Stand facing the north watchtower doing sign of the enterer and say:
"To the watchtower of the North, I call upon; MOR DIAL HCTGA, EARTH"

Stand facing the south watchtower doing sign of the enterer and say:
"To the watchtower of the South, I call upon; OIP TEAA PDOCE, FIRE"

Feel the energy and angels/spirits come out of the watchtowers. You can build astral temples in this situation, try your own if you like... i will be explaining more in an enochian section. But for now, try some meditation within the opened enochian watchtowers. When you are done, say "I let the energies of enoch rest, and go back to their plane. The portal between the seen and unseen worlds is no more."

Get used to this to begin with, i suggest a week of this to get yourself accustomed to the energies before continuing on with anything more advanced. I will be trying to sum up the entire story of enochian magick, how it was channeled etc so may take some time .. Till then, Do as thou wilt, love is the law, love under will.

The enochian words in this piece, are the 'names of god' - which represents the ability to open a portal from the unseen into the elemental world of the seen - hence the different elements to different directions for the watchtowers.
This will open a portal between the seen and unseen, any spiritual work done in whilst here, is extremely beneficial and you will be able to get into the zone very easily after this ritual. The 2012 portal is way more advanced... we as lightworkers all need to get proficient in this form of magick, so that we can help the world as it raises in frequency. The portal we will create between the seen and unseen will coincide with the energy shift, and in itself will help BRING FORTH this energy shift. More on that later... See Tsionics group for more info.


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