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Italy is not known for crop circles, but perhaps the Annunaki are pasta fans because they have left a tantalising/ominous calander in a wheat field near Poirino. This crop circle describes a fantastic calander, which is interpreted here by 

Tasinato Fabrizio 

he 'discovered that the 23 circles on the tips of the star make the number 161 

161x161 is 25,921, the exact number on the precession of the equinoxes. The crop, therefore, indicating the end off our  precessional era. The large dot is on number 21 (refers to December 21, 2012?). It is also found in the tip relative to the constellation of Pegasus which, incidentally, refers to the god Enki. The same person who signed the crop circles.'

Tasinato Fabrizio

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