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The Cosmic Trigger - Phase ll
The Crystalline Awakening

We speak today of the 2nd Phase of that termed the Cosmic Trigger. Indeed its time is nigh and will occur on two dates in your linear year of 2010. The initial surge occurs on the March 20 Equinox of 2010, the
latter surge on the triple date frequencial portal of the 10-10-10. We
have told you that the world remakes itself now and whether or not
humanity in micro or macro is supportive of expansive change or against
it, it is truly a moot issue as the inertia of time-chronology speeds
past more quickly today than it did yesterday on linear earth. All is
quickening, time is accelerating as the Ascension draws nigh. So as time
reshapes itself it will also reshape the experience of mankind, of
visible and invisible forces of nature and that of the face of the Earth

This is indeed the second stage of the Cosmic Trigger, and its time is here. It takes place on the March 20, 2010 Equinox and encompasses two
primary progressions: (1) The release of long dormant coded crystal
energies in formation of the 2nd elliptical of the New Firmament (2) The
transition of the previous version of the MerKaba to unified zero-point
Crystalline upshift. Both are reviewed in this assay.

 Quantum Equinoxial Gateways

The remaining Equinoxes that lie ahead in the countdown to the Ascension are not constrained by linear time nor by the dimensional access
limitations within your current space-time paradigm. And while we have
told you many areas in your planet are already in 5th dimension, during
the Equinoxes of the precedent 3 years to the Ascension the threshold to
greater dimensionality is opened much wider. As such we tell you that a
unique portal from the 12th dimension is enabled thru the Cosmic
Trigger Crystalline awakening that will manifest on March 20, 2010.
Indeed it is a mandatory prerequisite rigor of the New Earth.

Both humanity and indeed the physical earth require and petition this crystalline upshift reformation in order to transcend the duality
dimensional paradigm that would otherwise entomb them in the cyclic
duplicity of descending polarity juxtaposition.

The twelfth dimensional opening of the Vernal Equinox of 2010 will be the most prolific synthesis of 12th dimensional energy to eventuate on
earth since the Golden Age of Atlantis, some 35,000 years ago as
measured in your present linear- time paradigm. The crystalline aperture
will not be as austere an energy as the electromagnetic phase of the
Trigger, yet it is a formidable and grand vicissitude, and the resulting
amplification of energy is immense and far reaching.

Although the Crystalline Energy is initially accessible to you in the 5th dimension, the full spectrum of the Quantum Crystalline Field only
fully exist in the dimension of Twelve. Appropriately the consciousness
of the crystalline aspect of the earth's own mineral kingdom is
dynamically processed via the 12th dimension thru the 'Crystalline
Platinum Ray'.

The 12th dimension is the highest resonance of earthen dimensionality, and can be said to be the 1st dimension of the crystalline realm. It is
the dimension of the highest Cosmic Ray, that of the Platinum Ray. The
Platinum Ray operates in a crystalline modality and contains within it
components of all 12 Cosmic Rays.

As such, the Crystalline Platinum Ray of the 2010 Cosmic Trigger cascades into the Earth Plane on the March 20 Equinox in robust spiraled
pulsations. These are transduced thru the 144-Grid into a more palpable
frequency in order for this highly concentrated energy to be
synergistically integrated into the planetary resonance. The result is
an enormous upshift that embodies & transfers the Cosmic Code in
tandem for the perfection that is to come. It is indeed the perfection
of the twelfth dimension that ensures humanity's macro and micro
transition into the Crystalline MerKaBah and MerKiVah. It will in kind
trigger the long awaited release of the coded telluric crystalline
energies to a great and greater frequency in forming the 2nd elliptical
of the New Firmament.

The referenced earthen aspect of coded crystalline energies will be awakened through the receival of the Cosmic Platinum Ray delivered thru
the multidimensional octahedron portals of the triplex pyramidal
matrixes of Giza in the Eastern Hemisphere of the planet and thru the
Moody Tri-Pyramidal structure on the Gulf of Mexico. Exact in process to
the 2009 electro-magnetic phase of the Cosmic Trigger.

Both pyramidal complexes then in axialtonal alignment, both on the 29th latitudinal vector, both emitting the energy of PHI, become the dissemination engines of the 2010 Cosmic Trigger. 

The Crystalline Age is certitude. It is approaching in grand and grander inertia. Duality separation has been a potent and worthy experience for
mankind in the University of Linear Earth. Duality has been a prolific
teacher, but the linear curriculum is coming to a close for many of you.
It is time to receive your polarity diploma and begin postgraduate work
in the higher realms of zero field in the Crystalline Omniverse.

Formation of the New Firmament

Before the earth was a planet of duality it was encompassed by a nonduality firmament. There were two elliptical bands that arched around
the planet. One was electrical in nature, the other magnetic, the two
unified to formed an oscillating crystalline shield circum-posting the
earth. A tone was emitted from the pulsing of the crystalline sphere
that was the frequency of OM. This we have shared with you previously in
the initial two assays on the Cosmic Trigger.

The nonduality Firmament dissolved when the Earth was transformed into a planet of duality, after the conflict of MOLDAR.

The electromagnetics were fragmented into the earth in polar electro-magnetics. The crystalline portion in kind was received in the
Mineral Kingdom of the earth and indeed in etheric particulate termed
Adamantine Essence or Akash.

The Crystalline Akash are etheric particles encoded with Divine Mind, Sacred Intelligence of Consciousness Units. They are the 'DNA Blueprint'
within matter/antimatter that compose the Flash of all realities and
interlock dimensions through the electro-crystalline leys of the Cosmic

Locations of Stored Coded Crystalline Energy

On the 2010 Activation long dormant coded crystalline energies Activate as part of the Cosmic Trigger in 25 primary locations across the planet.
These locations are:

1. Minas Gerais Brazil
2. Bahia, Brazil
3. Arkansas
4. Muzo, Colombia
5. Bolivia
6. Herkimer, New York
7. Himalayas (Tibet/Nepal)
8. Santa Fe, New Mexico
9. Tsavo, Tanzania
10. Torres del Paine, Chile
11. Dauphine , France
12. New South Wales, Australia
13. Cairngorm Mtns, Scotland
14. Galicia, Spain
15. British Colombia, Canada
16. Ural Mountains
17. Mongolia
18. Quartz Reef, New Zealand
19. Swiss Alps
20. Namibia
21. Japan
22. Huaxi, China
23. Thunder Bay, Canada
24. Western Carolinas-Blue Ridge Mtns
25. Table Mtn, South Africa

This will indeed occur. Those of you who were part of the benevolent Atlanteans of the 'Law of One' will understand this only too well, for
indeed you have waited a long time for this to occur. It is a sacred
completion for you. You along with the Sirian, Pleiadean and Arcturians
of the Cosmic Council & Galactic Federation have taken great steps
to insure that the Crystalline Energy will never again be allowed to
fall into the hands of the 'Sons of Belial' the Nazi-esque group whose
greed and ruthlessness ambitions of power led to the misuse of the
Crystals resulting in the sad demise of Atlantis.

You see the Master Atlantean Crystals that are awakened in the 8-8-8, 9-9-9 and remaining triple dates will not be physically accessible for
another two to three centuries. A blink of the eye in Cosmic time, yet
an important dimensional lock will shield them until the planet is in a
state of Illumination..

So to complete the explanation of the process described, we tell you that the coded crystalline energies that are to be released on 20 March,
2010 will be fine tuned by the awakened subterranean Master Crystals as
they are drawn into the 144-Crystalline Grid for further assimilation
into the New Firmament. While the Electro-Magnetic Phase of the 2009
Cosmic Trigger required 21 days to complete, the Crystalline release
will fully process almost instantaneously, literally within the hour of
the passing Equinox fulcrum. The effects will be tangible. Such is the
comparative 'lightness' of crystalline energy in relation to the
previous phase of electro-magnetic release in 2009.

Crystalline Orbs

Among these effects are the phenomena you refer to as Orbs. These will vastly increase in quantity and quality. Orbs are not new to the Earth
dimensions, but were stepped down from crystalline in order to be
tangible in duality, These most often occurred as blue or golden spheres
before the establishment of the 144 Crystalline Grid. The Crystalline
Orbs are light energies of higher dimension and operate in crystalline
function. They are receptacles and tools of coded Akash and are evidence
of the increasing presence of the Quantum Crystalline Field. They
contain requisite particulate of matter/antimatter imbued with purposed
intent, or blueprints.

They are Divine Conscious Intelligence that hold keys to the earth and humanities re-formation. To be more precise, they are magnetic
blueprints that beckon and attract higher energies that complete the
process and link the chains of transformational operandi. They are
catalytic mechanisms of the Ascension, and occur in myriad geometrical
matrixes. Some of the orbs are for the MerKiVic transformation of humans
, and others are for the macro conversion of the planet.

Orbs are crystalline charges of expansion. At present most humans can only see these 'orbs' through digital technology photograph images and
intuitive 'third eye' perception. The Crystalline phase of the Cosmic
Trigger will enable these to be seen with the naked eye for those of you
who attract them thru your light quotient and MerKiVic advancement.

Manifestation of the Crystalline MerKaBah

One of the most important results of the Cosmic Trigger of 2010 is the coagulation of the Crystalline MerKaBah. We tell you that the MerKaBah
that has served as the Star Tetrahedron Vehicle to higher dimension for
the past 12,000 year cycle is now being transposed into greater
capacity. Indeed it is evolving into progressive expansive mode to the
Crystalline MerKaBa and MerKiVah.

The emergence of the Crystalline MerKiVah has been in waiting, and with the recently passed 9-9-9 Crystal Activation ushering in of the initial
phase of the Crystalline Energy Transformation of the Earth, many of you
are awakening to your sacred unity potentials. Phase ll of the Cosmic
Trigger will stage another important component of the crystalline

The human mind in duality was designed to assist you to gather and process information and to discern truth, but the wisdom that carries
you into the higher Crystalline Realm dwells beyond the reach of the
dual MerKabah. Therefore the establishment of the new Crystalline
MerKaBah and MerKiVah are requisite to expand into the Crystalline
Energy of the Ascension.

Indeed the higher realms of the dimensions made available thru the Ascension lie in Unified Divine Consciousness, and access requires
integral crystalline light, and this cannot be entered in the previous
system of the gendered dual-spin polarity MerKaBah.

Accordingly comes the transition into the Crystalline MerKaBah and MerKiVah. The Crystalline MerKaBah is only fully accessible on the 2nd
phase of the Cosmic Trigger, occurring on the March Equinox of 2010. The
Crystalline MerKaBah evolves into MerKiVah. The Crystalline MerKiVah
becomes available on the 10-10-10. The MerKiVah rises beyond the 8
pointed star-tetrahedron and is formed in the 12 pointed star of the
stellated dodecahedron. Indeed the MerKiVic rotational mechanics,
geometry, spin-vector and frequencial ratios differ greatly in the new

Two levels and succinct geometries lie above the 12-poiunt MerKiVah. All are Metatronic in the sacred geometrical context, all then are
interlocking evolutionary progressions of greater dimensional access.
The full process of the requisite transition into MerKaBah will be given
thru the 'Metatronic Keys', and we will provide a dedicated assay in
the near future to review this topic and its process in detail. This
will be given prior to the Cosmic Trigger of 2010.


In the countdown to the eminent Ascension there are certain dates that open extraordinary frequencial windows. In the three years antecedent to
December 21, 2012 the most important of these are the Equinoxes,
Solstices, Triple Dates, and full phases of Solar and Lunar Eclipse. The
energy of the ubiquitous Equinoxes of 2010, 2011 and 2012 are inserted
with hologramic gateways, omnipresent & timeless.

In 2010, 2011 and 2012 the triple- dates and referenced astronomical events are exponentially more potent than previous years. Each are
engineered to utilize the rare openings to facilitate the
receival/download of extraordinary coded energies requisite for the
Micro and Macro Ascension.

These portals should be recognized and utilized. We compel you to visit power nodes, vortexial portal complexes and sacred sites on these
frequencial portals. Gather in collective ceremony and group
celebration, as such you will receive and send a wave of
Transformational Crystalline Light across the Multiverse that is greater
and more far reaching than you can imagine. It is collective unity,
ILLUMINATED-ONENESS, that transforms your Earth and beyond. It has
always been so."

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Maybe this helps ...

MerKaBah : The Merkaba in the short is a light vehicle that envelops us as human beings and that we might be able to transcend time and space. Your authentic light is then held together by invisible geometric lines around you, your Merkivah.

MerKiVah : The Merkivah is an energetic form under which all consciousness fields of information are present, which correspond to chakras and aura layers.

If you are tuned to the energy of the Merkivah you'll never need to work with symbols: working with the energy of the geometry.

You learn treat the positions, send remote energy, healing, meditating on this energy, work with chakras and auras and much more.

The Merkivah get more and more in touch with your inner self and will help you to trust your instincts and feelings.

Merkivah you do every day. It improves your cosmic power. You shall make contact with spirits, angels and you can better deal with your goals and insights.
The time when heaven on earth will manifest is very close now then, thats my feeling.



Equinox - Cosmic Trigger
Meditation & Ceremony

Find a Relaxing Place to Sit...

If you have crystals, place them around you forming an etheric circle. Keep one crystal, preferably a Phi Vogel or Crystal Skull, in hand or within touch.

Form the mudra with thumb and middle finger, face the palms up, fingers at rest but not touching, other than thumb to middle finger. We will hold this mudra for the entire meditation.

Begin the infinity (figure 8) breath, 8 count inhale and 8 count exhale.

Inhale thru the nasal passage, exhale thru the mouth - for 8 minutes.

In your mind's eye surround your field with Violet Light fed by the Violet Ray.

Form the Star Tetrahedron around you. Begin to rotate it anticlockwise.

Continue the Infinity Breath. Feel a deep sense of connection. Feel Love, Joy and Well Being.

Connect Your Heart Chakra to the receiving Pyramids. If you are in the eastern hemisphere, visualize first the connection the Giza Complex. If you are in the Western Hemisphere visualize first connection to the Moody Pyramids. Then connect the two Pyramids, and bring the connection back to your heart, and feel energy circulate thru the triangulated connection.

Then visualize an enormous golden Beam of Light being emitted by the Great Central Sun. See it flow to the Planetary Crystal Grid. Then see it connect to both Pyramid complexes and then to all Crystalline Fields of the Planet.

Visualize the release of the sacred Crystal Codes from the Earth, and see crystalline diamond light envelop the planet. See in your mind's eye the planet expanding its energy field within the 144-Cyrstalline Grid and becoming bright and brighter.

Retain grounding in the 1st - 3rd dimensions, and connect to the core of the planet.

Then feel yourself and all Humanity rising into the Crystalline Non Polarity Energy Fields beginning in the 5th dimension and rising one by one to the 12th dimension.

Feel a connection to ALL Humanity and Project UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, Crystalline Love.

Go into rapid breath, inhale in and exhale out thru the mouth, as quickly as you can for 15 seconds.


Upon completion of the Affirmations release a Crystalline-Platinum Wave containing the energy of LOVE. It is a Platinum Light Tsunami-Wave that penetrates all dimensions of your Beingness. Send it to the Crystalline 144-Grid. And then feel the wave coming back into you as a shimmering diamond light containing within it all of the sacred Crystalline Codes of the Cosmic Trigger and of the Crystalline Earth. Feel these codes inside you, become these Crystal Codes. Now convert your Light Body to pure crystal and allow it to integrate the Crytsal Codes. You will know when this has been programmed and completed.

Continue infinity breathe for 3-4 minutes. Until you sense the completion.

Then open your eyes in JOY....Crystalline JOY and HIGHEST GOOD.


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