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Q: I understand that to be a lightbody state of consciousness, which our earth beings are able to achieve..

B: In a sense, yes

Q: ..and I just wanted to expand my knowledge and hear your perception on that state of being, what one can learn in it.

B: The idea first of all, is again to have a slightly different definition and point of view of what this whole concept of "Lightbody and spirit and concept of the soul" is all about.

B: In a sense while still using the same kind of terminologies that humans use to define these things, it might actually still be more precise to understand that your spirit is not in your body, your body is in your spirit. And when you 'leave' your body, to go to other levels, so to speak, you are actually just expanding beyond the idea of physical focus to include the body and more of yourself which is represented sometimes in your society by different layers or levels of vibration called lightbody, mental body, causal plane, all this different kinds of nomenclatures, are just different ways of recognizing the refinements of vibrations that represent different degrees of expansion outward of your consciousness from the focus that it usually takes when you experience yourself as being 'in' physical reality

B: Now, we have said a few times and we will say here again and we understand sometimes this language seems a little bit confusing so we repeat if you want us to. But understand, the idea of expansion, the idea of ascension so to speak, is the realization, the recognition that you actually are the reality itself that you previously thought you existed in. Does that make sense?

Q: Yes..

B: You actually ARE physical reality, you don't exist in it. You ARE physical reality. It's in you. And the idea of physical body, light body, causal plane, mental plane, astral plane, all this ideas are simply different expressions of your overall consciousness that represent different focal point within that consciousness that a representative of a different degrees of ability at accessing knowledge information and experience.

B: Now, the so called lightbody level allows you to begin to truly understand the fundamental underlying template upon which you layer and build your physical reality experience. It's an understanding place , a place of understanding that everything is made of light that even your scientist understand that physical "matter" doesn't really matter, it's actually energy it's actually light in a different frequency, and that when you are in the lightbody state of expansion then from that point of view you can really sense that and really begin to understand how to work with physical reality in much more expanded much more effortless way because all it is shifting in vibrations of light. Does that make sense?

Q: Yes

B: Does this help?

Q: Yes it helps

B: Is it answering your question sufficiently?

Q: Yes

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