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Divine Energy Vortex of Arch Angel Michael Within the Heart of the Rockie Mountains

There has been opened a vortex by Arch Angel Michael in the Canadian Rockies an hours drive west from me in Calgary, Alberta. It encompasses the seven bodily chakras and I'm sure the 5 others that we are just learning about. Living so close to the mountains, I am reminded daily of the majestic beauty of our world. The bold magnitude of the Rockies will lift a spirit just to behold them. The Rocky Mountains burst through our lands from Alaska, Yukon & Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Alberta, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, right down to New Mexico, a range of 3000 miles. Whenever I am in them I am in a never ending awe of their powerful beauty and strength.

Please view the following links for information regarding the vortex and the photo slide show revealing the majesty of where the chakras are located.

To Your God/Goddess Nature and the Re-vealing from the Mountain Tops of the soothing crystalline waters of Lake Louise...Welcome to the Land of Creative Adventures...I treasure such friends of great Heart.

Read Tyb's travelogue of your beautiful lands?


slide show

I send my love to YOU, your heartlines and your profound lands...

love & joy

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