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Disintegration of Karmic Contracts, 17 November 2012, by Karen Doonan

sintegration of Karmic Contracts, 17 November 2012, by Karen Doonan

Much energetically has transpired since the solar eclipse and shortly before it. Many of you may now be in deep chaos and may be wondering what on earth to do next. Personally we have been cleared of ALL karmic bonds and this is challenging to say the least. Whilst many may on the outset wish for a clearing of karmic bonds when it arrives it may not be as you think it is. Let us explain further for clarity.

When you incarnate into your human life experience your SOUL has made the decision to choose a life where certain contracts are played out, these show up in your life experience as relationships and situations. Many of you now be looking at the dissolving of personal relationships with partners/husbands. Why? this is the question that automatically springs up and it is this we wish to address in this blog.

There are various roles that the SOUL plays, you play a role for all who are in your life experience at the moment, whether that be a role of brother, sister, wife, mother etc, it is but a role. These roles were agreed upon at SOUL level and then "forgotten" on incarnation. The usual life experience for a human is to work through the contracts and karma during their time here on planet earth. This has been talked about for aeons and many can accept this view.

NOW though the energetic vibration of planet earth has changed. This is the only timeline and dimension in which the karmic contracts can be dissolved. This again is chosen at SOUL level. For all of you who are reading our words this will now begin to show up in your life experience as the dissolving of various relationships.

The new earth asks that we walk this earth with NO KARMIC BONDS, for karma was created within the teachings of distortion. These are the teachings that we are here to dissolve and therefore we are in effect dissolving karma.
As you begin to heighten and to strengthen your vibration and your energy signature then you are creating a stronger note for the universe to hear.

Each and every human BEing alive has a different note, it is this note that signals where you are and WHO YOU are within the universe. It is this note that the universe responds to. The clearer and sharper the note the easier it is for the universe to find you and to give you that which you are asking to experience. Under the karmic contracts these notes are distorted, they are not clear as many of the karmic contracts involve giving your power away to those around you.

Those of you who have created "rescuer" relationships will be aware of how you begin to accept full responsibility for your partner and how as you do this you lose a part of SELF. It is the lost part of SELF that is now coming back into balance and as a result these "rescuer" relationships will now begin to break down.

Those of you who have worried about "leaving" relationships may now be faced with no choice, either your partner will have created a drama that you cannot cope with or events will have transpired to create a division and it will be a division that cannot be repaired. For you are NOT here to repair, you are here to experience.

Personally we are now challenged and working through the aftermath of exactly this scenario. This has brought us sharply into focus with regard to "fear of abandonment" and "fear of loss". Literally within days the relationship that we thought we had has disintegrated to the point of it not working in any form.

This is as challenging for us with our connections to our galactic brothers and sisters as it is for many who do not have this connection for it touches on the very core of human life. Each and every human BEing alive wants and needs LOVE but the human race has been taught that in order to receive this LOVE that you need to be this or that.

That you need to jump through hoops and give away part of SELF in order to achieve and maintain this and this is NOT TRUTH.
The guidance from our galactic brothers and sisters and all realms is clearly that that which is not TRUTH will dissolve. So the human relationships that we have on this planet will now begin to dissolve for many of them are NOT TRUTH. LOVE just IS, it is not giving of yourself totally to the detriment of your health, it is not turning yourself into someone you are not in the hope of the other person loving you back. ALL of these are teachings of distortion.

We are not for one moment saying that all relationships are going to dissolve for many are not built on karmic contracts, some will strengthen as a result of the new energies, we wish specifically to address the ones that are as these are obviously causing the most emotional pain. A pain that we are now visiting regularly and working through. Our guidance is strongly that although the pain is present that we must fully understand that we do NOT OWN that pain and this is what we work with at the moment.

To realise, to anchor and to accept that at this time we are experiencing deep emotional pain but that pain is not ours to own, it is flowing through us in order that we heal, it is not here to be stored within the heart for that is not TRUTH.
We are honoured to have much support at this time and we send out our heartfelt LOVE to those who have stepped forward to help us through this challenging time.

Another confirmation that LOVE IS the answer to all for it is only by helping each other, supporting each other and being OPEN to all emotion that we can deal with and most importantly heal the deep wounds that we have carried over lifetimes, and we will have carried these wounds over many, many lifetimes.

Perhaps at this point you are taken aback by the depth of emotional pain that you are experiencing, we are and yet we also acknowledge the pain is not just within this lifetime for a karmic contract is played out over many lifetimes. We are now accessing the deepest, darkest recesses of the heart, clearing out the heart space that has been used for storage of damaging lower level emotions for aeons.

Similarly the dreamtime may be a chaotic time for many as we walk the dreamtime landscape healing the karmic bonds in order to come back into balance and wholeness.
The energies will continue to heighten, holding on tightly to the dissolving will only ensue more pain as the ego tries to tell you that you that this is something terrible and that it will be the end of life as you know it.

This again is NOT TRUTH. A life built on TRUTH is a life built on LOVE for LOVE is the very fabric of our universe. KNOW also that as you release the karmic bonds then you also allow deep healing to occur for the person who was also tied to the karmic bond, as you free SELF then they also free SELF.

This may be a time of great emotional challenge but YOU created this life experience knowing at SOUL level what would be asked in order for you to grow and expand. We send our LOVE out to ALL at this time. May you find the peace that exists within you, for there is a harbour of safety within your heart.

When the storm rages seek shelter within and TRUST and have FAITH in SELF. For as you begin to dissolve the karmic bonds you have in your life experience a LEGION of angels surround you, they walk with you through the process until you are safely at the shore once more. Once on the shore you will have renewed clarity of vision and a heart that is healed and ready to beat to the tune of your own note once more. YOU will have found SELF and in finding SELF you will have come home.

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