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Alright it's just a dream and there are no aliens. But I think our dreams guide us in our Awakening. Years ago I had this recurring dream about a shallow lake that I wanted to fish. It was a very real dream, you know the sort that feels like a memory. The lake was infested with these big ugly, dangerous fish that always snapped my line and were deeply distressing. Recently I have remembered that dream upon waking, but I have'nt had the dream in a long while.

The lake is my consciousness the fish the monsters of my ego 3d self, addictions, fears etc. My dream has come back to teach me in these urgent times.

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Great Reflections patrick ~ And We All need to Let go of the Ego= Fears :)))
Thank You for sharing this ~ Namaste ~

Thanks you two. I could provide a bit more detail on the lake, pT. It's my consciosness. I have transmuted the fish, they are big colourful Carpy things now, quite harmless but still a bit of a nuisance. They are the things I need to let go of in order to be trully authentic, or be on the spiritual path.


I also think that if we are dreaming strongly, and then acting on that wisdom in the real world, we are working in tandem with benevolent Et forces. St Germain has lately been talking about the importance of dreams for 'late comers' (my term) to up your vibration.

I've worked with this dream while awake, a little meditation and positive visualisation, not difficult stuff. I am the captain of my ship from the bridge to the propeller shaft, if only it had always been so.

paTricia T. said:

I'm confused....:o) this a world you have personally created or you are able to work with the dream while you sleep. Sounds interesting. 

Yes...been having lots of vivid dreams these last few days. One was definately a reflection of my personal feelings...I'm kinda having a hard time being patient with people's stupidity right now.  Such careless self absorbed people are really pissing me off to the point where I'm yelling at them for being so stupid. One woman almost ran my family down with her truck because she was in a hurry...and then the iresponsible dog owners that need to keep themselves and their unpleasant dogs at home.  I don't know...maybe I am being shown something that can give me insight to a woman I know that has really lost faith in humanity.  Sometimes that happens to me...when I question why a person is the way they are...I will start having experinces that reflect the persons view and then it becomes an ahha moment.  But this time even my dreams were reflecting now I get it why she doesn't want to participate anymore. 

Your friend has probably read too much (anti-human) Green propaganda. We can only change ourselves, you know this. Try visualising these clearing dreams while conscious, and redirect them intuitively. Create a happy ending I suppose. Because these are'nt just dreams are they ?


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