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Can the Oil spills be the lever to start arresting people in the famous concentration camps of FEMA...?

Hey Guys!!

Yesterday I was watching some videos and read some information about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, to keep me informed on how everything was going, when suddenly came to mind other
discussions which sometimes also appears here is
the Fema
coffins and the Fema concentration camps.

It was then that I started thinking about this subject. Filling these fields without riots happen. And how easy it is if we can
sort these fields, as places of refuge for displaced people are fleeing from a
disaster like this that happen in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now being broadcast on television channels warnings from toxicity in coastal areas and given the warning to people out there, it becomes much easier to mobilize people to sites that the government wants. (

We then have here the reason why the United States government has no initiative in taking control of those operations that are happening in the Gulf of Mexico.

Likewise BP misses ideas as bacteria that could solve the problem ( and the new machine supported by actor Kevin Costner (

                Other themes can then be placed here, such as population control and control of its spread (overpopulation).

With this objective of population control, we can see all the way it has been pointed out by David Ike about the NWO much easier to accomplish.

I know I can be here to digress and that even this might not be true, but I cannot help noticing that all this makes sense. (I hope well be wrong)

This way I just want to know what you think about this

Thank you all ;)


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I found this now:

it seems that many people have done this connection ...

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