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Blossom Goodchild's Channeling of the GFOL on Dec. 13th, 2008

17. DEC 13th.

Well, as I thought those questions set off a string of emails wanting more questions asked. And Curtis was OVER THE MOON. (Which moon I am not sure these days). So thanks. Only now, I have a list of questions as long as your arm … not that I know how long your arm is of course! How do YOU want to go ahead with our discourse?

We are of the understanding that only when your world is ready to accept us … as we are … can the full Truth of who we are be acknowledged. Some of you feel we talk in riddles and yet we say this is not so. Some of you ask us to divulge matters that we are not keen to address at this stage. We have our reasons for this and yet because these reasons are not understood by some of you we are questioned for our integrity of the Truth of who we are. And yet … we wish you to know this … WHO WE ARE … IS … WHO WE ARE … The same as WHO YOU ARE … IS … WHO YOU ARE. We are not trying to be anything else, nor would we try in order to suit the desires of some of you on the earth plane who need certain requirements of the individual soul self satisfying.

I am very aware as I write at this point, of my heart … that’s the only way to describe it … I am aware of it… But it feels unusual … what is that please?

It is the adjustment in your vibration. In Truth were you not a little in question as to whether or not you were in the correct frame of mind for this today?

Yep, but I felt I should give it a go …

Why? If you were not in the correct space to do so?

Because I know people will be emailing me wondering where this week’s channelling is if I don’t! I know I don’t HAVE to … I know YOU don’t HAVE to … what I don’t know is if it is ok to chat with you when my vibration is not quite Tickety Boo?

So therefore your heart is giving you the answer. Is it not? You know we are here because these words are flowing . We are simply allowing the adjustment in your frequency to take place and settle in order for us to continue.

Ok, I’ll take a few deep breaths and wait a minute for it to settle. It is sort of the feeling of something ‘big’ about to occur. Sort of huge anticipation … that type of thing.

Three deep breaths Blossom. … Are you ready? The final analysis … This is an attempt to explain to you of earth our position in the matter of assisting your Ascent into The New World. You have said of 2012. We say it could be sooner depending on each one of you and your aggreeance to collaborate with the soul self and its needs and necessities. We are here to provide assistance and we are satisfied that we are doing so. We understand that you are upon your planet in order to evolve the self into a place that is suitable to allow this Ascension to take place. Many of you ask how? What is a good way to make this happen? How can you meditate to further the process and indeed quicken it?

We say … it is as easy as 123. We say it is simply a matter of listening to the self and yet so many of you still want answers from US. We have spoken about ways to assist your soul… to prepare your souls … that is why we first came to you Blossom and you did as you were asked and wrote our words for us for others to peruse. We cannot keep putting the same thing that we wish to tell you into many other forms. Because … IT IS YOU DEAR FRIENDS … YOU that have all the answers. You KNOW it all, and yet you seek it from elsewhere, from outside of yourselves. This is what we are trying to explain to you …. It is only by seeking the answers from within that you are able to evolve into this Higher place of yourselves … within and upon the earth plane. To connect with your Higher self is HOW you find theses answers and HOW you lift your vibration into the New Place that you are moving into. It is WITHIN YOU! We do not know how else to say it. We cannot try anymore to express it in other ways. We now ask you to LISTEN and understand what we are saying to you.


Ask yourselves, each one of you, how much time do you TRULY devote to switching off? And yet if you check the words of ourselves and the blessed White Cloud we continue to convince you that this is what the answer is. Taking the time to switch off from this earthly vibration and allow yourself to tune in to the Higher one. DAILY. This is how it shall work. This is how the dawning of your tomorrow should be approached. Make that decision for yourself. We have talked before of the benefits of this, not just for the self, but for your planet. It all works FOR THE GOOD OF THE ALL when you ‘switch off’ just for TEN MINUTES of your day. Many of you search for answers upon this machine in which information … good or not so good … is deposited. And yet we say to you … make a decision to exchange ten minutes of your computer time for ten minutes of your soul time. We say to you that after a time, you shall gain far more information that is not confusing …. Information that is pure … and it will encourage you to get more and more. For what you receive from Higher realms … as you learn and accept that ‘tuning in’ is more beneficial than ANYTHING ELSE YOU COULD DO … you will come to an understanding in the self that indeed what we have been trying to tell you all along is correct.

I know of this. I have known of this for nine years!!! Yet still I do not meditate on a daily basis. When I do, for a few weeks…. I certainly feel the difference within myself. What is this then? We are all intelligent enough to know this as a fact… it is proof in itself if we try it … so why do we so easily get out the habit?

Because you … not all … but many, consider it more important to attend to other things that are of the physical not the spiritual. Your priorities are upside down. How many times have we said that if you attend to the spiritual first then all other things will flow smoothly and yet with many, the ‘connecting’ up is put aside for a time when other matters are dealt with … and more often than not … that ‘put aside’ time stays aside and then … another day is over. MAKE THE TIME OUR FRIENDS. This is how you will communicate with us. And not only us but so much more. So many of you wish to do so, so many of you ask Blossom how? So …here is your answer. It is your choice as to whether you take the time to make it happen. The benefits are a thousand fold, for just ten small minutes of your day … every day. There is a world of friendships awaiting to connect with you from other places. A world of friends that wish only to assist this Ascension from where they are. For not all who volunteered were able to be on this earth plane of yours at this magical time. Appreciate how blessed each one of you are for being chosen. And remember there are those that need to connect with you from elsewhere in order to carry out their part in this change.

THE GOLDEN RACE IS YOU. YOU who are here on this planet at this time. Will you allow it to come forth? We feel strongly this is so. The awakening is underway. We are full of smiles for we are able to pick up on all those who are feeling what is taking place. What lies ahead is there for everyone to BE IN. Yet , we do not chose who it is for. That is down to each individual.


I wish! Maybe one day. I know that is it for today ... I can feel it. Many thanks. I for one, will make a concerted effort. I do do it… snatching moments here and there. I will try and set aside a time that is totally devoted and I give myself my undivided attention. Are you with me brothers?? After all. It seems to me that unless WE make the effort nothing will change. IT IS UP TO US. SO LET’S GO FOR IT IN A BIGGER WAY THAN BEFORE. LET’S SHOW THIS PLANET AND INDEED OURSELVES WE ARE IN FOR THE LONG HAUL AND WE MEAN BUSINESS!!
When I was reading this back I got a strong feeling that tomorrow they will perhaps offer ways to help in the ‘switching off’ process. Let’s out it out there.

Oops! … Manners Blossom … thanks guys!

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Dan her channeling are genuine always give me shiver to my spine
they finally got to the point and put it in lamens terms arrgh finally
yeah I saw this last night. it's so awesome if you only look beyond the words and what YOU want them to be like. they keep delivering almost the same message for a reason.....BECAUSE IT'S THE TRUTH! it's like they just keep giving little nudges to look inside yourself.....and their here to help, maybe not cure all of our problems but in assisting to do so. they keep re-iterating this stuff because some are not listening.
i get a lot now ever since i started following the channelings .. truly wonderful ..
Nina said:
I am logging off now and spending ten minutes switching off and tuning in!!

Count me in too!! :D

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