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Ashtar: The illuminatti have been illuminated June 16

Ashtar addressing the June 16, 2009 Teleconference

“Well, Good Evening! Is everyone happy tonight? We have much to discuss. And perhaps we can sum it up; I caused a bit of a joke the Voice was giggling at a moment ago, so we’ll try it out here in our Beloved Family’s, in the audience of our Beloved Family. This is in the form of a confirmation: ‘The Illuminati are finally getting Illuminated!’ They’re getting it. They didn’t think this was going to ever happen.

“They were somewhat like in the movie, the Star Wars Movies, you know where the representatives of the dark, most specifically the one called Darth Vader himself thought, because he had been won over to the dark from the Light Path that he started out on, he thought that he could win everyone else over to the dark side, and it didn’t work out that way. He himself returned to the Light, to the Love, and he understood finally that the Force of Love was greater than any dark energy, any fear, any kinds of enslavements that he could possibly devise.

“Well, this is a grand representation, is it not, of what has taken place on Planet Earth? Oh yes, George Lucas knew a lot, and there are others like Spielberg, who have received a great deal of information in the form of inspiration, and they have told stories that are most applicable to Planet Earth.

“Now of course the Illuminati gave themselves that name as a kind of an inside joke, because they really represented the darkest of the dark energies. They have done so on Planet Earth for eons of time, and they didn’t really believe. We’ve told you before we’ve done a lot of visiting, most particularly St. Germain, but I, Ashtar have dropped in a time or two. They will not be surprised to see my name in worldwide headlines. Not that I’m looking for fame, but it’s just because I AM who I AM, and I represent all of the Galactic Federations.

“Anyway, the Illuminati didn’t think that we could possibly bring in so much Light as to overturn their power. After all they had all of these creatures, not the kinds that give you the warm fuzzies, but the kind that would just as soon incinerate you. We have not spoken of these. We have taken the high road. We have spoken of Love and the other elements of the foundation: Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude. Why? Well, because there were those who are spreading fear, and we had no desire to give any support to the fears that powering of these beings and their presence on Planet Earth other than just in passing, would give.

“You see we have been coming through this particular Voice for what you call five years plus, and we have been building the energies of Love. It is not that we have been untruthful. We have simply told you time and again that the energy of Love has the empowerment for you to create your lives however you want them to be, and to bring Peace, Abundance, and all of the things that humans are so much in desire of having, not the least of which is Freedom, Freedom to be, and to express, and to do as you choose, so long as you do not bring harm to any others.

“We talk about the oneness of all of us, and the Illuminati have sat back and said, ‘Ha, ha.’ Well guess what, it’s your turn. Beloved Ones! Beloved Ones! You have done it! We could not be here doing these things without you. These clearings that you have been reading about, and we so honor the Beloved Masters who have participated in this, those who walked the Planet in human body, and who have had their share, more than their share perhaps in the eyes of some, of the trials and tribulations of being in human body, in order to have the fullness of the Compassion, and the Forgiveness, and the Gratitude, which of course unconditional Love provides the atmosphere for.

“And so although we don’t usually name names, we shall honor those. We honor Mark, Tara and Rama, and Beth, Kauwila, [Terrance] and all of those who have participated in some manner in the clearings that you’ve been reading about, and if you have not been reading about them catch up quickly. What is noted now is the lightness of the Planet. These dark energies, now they know they’re gone. And this is the ultimate Freedom for each and every human to stand tall and be free.

“There are marvelous healers and facilitators of healing all over the Planet who have been working on these things for eons. But there were always those strong ones, who much like Darth Vader, had to go to the very end of the drama before they could finally be convinced in some manner or other to leave the Planet, and thus you beloved humans alone. You will find in here many comments, because you have plateaued. Unless you choose to keep some unhappy dramas and events going in your lives, you don’t have to do that anymore.

“Now we have told you through this Voice and others that there was a date, a time at which we would not allow these energies to continue their dark ways. What we meant when we said there was a date was simply that when the sequence of events had flowed sequentially to coincide with the permissions, with the evolvements, with the attunements and alignments, the gratitudes and forgivenesses that you Beloved Ones have been offering, consciously and unconsciously. That was what you might call the drop-dead date for those who wanted to keep you in the dark.

“What has died here is their ability to have any kind of a hold over you. So walk free, stand tall, sleep well and be encouraged. You will find in the next few days as a matter of fact that you have more energy than you have been feeling recently. The air will smell sweeter, the food will taste tastier, it will nourish and nurture you as never before. You see these energies have been able to permeate everywhere, everywhere in everyone’s energy fields. And everyone has an energy field whether they are human, animal, crystal, plant or whatever.

“So when we say Monsanto is done, we mean it’s done, and not only that, but whatever residues they have lying around are done. Do you see how it works, it’s all energy? So enjoy your lives, Beloved Ones. Continue with your Q-tipping. Yes, everyone here has advanced from general scrubbing, down into Q-tipping. Now that’s a biggee, we shall review.

“We have been suggesting that you cleanse and clear, do dendrite removals or whatever other energetic and spiritual methods you have. Nurture and nourish your physicalities. Put your egos, well not exactly out to pasture, but that’s as good as anything. In other words let your egos know with great Love and affection they’ve done a fabulous job for you, but it’s time for them to take a rest.

“Bring your inner child out to play. Perhaps your inner child can make the ego crack a smile or two or dance a bit or whatever. You see you’re not destroying your ego or leaving it behind, you’re simply allowing it to evolve with you. We have been giving this advice now for some time, along with our discussions about Forgiveness and Gratitude, Compassion and Love, and a little bit here and there to confirm that all of these wondrous things that you’re reading about, well, they’re true, so long as you know who to read, because there are disinformation jobs out there.

“But it is going to be more and more difficult for the disinformation specialists to get anyone to believe them, because you see the need for fear is pretty much over. Now there are those who are starting to develop fears they never had as they recognize that the Light is shining upon them. They have nowhere to hide. They cannot steal your money anymore. They cannot enslave you. They cannot force unhappiness, low-vibe situations upon you. And they’re starting to get it.

“How about those thirteen families, do you think that they’re starting to understand that their day in the darkness is over, and they can come into the sunshine, or they can go someplace else and mull it over for a few centuries or whatever? Exposure hurts these ones. See, it’s all very well and good for them to make gestures and speak in symbols, and have their gatherings, and laugh at how powerful they are, but they’re starting to find out that they’re not powerful, and they’re having to accept this as Truth, and it’s a very hurting situation for them, to have all of this turned on them.

“And they do not have their backups anymore. They don’t have their dragons. They don’t have all of the witch doctor types, and so on and so on, and the evil conjurors and so on. We aren’t going to dwell on that. They just aren’t there to support them anymore. The Annunaki have pulled out a long time ago with a treaty of Peace, a return to the Light. But there were renegades, and there were these other beings that you’re just hearing about now.

“Isn’t it delightful that the first thing you’re hearing about them is they’re gone? That really was brilliant if we do say ourselves. Here we are telling you, all you gotta do is Love, ‘All you need is Love.’ That was a great one wasn’t it, a fabulously, fabulously inspired musical contribution to the World. ‘All you need is Love.’ So it really didn’t make a lot of sense to fill you with fear about all of these beings who still had a little bit of time left to do their thing, but now it’s done. So there’s the great news.

“Confirmation, the World has turned a page, or shall we say had a page turned, and there were many, many more who were in support of these missions, higher dimensional beings as well as Beloved Family beings. Every time that you think, or say ‘Thank you’ to these ones who are on the mission, you are participating, you are supporting and you are contributing to its success. Every time that you beam your Love Light out to the World, the same thing. You’ve been doing that, you’ve been preparing the way, and thus it was able to be accomplished.”

“..Now there’re still a few loose ends to tidy up, but be not concerned, you can put your White Light or Golden Domes or whatever you want to around you, and be assured that you are loved and you are secure. You’ve heard a little bit of a message from that Master of the Language of Light herself. And there was a message from the Paschats, did you all get it? Didn’t they give you the warm fuzzies? Didn’t you just feel fabulous getting hugged by those guys? Well, they’re here, as we like to say, they’re here, they’re there, they’re everywhere.

“And if you have a sense of something around the corner that you’re concerned about, don’t be concerned. Just ask the Paschats to pave the way or go in front of you, or whatever you choose. Along with the dark energies themselves has gone a great deal of the technologies that they were trying to unleash. They have done so to a certain extent. So you need to understand that their computers are down.

“Let’s just say ‘big time,’ shall we? That’s a rather interesting thought isn’t it? You can spend some time if you want to doing a little remote viewing or envisioning of how this must seem. Why? To further your Compassion. Nothing is going to finish the job faster than beaming these ones Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude.

“If you had not reached the high state of evolvement that you have reached, if you were not so loving, we would not have been able to say, ‘OK we’ve reached the drop-dead date. It’s time for these energies to go and be gone from Planet Earth.’ There were accesses to the planet that the off-planetary dark hats, if you want to call them that, had. The red carpet, so to speak, has been jerked out from underneath them. They no longer have access, so reinforcements are not on the way.

“So what is left as we’ve said is a few loose ends. If you want to continue in the housecleaning metaphors, the mop-up will be fast. That’s another aspect to all of this. Isn’t it amazing, you’ve been waiting for years for all of these events to unfold. Well you didn’t perhaps know all about this particular part of the unfoldment, but you do now. If it amazes you how fast this is getting done, it’s been building for eons. Everything has been laid out, the future is now.

“Now we know there are some of you who are wondering how we’re going to restore an old growth forest in a week when we bring the seeds for that, or how this or that is going to happen so fast. We trust that these operations have given you some inkling, a glimpse, shall we say, of how quickly things can happen when there are no limits placed upon the success of the operation, when it is a foregone conclusion - no doubt whatsoever.

“Oh we know some of the participants were a bit in wonderment at times about whether this was all getting done or not, and we want to assure you it was. It was. It is. And so that just gives you an idea of how quickly the biggies can happen. Now you are becoming aware of the fact that there are countries around the world whose newspapers are not stifled like yours are on the topic of our presence in your Earth’s atmosphere. It is not necessary, but if you want to you can go to some of these news publications from the other countries, and you can email an article or two to your group if you want to help them to get ready.

“It would be more helpful though just to beam them messages of: ‘We are one, we are not alone, we are loved, and we are coming together. It’s party time! We’re going to be celebrating.’ Now there are those, particularly the fundamentalists, who have been, shall we say, disempowered by dogmas of religious and political natures, and economic and social and so on and so on. They’re going to have a bit of a hard time. We shall endeavor whenever possible to be sure that we can hover in places where it is unmistakable that it’s really us.

“We shall perhaps devise some appearances and messages which would be easily recognized and accepted in 3D. Won’t that be jolly good fun? Perhaps we shall pass out balloons to the kiddies, and oh, gold coins or something to the adults. We haven’t quite got that figured out yet, but we’re thinking on it, because we want everyone to feel fabulous.

“Oh, speaking of which big weekend coming up: Big-Big-Big-Big-Big! For those of you who are joining us at Bushwillows it just gets better and better. We can assure you that those dwellers of what you call the Elemental Kingdoms are very excited! This is red carpet time for them you know. This is ‘Welcome home, Welcome back’ with hugs and Joy - ‘Joy to the World!’

“We’re going to get that Jeremiah. Yes, we’re going to hear from Jeremiah. We’re talking about that fabulous froggie among others, because we would like you who wish to support this, but are just not feeling up to coming for one reason or another, we’d like you to play happy tunes, do some dancing, join us in meditation or whatever you can find to do in your hearts.

“Pan and I shall be conducting the sacred solemn ceremony, and we’ll be participating in the frivolities of the celebrations on the Day of the Sun. We’re just going to tell you this is like no other. Solstice is always an empowering, almost magical time. It has been honored by those who are in such close touch with the Earth and with nature and the atmosphere. It has indeed been incorporated even into worshipping religions, and while we are not suggesting that you worship the Sun at all, that is not what we’re saying, it is simply that we are pointing out how important the Sun has been in everyone’s lives. Think of it. The Sun of course is changing and evolving even as you are, even as Planet Earth is.

“Mother Gaia’s just loving it, and so are all of the Kingdoms. So the red carpet is going to be rolled out in a big way for the changes that are happening, for the adjustments, attunements and alignments that are happening for all of humankind, and all of the Kingdoms below, on and above Planet Earth. And beyond that the rest of the story is the energies that are coming, that are going to make this the biggest, bestest Solstice ever. We have the energies of the cleanup going on, the Q-tipping, the clearings. We have the refreshing energies of an Earth that is not weighed down by gloomy doomy dark energies.

“We have the energies of the Sun coming to warm everyone. Open your hearts and let it just flow in. It’s the Light of Love even more. This is going to be an incredible, except believe it because it’s true, and joyful happening culminating on the day of the Solstice. Not that there won’t be day upon day. It’s getting better and better all the time. Feel the warmth of the Sun, even if the clouds are out that day, just close your eyes, feel the warmth of the Sun and allow it to energize you.

“We mentioned that you’re going to be feeling more energized, because you’ve plateaued. And unless you really, really want to feel the yuckies, and the coldness in your bones and all of that stuff, just open up and let the Sun shine in. Now there’s an oldie but goodie isn’t it. Hah! So enjoy it. Welcome it. The Sun’s going to be around for a long time, and yes there’s going to be another one, and there’s going to be some changes and evolvements, and there already have been.

“We’re not going into the science of it here, we’re going into the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy. That’s what it’s about. Open to receive it Beloved Ones, you deserve it, and you didn’t have to do anything except show up to deserve it. Get that! If you’ve got any lingering guilts or intolerances about you or dislikes or whatever, Q-tip them out. Get ready. Just let that Sun sweep through you, and feel fabulous, because that’s who you are, and how you deserve to be, and there’s no question of that. So all in all it’s going to be a very big weekend, made possible by you Beloved Ones, and all that you’ve experienced, and all that you are doing even now by being with each other in the Oneness.

“All righty, so we are just saying you have your invitation, the red carpet is rolled out for you, you in turn can roll it out for the magnificence of the Sun, for the Kingdoms, all of the Fairies, and the Elementals are standing by ready, ready to come forth on that red carpet. So we’re going to issue an invitation, because after all we are co-creators, yes, so we’re going to suggest that if you have any experiences that you’d like to share about this weekend, if you happen to find some Fairies having a picnic and you get invited, or a tea party in your yard, or if a unicorn comes to your door and says, ‘Hello, I’d like to be petted and loved by you,’ or whatever, send them on in. We have a system, we have an address, an internet address. It is called email. So just go ahead and email to Ashtar.

“They have a publication coming out which I have co-created with them, these wondrous ones who do this, all of this Family work. And they will be putting these kinds of sharings into the upcoming publication. In fact it’s not going to come out exactly when the Voice thinks it ought to come out, but she’s reconciled herself to it. She’s sort of a perfectionist you know, and she likes consistency.

“Well anyway, it’s going to come out next month in the marvelous month of July, and it might contain some very interesting news. There used to be a portion of a program on the television set, and it was always so enjoyed, and it is called ‘That Was The Week That Was.’ Well there will be, ‘That Was The Weekend That Was,’ and possibly even more depending upon when it rolls out. We have some events planned, that as it is seen in this moment, because everything is flowing so beautifully, there are going to be some biggies coming up soon, because everything is flowing so smoothly.

“This is getting to be kind of fun isn’t it? Do you want to say it with me? ‘No Dates!’ Nevertheless, you haven’t come this far to have a slow-down. You’re going at warp speed now, and if you have a little trouble recognizing that, remember the events of that was the week that just was, in terms of the amount of time involved or the number of days, or whatever you want to call it.

“That was the week that was, and even though, as you measure time, you see it as in the past, it is also the future, future coming into manifestation in your now. Now you’ll get a lot more of that as you continue your evolvement. So as your DNA opens, and you form new neuronets, as you exchange old unneeded dendrite webs for Love and new thoughts and attitudes and expressions of being, you’re going at warp speed. That’s the plateau you’ve reached. So we’re telling you in one moment you’re going to feel more rested, and in the next moment we’re telling you you’re going to be more energized, ’cause you’re going to need it.

“So there you have it, and that, Beloved Ones, is the ‘State of You Report’ for this evening. Now we have another who would like to come and share with you perhaps a bit of a different perspective. But nevertheless Truth and real. And so we shall move aside. Just asking you to remember the four components of the foundation of what we have been here to share with you these five plus years, as you measure time - Love, the greatest energy in the Universe, Compassion, Forgiveness and Gratitude, to extend to all without any differences, without any hesitations, and when you reach that constancy, you will be truly living the 5D lifestyle that you’re so looking forward to.

“And so we congratulate you and we honor you, and we thank you beyond words, Beloved Ones. Just feel the Love and reach out and extend it to each other, hugs all around, and then hug the World. It’s very huggable, totally lovable and it’s yours. And so it is! Salut!”

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Ok Ashtar, if you say we celebrate, then so be it. Am eagerly waiting for that fairy to come on and take all the hugs they can take. Love ma bratha.
Great Blog ,Kihanyaking.
...thanx so much bro,for your contributions.
.....keep on shining your precious light.

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