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Ashtar as Interdimensional Shepherd: Your Urgent Missions NOW

Greetings, Starseeds, Shamans, Light-Beings, Jedis, Lightworkers,
Contactees, Wanderers, as well as Crystals and Indigos!
If you are indeed "here," you need to Begin your
                          M I S S I O N         N O W
contact  janisel(at)

Do you *need* to know if you are a Contactee [Experiencer], or a
[Star] Wanderer, or a Walk-In type of other type of Starseed?

Here is information about the ASHTAR COMMAND from the Sananda's
Eagle's website at

===   ===   ===   ===   ===   ===   ===   ===   === 

***   Ashtar and the Ashtar Command    ***

Dear ones, my name is Ashtar. I am an etheric being from many, many
planets, stars and incarnations. However, for billions of years, I
have taken on one project, the project of populating many planets
with "Star Seed", and the project of bringing those planets through
evolution. Earth is not the only one! Still it was myself, among
others, who brought life to Earth in the very beginning and I did
this, as did others, mainly through intention and through the
process of creation relative to the human being. Now, because the
Earth is out of balance and because I have an interest in the
people, I come to assist at this time, to see her through the
evolution into the Fifth Dimension.

And so, I come as a shepherd, gathering together his sheep safely,
carrying the ones who hurt, just being there for all of them,
finding the strays and bringing them together. This is my task, at
this time, relative to the Earth. Ashtar means "Shepherd". I am
Ashtar, shepherd of the Earth. I wish to bring to your awareness
another shepherd, for there are many. This shepherd you know very
well. His name is Jesus. Jesus was an incarnation on the Earth of a
very high being, known to those of the Light as Sananda. This one,
of course, you all know personally. He is the one to whom you pray.
Jesus. Sananda.

Dearest ones, I work directly under the leadership of Sananda.
Therefore, you know and understand that we of the etheric inter-
dimensional forces work directly with the Light, with Jesus and
with God. Your Heavenly Creator is the one whom we worship, just as
you do.

We are working with you as partners, to bring the Earth into a
higher dimension. That is what is occurring and is what the Book of
Revelation does not say. All of the changes upon the Earth are
cleansings to prepare for this and they are explained in
Revelation. It would be helpful for you to read that book, the last
chapter in the Bible. As you read, you will see and you will
understand there are prophesies, and that on the Earth those
prophesies are being fulfilled right now. I give you these words
with much love, dear ones. I give you these words in order to bring
understanding to your heart.

I bring you these suggestions so you will be able to look deeper
and understand better. I wish to thank you at this time...all of
you who are of the stars...who are awakening to the reality that is
not in the history books. These realities are coming through in the
form of channelings, realizations, insights and dreams. Dear ones,
I suggest that you get together with others of your philosophy,
either by postal mail, by email, or in person, so you can discuss
these matters, and thereby understand more.

Daily, dear ones, invoke the Light upon your entire being, your
life, and your loved ones. The White Light is your protection and
it is a beam through which we, in the Heaven Worlds, can guide you.

This is Ashtar, helping you with information, as you are ready to
receive it.

===   ===   ===   ===   ===   ===   ===   ===   === 

If you are ready, and SERIOUS, about 'walking the talk' and working
your Mission by being of service to our Creator, the Earth, and
mankind, and would like to participate in ***Project: Eagle
Triad*** please email janisel(at)

Learn More about details and History of ***Project Eagle Triad***

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