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Cosmic Awareness - An Urgent Message For Mankind.

For those interested, Cosmic Awareness has just released"An Urgent Message For Mankind". It says that it is not the 11th hour or even the 12th hour but it is past midnight and now is the time for everyone to make a choice for what they truly believe and to live those beliefs no matter what others may think or say. This message also includes information on the recent push to vaccinate everyone.

This message is available to the public in text and audio on the Blog.





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Researchers Working On Vaccine To 
Destroy The Immune System of Newborns

As soon as babies are born, the medical establishment immediately attempts to convince mothers of myths that their newborns are in urgent need of genetic testing, antibiotics and vitamin K shots. All are completely redundant and unnecessary for healthy newborns. Now, researchers are adding to this compilation of myths by publishing a study which ridiculously proposes to strengthen newborn's immune systems with vaccines, when in fact it will do precisely the opposite.

The researchers claim that babies are immediately susceptible to diseases and infections, and that their immune systems aren’t adequately developed to fight diseases. However, they don't take into account the mother's immunity, antibodies and immunoglobulins that are passed on to the baby, which gives all newborns the power to resist almost any infection, whether animal or human.

Instead, the University of Missouri researchers in their study propose to treat the newborns’ immune systems with vaccines which typicallycontain immunotoxins, neurotoxins and sterile agents. Due to the nature of vaccines and their constituents, they are impossible to manufacture without at least one of these toxins in their formulas. The researchers are targeting these vaccines for pediatric applications in the first four weeks of life, the most sensitive and fragile in neurological development.

“We’re trying to improve the immune system of newborns to make them more like adults’ immune systems and, therefore, less susceptible to diseases,” said Christine Hoeman, doctoral student in the MU School of Medicine. “Although our testing has only been on animal models thus far, our ultimate goal is to create better pediatric vaccines for humans to improve the balance within the immune system.”

Hoeman and Habib Zaghouani, professor of molecular microbiology and immunology and child health at the MU School of Medicine, ludicrously claims that that all newborns have an imbalanced grouping of white blood cells. They suggest that when newborns are exposed to an allergen more than once, the imbalance leads to possible infection and allergic reactions. Again, they make no attempts to explain the powerful mechanisms passed down to newborns from their mothers which negate allergens, whether exposed once, twice or more times. Their assumptions are based on zero immune inheritance from mother to child, a complete absurdity!

Despite documented statistical correlations between vaccines and allergic reactions, Hoeman and Zaghouani contradict this evidence by suggesting that vaccines will help mediate allergic reactions while fighting off infections. 

“What’s happening is that the TH2 cells are killing the TH1 cells, creating the imbalance,” Hoeman said. “Once we know more about the timeline of the imbalance, we can start to develop the vaccine, which would increase the levels of TH1 and would ideally be administered in newborns soon after they’re born.”

Hoeman and Zaghouani’s research was published in The Journal of Environmental Medicine and Trends in Immunology and funded by the Biotechnology sector.

Dave Mihalovic is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in vaccine research, cancer prevention and a natural approach to treatment.



English -- Blossom Goodchild -- February 5, 2015

The Federation of Light through Blossom Goodchild

February 5, 2015

Blossom: Here we are, once again. I AM FEELING REALLY BACK ON TRACK. Amazing what a good look into One’s Truth can do … to find out exactly what it is! Moving right along … what offering do you see fitting to impart in this communication today?
The Federation of Light: Many greetings of sincere and uplifting, encouraging Love to Each and Every One. We are delighted indeed … that One is tending to their garden … sorting out the weeds and leaving only all that FEELS correct and nurturing. We are so very aware of the individual journey that each is travelling … and as much as we cannot or would not choose to interfere on that journey … we FEEL so very honoured to be able to be a ‘café’ … where upon we can provide sustenance along the way.
Blossom: And I for One, am so very happy that you do. Thank you.
The Federation of Light: No thanks necessary … and yet, in all sincerity, we acknowledge the HEART’S FEELINGS in which the Gratitude arises.
Let us speak of this. When One FEELS Gratitude … there is a change within One’s Vibration that takes place. Yet, it must be FELT … not simply expressed. For ALL things … when only expressed and not FELT … are left ‘lifeless’ … would we say.
FEELINGS, as we have spoken of … over and over … are what makes you tick. Is it not that your heart beats faster when excited? Is it not that it slows down when you rest? It is the ticking of the heart … it is the beating of this organ … that is controlled by the way you FEEL. Think about that for a while. Can it be that YOU control your heart? … and by this … yes, we do mean the actual functioning organ … YOU control it by the way YOU FEEL.
You control ALL of you … every minute detail … by the way YOU FEEL.  
It does not/cannot control YOU. This is why we speak so much about FEELINGS. For when you accept this … when you ‘master’ your FEELINGS … you see an instinctive change within ALL around, within and about you.
The key … as you all well KNOW ... is FEELING LOVE. And YES … it IS the answer to EVERYTHING.
So many of you say … ‘Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. You have spoken to us many times about this. We get it’. Yet, with the DEEPEST RESPECT, Dearest friends of ours … you do not … quite … yet!
For if you did … we would be witnessing a very different Energy within your world.
You may very well understand that which we are expressing. Yet, to actually KNOW OF LOVE … AT ALL TIMES … TO BE OF LOVE … IN EVERY THOUGHT, WORD AND DEED … we would say, that there is still quite a way to go. You accept the concept … and this is wonderful.
We would suggest that the next step is to …
Blossom: Ok … I think you would like to speak. I’ll give it a go …
(*This link may be shared , yet it's 'unlisted', so there is no confusion with the Full Audio of this channelling from Joe Pena and myself.)
And speak you did. WOW! This is getting very interesting … for until I listen back … although at the time  I was aware of the words coming through … right now  … I can’t really remember them. Which I am really happy about … because, to me … it shows that you are in more deeply than when I have been channelling before. This IS good news.
Can you just confirm for me … why there was a little break after you spoke my name for the first time? You said it is because you do not use names, as we are all One.
The Federation of Light: This is so.Therefore, we are individualizing by using a given name.
Blossom: Yet, you say ‘the vessel’?
The Federation of Light: This is the role you have chosen.
Blossom: I FELT too, that there is something to do with the Energy of the name … I am not sure how to explain it. I know White Cloud once had great difficulty in saying the name ‘Mary Magdalene’. He explained it was because of the Energy of untruth that had been created around that name, that made it so hard for him to speak.
The Federation of Light: Yes, we understand of this.
Blossom: So, why am I picking up on a Vibrational Energy issue? You are asking me if I am sure I want to know? Now, even more so ... I am intrigued.
The Federation of Light: Because, Dearest One … who you are … is not ‘Blossom’ … that is your given name … upon the Earth … and yet, we know you as someone else.
Blossom: Ah … THAT makes sense to me. I do not want/need to know who that is. In me ‘somewhere’ obviously, I know. Yet, I do not feel it necessary right now. (I think we have been here before.) It’s not important, yet, the FEELING I got when you said I was someone else … was like a penny dropping and it very much rang true. Cool … matter cleared. Thank you.
Well, I guess that is it for today.  Very interesting. Thanks so much.
The Federation of Light: And yet, you agreed long, long ago.
Blossom: I am glad I did … I FEEL we are moving on. In Love and thanks.
The Federation of Light: FEELINGS OF GRATITUDE TO ALL.
Indeed we are here. It is a blessing that you are picking up on our desire to speak through you in this way … And it is of great happiness that this is accepted by you, and therefore, we are able to work together and allow that which we consider to be of wise words … to be offered out in this appropriate new fashion.
Why have we not considered this before? Oh, we have! … And yet, it was not possible regarding your Vibration … that is now of a different frequency … shall we say? Therefore, we continue on offering to you and those who listen to these words, that which we KNOW of LOVE. That which we consider … importance … for Each Soul upon the Earth plane to allow their heart space to listen to our words and also allow therefore, these words to open up into a deeper place of their hearts … in which TRUTH of the soul-self resides.
We speak do we not … over and over of LOVE? We tell you that is all there is. We tell you to think only of LOVE. To FEEL only of LOVE and yet, we understand that in this world in which you reside … this world of duality … this world that can press upon you much heaviness for all that goes on within it and around your Beings ... it is not always as easy as we are asking it to be.
Yet, we would say Dearest Souls, it is a matter of … more or less … flicking a switch, if you like. In that, you make the decision to change. To change over from FEELING that, that you see around you and allowing it to bring you down … to FEELING LOVE … no matter what you see around you … for is it not … as we have said … all an illusion?
 Therefore, it is perfectly feasible for you to FEEL only that which you choose.
No matter how things appear to be. No matter of the phone call you may receive with saddened news. No matter of seeing things upon your television screens that bring your Energy down. Do you not see they are designed to bring your Energy down? We say, in Laughter … are you going to allow yourselves … the intelligent Beings that you are … to fall for that? … TRULY? Do you not consider yoursleves to be of much Higher standing? For we consider you to be so. Therefore, we would say … is it not about time for YOU to do so?
Rise above who you think you are … to a much Higher state of Being … for then you shall be more in the place that you belong.
She ( Blossom ) is conveying to us that being here upon Earth is not as easy as perhaps we may think it is. We are amused alongside her. There is a vast grin upon her face from us all … including herself. For she is aware of the Lightness. The Energy of Lightness. This, Dearest Ones … is what we are asking you to KNOW of. Not just sometimes, when the going is good …
but in ALL …
BE OF JOY. For that is how … Dearest Ones … you shall change your world.
That, Dearest ones … is why you volunteered to come. It was not … what you term a ‘summer vacation’. It goes far beyond that.
You volunteered to be on Earth at this time, because it is the most exciting of times.
The determination to bring Mother Earth from the density in which she has fallen … out of that place and into a Higher position.
A position in which SHE and ALL who live upon her and within her … belong.
There is no question. There is no doubt … to US …  THAT THIS IS WHO YOU ARE.
Therefore, how can you be something that does not exist?
Do you see? We are showing to the lady … of a physical human and as we present this image … it is as if there is layer upon layer, upon layer, upon layer, on and on and on and on and on … that has built up over your years. Another shell, another shell, another shell, another shell, and so on and so on and so on … leaving the LOVE … the TRUTH … the ABSOLUTE TRUTH OF WHO YOU ARE … hidden away … underneath … within all these layers of shell.
And you are doing so with great aplomb.
Oh! Have we not expressed via Blossom … (there was a long pause) …  The silence is due to our bringing forth her name … as opposed to using the words … ‘The vessel.’ It is done now … She is asking why we would have had an issue with it? It is for us … that names … (another long pause) … we apologize for the delay … It is … if you like … that we do not have names. We find them unnecessary … for we are all One.
We were speaking of removing the layers … So that the TRUTH of yourself, the Light that you are … is now shining through as the layers are removed.
 That is why you came. You all struggle … questioning what you are here to do. You FEEL you are not doing enough. You KNOW you came here to do something … and yet, you know not what it is.
Think from deep within … how far reaching this goes.
You are not just shining your Light to those that you pass by. When you understand the intensity of Light and when you think of a soul far, far away in another country that maybe suffering … all you need do is think of that soul and send that Light … and without question … it reaches deep inside their heart. This is fact. This is not illusion.
 Sort out the wheat from the chaff.
This time ahead … within a time span of the next four or five years, we would say … and yes, we smile for we know not of time … yet, you shall see with your own eyes … and FEEL with your own heart … the change within you … therefore, upon and within your world … that is taking place.
 And the more you recognise the depth within you … the more that all you KNOW of, is the TRUTH.
We ask you not to concentrate upon that which brings you down. Yes, there are positions in your Earth that could sadden the heart greatly. Yet, you do not assist by crying tears or getting angry or frustrated. How you assist, is to send out your Light. You will notice more and more … how you are noticing more and more … that your world and those within it are full of LOVE LIGHT.
Concentrate on the wonders of your world.
Concentrate on all that is good.
This is what you came to do.
As you climb the ladder of Life … you put yourself in a Higher position. Therefore, able to see more and more of that which is around you. This is why we ask you … for we KNOW … to be of the Greatest Joy. For as each thing appears to you in a deeper beauty of what it is … you will understand … you will come to the reasoning … of why ... we speak in the way we do.
Dearest Souls … Our friends … Our colleagues … Our family … WE ARE ONE.
and AS One … our intention is to change your world into the beauty that it once was … And all those that reside within and upon her shall move with her … into a place that even your imaginings at this time can (as they were speaking … I felt the word spoken was ‘cannot’)  produce. And yet as the veils fall away to reveal the Glory of what is to come … your hearts will recognize this place.

For now, we take our leave … in thanks …

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