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Are you in the fourth dimension and do not know it? By Alloya

Are you in the fourth dimension and do not know it? By Alloya

The following text will call you to expand your mind beyond all that you
consider normal and real. It may even call into question my sanity. If you read this
and decide that I am crazy then so be it, then you simply are not ready for such
information. However if you can let go of all that you know about life and existence
and come with me, then I promise you a splendid adventure.
We are all aware that we are on a planet, which is shifting in vibration, we all
know we are all part of this planet and therefore are transforming along with her.
After all we are all made up of the same stuff as the planet itself and therefore if she
shifts then so do we. On our journey with Gaia we will pass through the fourth
dimension. We have already entered the very first stages of this journey.
The signal that the planet as a whole was about to enter the fourth dimension
came about during the tsunami, which happened in Asia in December 2004. This was
the beginning of Gaia’s labor pains as she births us into New Planet. This was a big
sign to me and it was not until recently did I come to understand what a big moment
in our history this was. This was Gaia’s first push into the fourth dimension. We are
no longer totally anchored into the third dimension. If you are reading this, then you
may be like me, DEAD and do not know it.
What do I mean by such a statement you may be asking? Let me explain if I
can without sending you into total confusion or making you come to the conclusion,
“now Alloya has gone totally mad”.
For those of you, who have not read my previous newsletter issue 7, let me
explain what happened to me during my stay in India. On a third dimensional level I
got very serious food poisoning and was rushed to hospital. I spent a several days in
hospital during which I lost half my body weight and most of the water in my body.
To say I was seriously ill was an understatement. During this time I spent most of
my time out of my body hovering above my body on the ceiling, looking down on my
third dimensional form. I was not distressed as I was at peace floating without pain
with my Angelic self and my Soul. I was with friends and had no need to fear.
However as I watched the nurses coming in and out to change my drips, I became
aware of a fear energy, which seemed to emanate from their bodies. I could not
understand their words, as they spoke in Indian but I could see in their emotional
body that they were very concerned about me.
When I questioned my Soul about their concern, my Soul very calmly
announced, “oh you are dying”.
“Really? “ I said. This did not bring me into fear as from my vantage point on
the ceiling it did not seem to matter. I spent many days in this state pondering the
issues connected with my death. I was not scared to die; only concerned of how it
would affect those who I would leave behind. I do not think I had ever really
believed I could die, I thought it was an illusion. Not only from a new age concept
within my mind did I believe this, but deep inside myself, even from an early age I
had not believed that people died but only went somewhere else.
How many days I spent on the ceiling I cannot tell, as time out of the body is
so much different to time inside the body and the third dimension. At first I could see
my body very clearly as if I was only a few meters above my body, but with the help
of my soul I began to move what seemed further away. I became dissociated from
my third dimensional body. I began to feel that the fourth dimensional body I now
inhabited was more real than the sick, yellow skinny thing that now lay in the bed.
The body in the bed became foggier and now seemed like a cloud of energy, where
as the body I now inhabited seemed denser and more real than the one I was
leaving. I began to look at the creature in the bed as if it was separate to me. I had
long frank discussions with my Soul about the nature of the body which was in fact
dying. With the help of my Soul, I began to look at my life up to this point as if it
was film in fast forward. So many times we are told at the point of death we see our
life flash before our eyes. Not for one minute did I truly realize what was about to
happen. I was about to die.
Now you may think (and I did for a while until my Soul insisted this was not
how it was), that I simply recovered and re-entered my body. But this was not how it
was. My Soul anchored me into the life force and I entered the foggy mass that lay
in the bed. Instead of waking up inside my physical third dimensional body, I passed
through a dark portal, which seemed to be in the very center of my body. I was also
aware that this portal was not only inside my body but also was in the very center of
the planet itself. “You are about to pass through the death portal “said my Soul.
“What would you like to change about yourself on a physical level? “She said in that
moment the only thing I could think of was “I no longer wanted to be fat”. I would
not say I had a serious weight problem but it has always been a battle of mine to
keep myself from becoming obese, as this was in my genes, a family trait. I do not
know how long I traveled through this dark portal but I awoke one morning feeling
so much better, wanting to get out of bed and leave the hospital. The Nurses were
astonished and kept trying to tell me how seriously ill I was and how I could not
possibly leave. I thought they were crazy, as I felt healthy and strangely elated.
Finally after several hours of arguing with the nurses I discharged myself as
they said they could not be responsible for allowing me to leave. I left the hospital on
the back of a motorbike taxi as I rode away from the hospital, lots of children
followed shouting my name Alloya. “How do they know my name?” I thought, that
was strange, but I was so happy to be out of hospital I did not give it another
thought. The next few days passed with me sleeping on the beach, too little energy
to do much else. I waited for my return flight home.
I was glad to be back in the safety of my home. I felt strange in my body, I felt
like a cloud, like I was not quite real. I put this down to the fact I had been so ill. I
started to eat like crazy trying to put on some of the weight I had lost but the food
made no difference. I looked at my body in the mirror and was surprised to see that
not only was I slim but my body did not look the same shape anymore. I began to
examine my body and I was shocked to discover a scar I had, had on my leg since
my childhood was no longer there. This puzzled me, but I put it out of my mind and
began to rebuild myself. That is what it felt like literally, like I was using the original
atoms of my body mass to reform a new body for myself.
Now up to this point I believed I was inside the same body I had always been in
but when other people started to make comments on my changes, I began to
wonder what exactly had happened to me in that Indian hospital bed. My mother
came to visit me and she was shocked and said to me “you are not the same person
anymore; or rather you do not have the same body”. “Yes I have lost a lot of weight
“I said. “ No it is more than that “she said. My mother is not into spiritual themes, so
for her it was rather disconcerting.
The next few months past and slowly I regained my energy and started to live
my life again. The only negative thing remaining was my old problem of food
allergies were back with full force. Several years before when I was integrating my
Zeta self I had become allergic to all food, once again I found the only food I could
eat were bananas, funnily enough this was the only food I could eat when I had
entered new planet reality for ten days in the year of 1993. (You can read all about
this in my book “The Mission of the One Star ). I noticed many changes in my body
but I put them all down to being ill, not for one minute did I consider that I was no
longer in a third dimensional body.
Then I went to see a healer and she performed a healing technique, which she
called bone knocking. She finds a point on the body where it sounds hollow when
knocked. She then raps on the bones over and over again on the same place. For
most people it is incredibly painful and leaves bruises. My friend had, had the same
treatment the day before and she said it was incredibly painful and she had cried the
whole way through, she had big bruises. So when the healer said she was going to
perform this treatment on my body, I was all geared up for pain. There was no pain,
the only thing that happened, was I could hear her knocking as if I was deep inside a
cave and she was knocking on the outer surface. She kept saying “Oh Alloya I am so
sorry, this must be so painful “, and she did it for 40 minutes tapping very hard on
my skull and the base of my spine. The next days I kept checking my body for
bruises but there were none. This shocked me and made me wonder, as I had
always bruised easily.
“Why do I not have any bruises “, I asked my Soul. I was shocked to the core
when I heard her reply. “Because you are dead “she said. “ What do you mean I am
dead? “I asked with the fear trembling my voice. “ You are no longer on the third
dimension and to those still locked only in the third dimension you are in fact dead. “I
demanded an explanation.
“When you moved through the death portal you entered the fourth dimension.
You are now operating in a fourth dimensional body. This explains why there is no
pain from the bone knocking or bruises. This also explains why so many others have
seen and felt great changes in you. “
“So how can they still see me? “, I asked.
“Because they are in the fourth dimension too. They are sleeping and
dreaming that they are still totally in the third dimension. They do not realize that
the planet has now shifted and they are standing between the third and the fourth.
They are recreating their reality minute by minute to still resemble the old reality.
They have no awareness that they have shifted in consciousness from being totally
locked in the third dimension only and they have in a way, got one foot in the third
and one foot in the fourth.
You are awake; as you moved through the death portal you took all of them
with you. You are forgetting all the things I have told you. You are not separate to
anyone, you are all One. The others are the other aspects that are still sleeping. You
are the aspect, which is awake in the dream; you are becoming aware that you are
the dreamer and the dream. They as of yet do not have this awareness. This is why
you are writing this now, so that those who are not sleeping so deep will be awoken
when they read this. If they woke up completely and became aware they would be
shocked and many would lose their minds. This is not what the consciousness of the
planet Gaia wants.
You came to this planet to awaken them; you are part of an ancient team of
planetary transformers, just as Christ was. He too walked consciously through the
death portal, but for the others they did not have the elevated consciousness to
perceive him as still being alive on the fourth dimension. So therefore he cannot be
seen, only some experience his presence. However we are living in much more
advanced times .You see you create your own reality from the ideas you have on
how reality is. If you have no concept that you can live in a fourth dimensional body
after death, then you will not experience this, however those people in your personal
life are advanced souls and therefore they can create a reality where you can be
To say I was confused by this was an understatement. That was until I read a
part of my own book “The Mission of the One Star “. In this text I found that when
we first move into the fourth dimension, we see archetypal stories manifesting in our
outside reality. This was beginning to happen all around me. Everywhere I looked I
could see archetypal dramas and myths being played out in the interaction between
people. This was not easy for me, as I could see how other people were stealing
each other’s power and some of them were giving it willingly. These dramas that I
was seeing all around me seemed to go completely unnoticed by those playing the
game. Sometimes I tried to talk to people about how their partners were stealing
their energy for example but they only reacted in fear and anger towards me, so I
learnt to quietly watch and say nothing.
My dream life became more vivid and real than it had before. However I had
the strange feeling they were not dreams at all. You see I am starting to dream with
my eyes open. One night I had a dream where lots of people came into my room and
tried to get into my bed. Nothing strange about that I hear you say, but I not only
dreamt this, but I could feel the bed move as they got into it with me. I opened my
eyes and got out of bed and turned on the light to really make sure there was no one
in my bed. Then I returned to bed and closed my eyes and it began again. Now you
could say I had gone back to sleep but no I opened my eyes again and looked at the
clock and there was no time missing. Then it began again but this time with my eyes
I questioned my soul about this and she said “you are in a way half in the third
dimension and half in the fourth dimension. These two realities are over lapping each
other. This is the very start of being conscious multidimensionally. Since that time I
have been having so many dreams it is hard to catalog them all, I spend most
nights writing for hours in the middle of the night, each and every dream has so
much information in it, I could write another book.
The fourth dimension is a place of extreme light and dark. It is as the place of
illusions. This is very evident in my reality at the moment. I was having dinner with
friends and all of a sudden I could feel an extremely negative energy coming into the
room, all the hairs on my arms stood on end. I looked at my friend across the dinner
table and I could feel this energy coming from his body. I looked into his eyes and
they were the coldest blue I have ever seen. I smiled at him, hoping he would return
the smile and he just stared at me with pure hatred in his eyes. This energy did not
go away and for the next few days I was in fear of him and did not want to be next
to him at all. He changed in his personality and was rude and nasty to me for no
reason. To say this caused a problem for me was an understatement. I talked about
this to his wife and she basically said I was crazy and she had not seen him be
horrible at all and I think she was thinking I was causing trouble. I said, “Did you not
see his awful blue eyes? “. “Blue eyes, he has brown eyes “she said, I suddenly saw
him in the third dimension and she was right he did in fact have brown eyes.”
I made the classic mistake of talking out loud to them about this phenomenon.
And then I remembered what my soul had told me when I had experienced this
whilst in New Planet.
“If you talk out loud you will be talking to their egos and they will not know
what you are talking about, and think you are totally mad. But if you talk to them in
your head and then watch, the next thing they talk about will give you the answers
to your questions. “She said.
I had remembered this happening before, so I learned a hard lesson and have
now found a new way to communicate.
Why am I telling you all this, is because some of you are about to wake up as I
have done and in order for the others not to think you have gone mad you need
When this begins for you, remember if you want the information from the soul,
talk to them in your head and then watch and listen to what they say next. There is
a double meaning in their communication. Let me give you an example.
When I was in New Planet the last time, I asked my partner in my head who he
was. The next thing out of his mouth gave me such precise information, I thought he
knew he was channeling. So I said to him “oh my god, why did you not tell me this
before? “. He frowned at me and said, “What on earth are you talking about?” I
asked my soul what is going on. She told me that there were two beings here, one
was his soul who knew everything and the other was his human personality and ego.
If you talk out loud you talk to his ego and he will not know what it is you are talking
about, but if you talk to him in your head you are talking directly to his soul. As she
said this he said “what you do not realize, that there is two perspectives going on
here”, he was not really talking to me but commenting about a debate that was
going on, on the T.V. I then realized this new and exciting game and spend the next
days talking to everyone’s soul in my head and then waiting to hear what they had
to say. I got so much information this way, it was mind blowing.

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