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This is a dream I had not that long ago , it involves my step son and my self..

In this dream he and I are in the upper room, ( I interpret upper room as higher conscencousness)
there is no one else in the room but he and I. The only light in the room is coming from off him and myself, We are both child in heart and mind, but adult in body... I am a participant of the dream, and the observer.

We are sitting on the floor on our knees, just like little kids playing, He then says to me "Rene want to see what I made" I answer "Yes"!! excited to see what he made lol

He then hands me this little minature which is exactly 3 inches long ( I have no idea why the size is so important but for some reason it is), And this miniature consists of 3 smaller objects, exactly 1 inch in size making up the whole of 3 inches ! He tells me "hold out your hand"! So I do he gently places it in my hand , and just as he does this they pyramid starts to disolve , like sand ... the little granduals just fall through my fingers... and we both watch it in awe and say Wow!

then i wake up...

anyone any views on this one? This is not the only one I have had involving my step son, which I still am trying to figure out, when he was a little boy , I saw him ( 3d eye dream , holding a candle)

sometimes I think it is like my soul chose him to be my helper in this incarnation, because we are so much alike , on so many levels it is just uncanny .. There is something other worldy between us
i totally believe this....

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I could have titled my post symbols too, i just titled it Eagle sphinx and pyramid because that is the symbols of the dream..
interesting dream huh? lol

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