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Channeling - Evolutionary exercises for channels, by Vywamus, channelled by Barbara Burns

What is channelling? introduction

In many ways, being a channel is like an electrical transformer, those pieces of equipment you use to take one level of energy and step it up or down to another level of energy that is operating at a different vibrational frequency.
You see, the great Plan of the Source as it relates to physicality involves many levels or dimensions of consciousness, wherein beings, similar to you and different, have their experiencing.
You see , i , Vywamus, am a channel, and that is one of the many things i do,to help step the energy level down from one level to the next.
My soul's purposes or my self purposes are very involved in consciously transmitting energy from higher frequencies.
I bring it right through my own being and i step it down to a vibrational rate that is perhaps a little slower.When i am working with you and you are truly opening up to your greater consciousness in a more cosmic way, i am able to bring to you knowledge, information, energy, love and light from levels in which you are not yet consciously focused.
You are channelling from the soul level, the spiritual Plane, into the earth where the Earth needs it to advance her evolutionary purposes and those of humanity.
Now, of course, everybody is a channel.
You know quite well that,as a personality level expression,you are a creation of your Soul.
The focus now of our work is channelling from the spiritual plane,where your souls and the spiritual teachers, who are assisting the Earth's growth now function for the most part.
From this level the divine love and light is brought down into physicality where humanity needs it.that is what i think channelling is.

i will start the chapters on the next days.
sorry guys but it is 1.00 am in portugal and i need to sleep.

love and light.

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Seems Interesting!
Awesome, are there techniques to unlocking this inner power to channel with other people, I heard its all about sorting out chakras and finding a specific chakra to communicate with, it all seems a bit complex.
Hello Ana ! I am interested also. Namaste!

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