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DISTURBING NEW TREND!!! All-Pug Only Drinking Establishments Being Operated By Organized Crime

Law enforcement officials commented today they have discovered Mexican mafia sponsered watering holes, known in the industry as "pug holes," popping up around the world in response to millions of pugs thinking they're human beings. One official said, "We were getting reports of pugs sitting quitely in the darkness at AA meetings over the last few years which prompted the investigation."

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They should check to see if they have an aversion to ladybugs!!!
R, Dana, they are everywhere now .. they even have a secret organization in the Caribbean .. They might attack any time lol ..
don't believe me .. ? chk this out ..

There are many of them there ..
hahahaahahhah ... if that is the case, then we are sure in for a ride .... hahah ..
way to go pugs ...

RW aka LiP, Mariell, Dana, never did thank you for your comments here...thanks!


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