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Cancerous entrapped reincarnation dragonian - lunar policy (cause) and Universal Hierarchy arriving Judges (effect)



Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cancerous entrapped reincarnation dragonian - lunar policy (cause) ...

As G.H.REES has revealed through the Netrino-Naser technology capabilities, the reincarnation process here on earth is done with advanced Dragonian-Cronian technology in the "second" dimension of matter rarification (invisible to our eyes) with the use of "soul traps"-"LUNA PARKS" devices-platforms that are scattered around earth on Geostationary orbits. Those devices capture the souls of the decarnated(dead) beings that travel upwards, as souls being lured to the trap with "Sounds and Joyful Lights of Party and Joy (Luna Park)" that the trap-device uses. Then the souls are carried to the moon where they are being processed and programmed through hypnotism and also through an electroshock procedure they erase the soul's memory. After that they usually send the soul back to earth to incarnate to another body. That is the so called "entrapped reincarnation dragonian - lunar policy", that they use to produce "telecontrolled zombies" and to rule the "with limited memory" earthlings, in order to produce: "Lord's servants" aka: Lunar slaves.

Another main objective of this policy is to entrap and to not allow the earthlings souls: as beings-"angels"-"demons"-"gods"-"theoi" (ancient hellenic etymology of the word "god": beings who fly in space with extreme speeds) to escape from the local space of earth-moon and to fly to far outer space and notify the "antibodies" centers of the Universal Organism (Universal Hierarchy Judges) about the ill condition of our planet, about the genocides against the white andromedian and black sirian race by the yelow dragonian and semi-dragonian mongolian races, and about the against nature acts and crimes of the local Lizard-Lord-"Gods" in our Solar System (7 inner planets) and in Earth. The local criminal Lizard-Lord-"Gods" are literaly terrified with the thought that human decarnated beings (souls) will escape from their orbital traps matrix and notify the outer antibody white-corpuscles centers of the Universal Organism. Because if this happens then except that they will end with no slaves to serve them, a considerable number of notified White-Corpuscles Heroes-Fighters and Judges beings will also arrive in local space in order to elliminate, annihilate and punish the cancerous apostates "Gods" and their subordinates in earth, as apostates beings against the Universal Natural Law and the Law of the Galactic Government. (This which the apostates "Gods" are afraid of happening is already happening).

The biological analogue in our scale is the cancer disease which is rapidly spreading without pain and without any symptoms at all, except the final terminal lethal phases of the disease. That is happening because also and the cancerous cells and the cancerous chemical reactions inside the ill cell - tissue are blocking with "chemical traps" the chemical compounds ("souls") of the ill cell - tissue that are responsible to escape from the ill cell and notify the antibodies sections (white corpuscles sections) and the nervous system-pain sense-system sections of the organism. Therefore the cancer is wildly spreading without the organism knowing about it until the cancer evolves into the terminal lethal phases of the disease where it is usually two late to do anything about it, and the whole organism dies.

(aka: the whole Solar System and the Whole Universal Organism dies eventually because of orbital collapse-energy imballance due to the destruction of planets such as Earth and Phaethon or Maldek as a planet which was destroyed by the Dragonians)

Returning to the Universal scale, in the Universal Natural way of things the soul keeps its ancient memory intact and can incarnate in every place it wishes, whenever it wishes out of free will.

Thus, the above described Draco/Cronian un-natural (against nature) cancerous technological entrapped reincarnation policy is condemed by the Universal Justice.
Rest assured that they will pay for their crimes against the Natural Universal Order and the Harmonized with Nature order of the Galactic Government.

As for the arriving Judges just watch those from planet Saturn.


The day is coming.

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:):):) Hey Vaddix , ... I seek lots of clarity ,on soul/spirit understanding too. ( I so wanna know a lot more on that).
-- But I know this, ..than when we leave physical body, we still contain astral body with us (with it our Soul,wich houses our Spirit = Energy Signature Identity,True-Self ) . Astral body,Soul and Spirit are so intertwined ,that many people confuse them as one,but there is still difference too. ...and this is as far as I can go there for now ,cause I still seek more clarity on that :):):).
-- But I wanna add that ,it holds the memory of an entire life with it, ..and someone/something can erase that memory if enough advanced/evolved technologically.
***I don't think ,I would incarnate voluntarily in this pain/planet for millenias and millenias,learning the same pains over and over again. ...something was wrong here !!! ***
...but still discerning infos, ..learning and sharing together. Much love ,Vaddix and everybody els.:):):).

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