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I don't smoke, don't drink, don't hang around with men, don't steal, don't use drugs, I learned so much from my tryials, I love, I help, I ..... f.! AM I PERFECT???


I'm tired of playing the wise and me being a messsssss!
I still cannot solve the problems in my life and it is all in me, just blocked! I had a break down today....
I am still down there, low and ...need some help from you my friends, a bit of good thought to raise my head up and go on...
I love you as you are me and me you and ....I already feel a little little better....Thank you!!

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i have one word for u sis mari mari ...


Lov u sis :)

Sometimes live brings tribulations that are hard to deal with, often because of the unknown aspect of what's going on. This gives the perfect opportunity to learn and grow from this experience. We all have these times even if the experience is not the same as yours,tribulations of life are tribulations.

So take this challenge head on, know that you have the support of your friends here and elsewhere that are right behind you, sending you the energy you need to pull through and come out the winner that you deserve to be. We're all with you and we know that you'll make your way through this victorious. You can do it, and we are here each and every step of the way.

So take these steps and we'll all be there to welcome you in the winner's circle of life.


Mystical Enigma
Hey M,we are all going through our Shadow content on the way to our Higher selves,Also remember it's a full moon i.e. our crap comes out embrace it,love it.With much love to you.T.P.S Thanks for the xmas note,& love your Drawings and art.L&L& esp Laughter

Love and light to you Mariell ... We are all currently in a lot of mess .... Don't worry things will be better soon ... Till then continue to spread your love, affection and care to everyone around you as you have always done ... peace ... :) ..
PS : i m also in a total mess ... i cannot finish my work on time .. everything keeps piling up .. and i am putting in more efforts to do things than i used to do previously ... i think it's getting difficult for everyone these days ..
Mariell Darling..........

I know exactly where youa re coming from.............

tower of strength we must be seen to be. when really all we want to do is fall to peices....

6 kids, no money, various outside influences not all good.... tension within my oewn relationship with regards to me doing this...

Yeh my lovey, sometimes we need to admit we are not gods......jsut yet.... jesus my typing is getting worse

Chin up, take 5 and remember we are ALL here to bolster you up in needy times....

It will all come together soon, at least I hope it does.

Vindication that we ARE doing the right thing would be grand just now!!!

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love........youuuuuuuuuuu

Torz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Mariell said:
Well, thank you everyone! I finnaly admited I cannot do it myself alone, right here!
And your feedback it feels soooo gooood! Is like I'm learning to receive help....
I allways tried to solve things with my own strenghts...raise children alone me and my husb., take care of everything alone, even being proud of that!
"How do you really manage to keep up?"
And me proudly:
"Well, is not that hard! I manage!!"
In fact isolating myself on a island!me and my power!
And letting this go in surrender to acceptance for my own weaknesses it feel just great!
....when posting answers that should show some wisdom....ya know it is hard to admit the weakness.....simply that....but i let it go!
I love you friends!
thank you!
Understand the vibrations and the feelings you are experiencing.... listen to the frequencies and go out in nature... save you.... The indigoes are going nuts right now.... we all send you love, you must know that...always.....lights will guide you.... you need no fixing, you are perfect..... sih

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