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Archangel Michael: I Promise You Life-long Joy, Happiness, Abundance. What Do You Say? 2012 November 27, by Steve Beckow

Archangel Michael: I Promise You Life-long Joy, Happiness, Abundance. What Do You Say? 2012 November 27, by Steve Beckow

This week Geoffrey brings out the lighter side, the more adventurous and more social side of Archangel Michael, who, he tells us, created such things as the Aurora Borealis, describes what lies at the end of the universe, and enrolls us in a sales plan for eternal happiness.

Come join the adventurer Michael, the musician and the explorer Michael as Geoffrey gets some questions answered that have been with him since childhood. Many thanks to Ellen for her speedy turnaround.
An Hour with an Angel, November 26, 2012

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon of the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Geoffrey West of Greenprint for Life. It’s a pleasure to be with you. I’m Graham Dewyea.
Our guest today is Archangel Michael. So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Geoffrey.

Geoffrey West: Thank you, Graham. Greetings and blessings to all. It is my hope that tonight’s program will be slightly different. Although there will be a few relevant questions, the desire is to bring forth a more light-hearted aspect of that which exists in the celestial and perhaps even in the galactic realm.

There are some issues that we do need to address leading up to that, however, but as we wind up the final weeks of 2012, the thought had occurred to me that there will be many, especially those still hanging on strongly to religious beliefs, that could have some fear-based reactions, Also among those who have been led to the belief that our divine creator is a vengeful, punishing deity that demands our loyalty in various ways and times.

The beliefs that have been conditioned among humanity were designed to keep people in fear and in need of leadership, not only in terms of governance, but also in terms of spirituality. It’s my personal feeling and belief that an important aspect of this process of Ascension is to allow for the experience of joy and freedom to create and experience something which the vast majority of us are not aware of, both for this reality and for beyond.

After having been taught to approach our higher-awareness families with various levels of reverence and even fear, it is possible - or is it possible? And is it even appropriate? - to view these families as having a lighter, spontaneous and even humorous side.
I have no idea what to expect this evening, so it could end up being as much of a surprise for me as it may be for some of you. I’d like to ask Linda to come on for a few moments as herself to share a few comments.
Welcome, Linda.

Linda Dillon: Hi, Geoff. It’s a pleasure to be here, as always.
And yes, I think that tonight’s unscripted gathering, and it does feel like a gathering, is going to be surprising, probably to us and to our listeners.

Joy has been a theme for the Council of Love for a long time. In fact, I was reminded of that when we gathered in Sedona for the first Conference, that we met at Poco Diablo. And that was where, oh, six years ago we, as the Council of Love, gathered to anchor joy and to bring in that energy of joy.

And what was funny about it, funny I think in the cosmic sense, was that it was one of those workshops where everything on the physical plane that could go wrong did go wrong.
Instead of nice weather, we had hail and snow and all kinds of difficulties. The room we’d planned to work in didn’t work out, and we were in this small conference room. But we did, we anchored joy.

And I think a lot of us, in our spiritual journeys, and particularly, as you said, as we’re coming to the end of 2012 are seeking and wanting and yearning for joy, and yet we’re not embracing it. We’re not doing what Archangel Gabriel certainly has called the joy work, the embrace of the golden ray of joy of our hearts.

So, I think if we did nothing else tonight than just have that element of joy come in, then we would really be accomplishing a great deal.
At the end of 2012 coming up, I also wanted to share with our listeners that I’ve been guided, as Archangel Michael would say, strongly encouraged, and in the words of the Council of Love when they say “strongly encouraged,” it’s as good as a military order, [laugh] to do two events or two web gatherings, to get ready for the end of the year. Well, one is to get ready for the end of the year, and the other is on December 22nd.

So, although I feel that we have covered so much of the process of Ascension, of what to do, what to expect, how to prepare, what the roles are, I am still getting flooded, as I’m sure the 2012 Scenario is, and Greenprint for Life is, with questions about what do I do, what can I expect, what is my role, how do I know what my role is, what about my dog, my cat, my neighbors?

So, on December 15 I’m going to do a webinar for two hours on Ascension and you. And what it is intended to be is very interactive, so that people can actually ask their questions as we’re sliding up to what so many people think of as a transitional date, and as you know I have great difficulty thinking of Ascension as a single day or spot in time.
So on December 15th we’re going to do “Ascension and You,” and then on December 22nd, we’re going to do a webcast on the day after and the new beginning.

Because one of the things that the Council of Love has been really emphasizing, again, in our time together and individually, is, “What now?” Our big job, our big joy is the creation of Nova Earth. And that is the co-creation that we’re doing with the heavenly realms, with Archangel Michael, with our galactic brothers and sisters, and that is going to be phenomenal.

So, the day after we’re going to get started in talking about that in very concrete terms. No matter how much we talk about that magical date of December 21st, even though we’ve been told and we’ve been shared incredible amounts of information, in our bones, we don’t know exactly, individually, what’s going to happen, what exactly it’s going to feel like, other than it’s going to feel joyous.

That’s what this process is about. It’s switching from our ego-mind consciousness to our heart consciousness.
So for both of those events you can register on the Council of Love, website. And I hope you come.
And if you have any outstanding questions, and particularly on the day after, I see it as a celebration of hope, of renewal, and of new beginnings.
So, thanks for allowing me to announce that and let’s get started on joy.

GW: Okay, Linda. One question just before you bring in Michael. Now, I’m going to ask Michael a bit more specifically in a moment about his personality, his nature. But from your perspective, do you often perceive only the love and the joy? Do you perceive what could be and what we might interpret as a more serious side to him? Or is it always light?

LD: That’s a really good question, Geoff. And even when the Council, whether it’s Archangel Michael or Gabriel or the Universal Mother, even when it’s really serious, there’s joy. There’s incredible light.
So this whole idea that’s been imbued, inculcated into our culture, and in many cultures - I’m talking about all over the world - of a thundering, punishing, fearful God or entities, is simply not true! It’s not real.

I wouldn’t have lasted going on 30 years if it was fearful or painful or hurtful. Now are there times when I feel this overwhelming sense of joy? All the time - but also of this dismay or this sadness at what’s going on on the planet? I have. It’s not a normal feeling, and I use that word, feeling, because it’s what we can relate to.
It’s not like the Company of Heaven has the same type of feelings we do, in fact it’s much bigger. And that’s when I know something’s really up, or something’s really going wrong here, and we need to re-shift collectively or individually, and get back on track.

But, always, even behind that there is this amazing light and this amazing joy. And you know what? If you think in terms of real practical qualities, when we turn to our guides. the ascended masters or the archangels, we’re turning to them because we want to feel that sacred connection. We want to feel that joy. And if we’re feeling those elusive feelings of fear or anger or what-if, the reason we’re turning to them is to have help to dispel those feelings.
So, that fear piece, whether it’s huge or whether it’s microscopic, has to go.

GW: Great. Thank you, Linda. No, absolutely, we’ll be touching on a little bit of that in a moment with Archangel Michael. We’ll just give Linda a moment to bring in Michael, and while she is doing so we can hold a vision of Michael’s blue flame of peace, enfolding and encircling the Earth, entering into the hearts of all leaders of all forms and in all institutions, lifting their awareness and empowering them into higher service at this time for the highest good of all.

With that, we express our gratitude and love for the service of all at this time, for contributing to the awakening we are now experiencing.
Michael, you’re back on the microphone for another evening. Welcome, greetings, and love, as always.

Archangel Michael: And welcome to you, Geoffrey. And yes, I am Michael, archangel of love, warrior of peace, bringer of joy and good news. Yes, I am stealing a page from my sister Gabrielle and from my brother Archangel Gabriel, for you never know which way he and she are going to show up.

But let us tell you, we are the bringers of joy. We are the bringers of freedom. I have spent a great deal of time - particularly in the last year, my friends - talking to you, speaking to your hearts, about freedom. What is freedom, except the liberty to do as you desire, to bring forth what you yearn to co-create, to be in the joy of your sacred self in unity with us?

Now, I know that you have spoken with St. Francis of late, and he always says to you, “I am St. Francis, and you can call me Frank.” And even on this side it gets a laugh. And you can probably hear that ringing throughout heaven and Earth.
But I am not suggesting as we begin this night that you call me Mike, for I claim my name as Mich-ay-el, and the “el” is very important. But what I say to you is that if you wish, because it’s the only way you can relate to me, to call me Mike or

AAM, I will answer.
And I will answer always with a light that explodes and penetrates you, that encompasses you and fills you, and reminds you, not of who I am…. Because, let’s face it, that’s almost inconsequential at this point, isn’t it?
What I want to remind you of is who you are. And that is the exercise that I bring, not only as archangel, but warrior of peace. And I look forward to the day when I no longer claim that title, when I simply announce myself as brother in peace.
You will still recognize me. Don’t worry.
So, dear friend, where do you wish to begin?

GW: Well, I can imagine that many listeners will be experiencing a lot of confusion, fear and tension, as you have elaborated and as Linda has talked about. So maybe it’s appropriate to address this first.
Could you elaborate a bit on this fear imagery that religion has painted of the Divine Creator? Religion has created the image of a vengeful, punishing Creator that demands worship and reverence in certain ways and at certain times.

The question that could be asked is this: Since everything is One, why would one aspect of Divine Creator create multiple aspects of God-Self, give those aspects free will, and then demand that they think, talk and act in certain ways under threat of banishment to a place called Hell if they do not comply? What are your thoughts on this?

AAM: This is a very involved question, my friend. And it is an excellent question, particularly about the creation of vengeful gods.
Let me begin by suggesting to you that there is no such thing or place as Hell. Hell is the place where you are caught in your emotions, in that emotional-mental field of believing that you are unloved and unlovable. It is a control scenario, and it is a control scenario at its very worst.

But let us suggest, one of the things that we have been doing is erasing the false grids and paradigms of what you have experienced here on Earth - and it has happened elsewhere, too, at other different times - but the false grids of illusion.
These illusions were not created by the Mother/Father/One. Let us begin there.

These illusions were created by human beings who felt themselves to be unloved and unlovable, to be feeling that they only could gain self-worth in the control, in the gaining of power from others. And it did not matter whether it was in a cave at the very beginning, whether it was even off planet, whether it was in a private little fiefdom, like the Vatican, whether it was nations or families.

Think of the system as patriarchal. Now, the patriarch has many wonderful qualities, because what it was founded on, modeled after, the idea of the Divine Masculine assisting, taking care of, holding the still point, protecting, defending.
But what emerged was the system of control, the subjugation of most of the population of the planet, and certainly the subjugation of children as property, of woman as property.

None of this has ever been based upon the divine qualities, upon the blessings and virtues. This was a human creation that grew and grew, and it has been one of the strongest demonstrations of how powerful the human collective is in terms of Creator race.

You not only internalized it, but you created societies, edifices of all kinds, whether they are on Wall Street or the neighborhood church, based on control, of telling you that you are evil and sinful and not worthy.
That has never been the message of the Divine Mother. That is why the unfoldment of her Plan at this time is so glorious. That is why Yeshua came, and many prophets have come, to simply say, “Excuse me, did you forget about love?”

Loving yourself and loving each other is the only rule. Yes, there are some rules of behavior that reflected on qualities, but they are not about punishment, and they are certainly not about control.
So there are varying degrees of fear within the population of Earth, from the most severe, and there are still many that are frozen in the ice. So we are asking this day and every day that you be sending them that blue flame, the golden flame, the pink flame, the magenta flame and the amethyst flame, to warm them up to the fact that they are not only alive, but loved, and that they have the power to create the life they desire in accordance with their highest self.

So this myth of a punishing God who wants to cast you into fires of Hell - and this is a theme in all religions - is simply not true. Now, based on that mythology, many of you have cast yourselves into the fires of your personal Hells, and certainly collectively on planet you have created situations that are living Hells. But they aren’t real.

So now you are awakening, and you are looking at it like a child who had a temper tantrum and smashed their favorite toy. You are looking at the smashed toy and saying, “It doesn’t matter. I am not going to sit and grieve over this toy that is no longer there, that helped me get rid of my anger and fear. I am going to create a new one, and it is going to be wholesome.”

This is a word that people forget: wholesome. It is going to be free. It is going to be incredibly beautiful. And it is going to be something that I can share - with myself, with my family, with my friends, with my community.
Yahweh who is a way in which the energy of the unspeakable, unknowable can manifest, often says, “I am not the punishing, thundering God of old.”

There is not one soul, one being upon the planet that is not completely involved in the Ascension process right now, whether they know it or not. And an important part of this is coming to peace with the Divine Masculine and embracing that within and without. So that idea of the punishing Father has need to go.
Thank you.

GW: Thank you, Michael. While we’re talking about wholesome, as you have mentioned, in his book Tomorrow’s God, Neal Donald Walshe has indicated that religion has distorted the line that we have been created in the image of God.
And perhaps religion has allowed humanity to assume that this means that God is a personified image of humanity, of ourselves, without necessarily correcting that to mean that we are all, all aspects of life, uniquely different and equally beautiful of the oneness that is God. So, really, the wholesome aspect of divine is really what is meant by that, is it not?

AAM: That is correct. You are created in the image and likeness of God, but it does not mean that God is the guy living down the street. Now is it your next-door neighbor? Is it the dog, the cat, the tree, the plant? Yes. But to pretend that the Source and One is simply a physical replication of you is ridiculous!

GW: And there was a song sung by Joan Osborne a number of years ago, “What if God was One of Us? Just a slob like one of us, or a stranger on the bus?” So indeed we, in different ways ,we are being invited to explore the divinity in the aspects of all that we are. And then there are other songs, such as one by Billy Joel, where he says, “I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints, because sinning is much more fun,” and that “Only the good die young.”
So, in that sense, religion has painted a different aspect. Do you have any thoughts or comments on that, Michael?

AAM: Yes, we do. And you know that my background is a musician and so I often will inspire musicians, and they are not all Beethovens or Mozarts, you know. So, yes, we speak to people through sound, through music, through the heavenly spheres.

God is one of you. But more importantly, you are there with God on the bus. You are on God’s bus. He’s the driver, and the Mother is the ticket collector. And I say that so you can smile and laugh and get the imagery that you are together, and yes, the idea of piety - and now I am talking about Billy Joel and it is much more fun to hang out with the sinners - and it is true in that sense, of how he has communicated it.

Because the sense of piety, of sitting, whether you are doing it in a church or in a parliament or in your bedroom, and saying “Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa.” Thinking that this feeling of guilt, of blame, of shame, of fault, brings you closer to Source is not so.

Yes, you all mis-step. Do you really think that, if that happens, that we wish to see you writhing on the floor in agony, in tears? Sometimes tears are necessary, but only in the sense of reflection, of understanding what you have done, either through thought or action or deed, that what you have done is not of love, and it needs to be acknowledged and corrected, not corrected according to a dogma, but according to Divine Law, according to your heart. It wouldn’t hurt. You wouldn’t be afraid if it was in accordance with your Highest Self.

The other thing is that why people pray and go to confession and say, “Mea culpa,” “My fault; please forgive me,” is that they’re just afraid of being found out.
Well, that is absurd! There is nothing that you do or think or know or undertake that we are not aware of, the same way that we are aware of the entire universe. But we don’t go and say, “Well, so-and-so has done such-and-such, and let us punish them and kick them out of the club for a while.” So, why would you do it? Why would you be so fearful?

It goes back either to this life or many other lives, where punishment for the sake of punishment, and control, has been meted out upon you, either individually or collectively. So you think that if you bow your head and say “I’m sorry” enough that it will be okay, and that we will not beat you up.
But, dear hearts, we have no intention of doing anything other than loving you and raising you up.

Now, what you have done to each other over the history of the planet has been abhorrent. And what I say to you is often what I say to this channel: “Get over it. Let it go.”

GW: Indeed. Thank you, Michael.
Well, a number of years ago - and this is slowly transitioning now into perhaps the lighter aspect of the material that I hope you’ll share this evening - a number of years ago as part of the research for my master’s degree, I was looking at some research about NDEs, or near-death experiences.

At that time it was estimated that approximately 20,000 per year - and I think this was only in the US, but I cannot remember for sure - were having this kind of an experience. I personally know at least two people who have had this.
Now, not having read every single testimony, it is not fair to say how many have had good experiences or if there were some not so good experiences.

Those that I researched described good experiences, and their lives were forever changed, and that many did not want to come back to the dense, physical body, but were told that they still had something to do or to experience.
The fact that so many people have had near death experiences now, is this part of what is contributing to the shift we are now experiencing, because people have had a taste of what it is that awaits us?

AAM: Near-death experiences are a gift. Yes, sometimes they are traumatic, and certainly dramatic. But by and large, a near-death experience is a gift.
Now, each being who comes into this lifetime has a number of exit points, junctures in your road map, in your life path, where you have a choice to either stay or go. Very often at this junctures the near-death experiences will occur.
But they have been far more frequent, we would say.

Actually we have been building on this in about the last 50 to 60 years. And the reason was, as the density of the planet grew, and the plan for Ascension also began to rise, even though it has been in the unfoldment for eons, but as the human experience readying the populations for Ascension was rising, it was important that a large number of the population have the experience of bliss, of coming home.

We would be exceptionally surprised if someone ever had an experience of hellfire and damnation with this type of experience, because that would mean it was not genuine. It was simply their imagination and what they had concocted.
Leaving the form is a sacred, beautiful, freeing of the spirit, of the soul. To have that glimpse, that connection, with what truly is and what each of you are part of, and yes, part of the soul contract with these near-death experiences is the re-entry into your body and the sharing.

The shift is always significant, and the sharing is part of your contract, your soul journey. To say this has happened - and it does not matter whether it is a three-year-old boy or an eighty-year-old woman - to share that glimpse of what lies beyond is a gift to whoever also hears it, because of course you do not just hear of it, you receive the energy of that liberation, of that freedom.

So, yes, there has been an increase in the number of near-death experiences and that has been part of getting the populace ready for Ascension.

GW: Okay. Great. Now, in terms of junctions, you talk about each individual in his or her life path having junctions where they can make certain choices to move in different directions.
You yourself, coming to you for a moment and stepping into your current life path or your current truth, for this moment of now, have described yourself as a warrior of peace.

And that to a certain degree involves a certain degree of seriousness that we referred to earlier, but at the same time you can approach that seriousness with levity, with light and with love.
Are there other aspects to your life purpose at this time? Or is really your life purpose in this moment of now just to be a warrior of peace?

AAM: Heck no! [laugh]

GW: [laugh]

AAM: I am not unidimensional, and neither are you! Yes, I have to tell you, as you well know, all of you who are listening, that I have been rather busy, I will not say preoccupied, but certainly busy, with my peace initiative, particularly for this planet at this time. And I am undertaking this mission in other galaxies and other universes to be the bringer of peace.
But is that the totality of who I am? Oh, that would make creation boring. Is it rewarding? Yes. The only way you can be a warrior of peace is to see the light inside of what you are doing.

It is true that those of you who travel with me at night have gone to some very dark, horrendous places. You have an expression on Earth called “gallows humor.” Now, we’re not suggesting that we ever laugh at the atrocities that the humans create.

But think of that in terms of if we cannot laugh, if I cannot set aside that mantle of the warrior in what you think of as time, because time is a construct of your dimension and reality, it would be extraordinarily difficult.
But that is not the totality of who I am. I am an artist. I am a musician. I am very much involved in the true sense of peace, which is playful and joyful and co-creative.

But do not think that every moment of what you consider as time, space, reality, that I do not take time to simply be. I spend time in adoration, in your terms, every day, in the simple beingness of adoration, of expressing my love, my eternal gratitude, my adoration, for Creator, Source, Mother/Father/One. And that fills me.

I spend time at play, what you would think of in human terms as kicking back, and sometimes that is playing with the Mighty Ones and flying throughout the universe, witnessing the beauty of the galaxies, visiting your brothers and sisters on board ships, sitting with the Masters and discussing next steps and philosophy - yes, that is play to us. That is relaxation.

Can you imagine when you are sitting with the Heavenly Host, it replenishes you, it refreshes you, and it lets you know to your very core that you can go on for several more eons, and then far beyond that.
We love to explore infinity and eternity. Think of it. Creation is infinite. In every second, every breath that you take, there is more. If you think that you like to go exploring, then come with me, because I love a good adventure.

And it is playful. It is joyful. It is not drudgery. It is exciting in the truest sense of the word. There is part of me in your terms that would be sitting on the edge of my chair every day wondering what the Mother/Father is going to come up with next.

Am I just a warrior of peace? No. And so it is with you. We have been encouraging you lately to dream big, to go for what your heart desires. You are not unidimensional either. You are an artist and a musician and a creator and a maker of the home and a nurturer and a healer and a channel, and a neighbor and a friend and a parent. And then beyond that, you are your infinite selves.

So start setting yourself free too. I would love you to spend more time with me exploring. Simply ask. Now, an advantage too that you are learning, and that we have always had, is that we can be many places in the fullness of our form at once.
So very often if I am helping to ground peace, for example, in the Middle East, there is an infinite part of me that is also off in the highest realms refreshing. And that is transmitted into my being that is in the very darkness.
Can you understand what I am saying to you?

GW: Yes, I can, Michael. I can certainly envision that, and I hope that that will also be easily understood by the listeners as well. So yes, it’s a very expansive comment to make and certainly pushes the limits of the three-dimensional mind and the three-dimensional imagination.

I’m debating about which question I want to ask next, because there’s one that I would like to ask that’s most relevant to what you just said, but I’d like to back up a little bit and go back into your personality a little bit.
You’ve talked about yourself as a musician and an artist, and you’ve said that you are a bit playful. So if you were just to describe your personality outside of the way humanity might perceive you, would this be the main way that you would choose to describe yourself?

AAM: Yes. I would tell you, if you wish to think of in human terms, in qualities that you know, not just divine qualities descriptors, I am an adventurer. I am the one that is always up for whatever’s going on. I am the one that is always saying yes and trying to figure it out later, because it always turns out sometimes in the longer run that it is joyful, and it is exciting.

And yes, there is this part of me that loves to create and collect creation codes, to bring greater beauty to the heavenly hosts, to show the Mother/Father/One, to share with the humans, the star beings, the galaxies far beyond. So there is this both sides to me, the part that you would think of as the quiet, pensive, but even when I am creating something it is going to be something that is going to make you laugh and smile. Think of the Aurora Borealis. That’s mine.
So yes. Always ready for the next step.

That is one of the reasons I really love humanity. For all the false starts, all the things that have happened on this planet, the thing that I love the most about you is you’re always ready for the next thing. Sometimes kicking and screaming, but not generally. Usually, you say, “Oh, I hadn’t thought of that! I hadn’t looked at it that way.” Think in your own life how many new starts you’ve given yourself.

I love that about you! That’s why, when the Mother says, “Are you ready to work with Gaia, to bring peace?” I am there. Because I know, in my partnership not only with my brothers and sisters but with each of you, that you’re up for it, that you’re game.

Sometimes you underestimate yourselves, but not always. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. We wouldn’t be talking about an Ascension process.
That is adventure. That is something new. And that is how you can think of me, is the brother that always says, “Let’s go a little further and see if there’s something new in the next town.”

GW: That’s me. Now, I have two friends who have told me that they have seen you and have heard you. Also they have described you as spontaneous, playful, a joker, and even as a bit mischievous. Now, you’ve spoken a few moments ago of the multidimensional aspect of yourself and of life beyond our current understanding of it.

Do you appear, or does the celestial realm basically appear to individuals in a way that is more receptive to their own awareness and perceptions in their current moment of now? Is this a common thing?

AAM: It’s more common than you think. And yes, I appear to people all the time, and many of us do. Not everybody, but many of us do. And unless somebody is expecting the Heavenly Host to descend upon them, I generally like to appear as someone who is mostly incognito. And I love to play a good trick. I love to share a good joke. So often I’ll show up as someone who’s lost or wandering around without a mind or a thought in their head.

So, yes. We do appear to you, all the time. And it is a lot of fun. And usually, more and more, we are appearing in a way that is light-hearted, not heavy, engaging, playful, and yes, mischievous. Because we want you to have that sense of laughter, of freedom, of joy.

We don’t want, and I certainly do not want, anyone saying, “I met Archangel Michael, and he showed me his sword and told me if I don’t get my act together he’s going to use it on me.” No! I will not appear that way!

GW: [laugh] Well, if I was for a moment to envision you in, let’s say, a sales position, perhaps not as a sales person, but rather as a sales celestial, I would be interested in hearing your sales pitch to humanity about how things will be as opposed to how it had been sold to humanity from a 3D perspective.

AAM: Well, first of all, if I was a salesperson, I would want to work the counter. I don’t ever want to be some backroom manager, because it’s talking to the people that is the most fun, is it not? I would probably sell something like iPhones, iPads… iRobot is very interesting, but I think your brothers and sisters of the stars have that one covered.

So, what would I say to you? I would say to you, “I have a deal. I have a great deal. And it’s on special just today, and it’s free. All you have to do is sign up. And if you sign up with me, what I’ll do for you is I will promise you with a life-long guarantee joy, happiness, prosperity, abundance, relationship, partnership, happy families, and a place to live. What do you say?”

And I know what you’ll say. “Well, this is too good to be true.” And you’d start to walk out of the store! Of course, I’d chase you, because I am a very persistent salesperson.
And I’d catch you at the door and I’d say, “I’m going to lose my job if I can’t sign up at least a couple of human beings today. Now, my mother really wants me to keep my job. Could you just do me a favor and sign here?

It would really help me out. And I promise you, you don’t have to give me a credit card, you don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is sign up.”
And then you’d take pity on me, and you’d sign up. And then I’d wink at you, and I’d thank you, and I’d say, “Okay, here’s your certificate for Ascension, for everlasting love, for a sense of self-worth that is beyond anything you have known.”

And you would expand as if you are a Thanksgiving Day balloon in the Macy’s parade, and you would float through the mall, and everyone would say, “Where did he get that deal? And where can I sign up?”
That’s what I would do.

GW: Sounds great to me. Wow! I’m in. Where do I sign? No, wait a minute. I’ve already signed up.

AAM: Right here, right now. And that’ll help me with my mother.

GW: Well, let’s talk with the few minutes that we have left - there is a question that has always sat in my mind. I remember thinking of this as a child, and I guess maybe this was where I was, the kind of space I was in as a child.
In contemplating the universe and contemplating how big it is - and I’m appealing to your sense of being the adventurer, the adventurer that you talked about a few moments ago - if we were traveling all through the universe, and we went as far as we could possibly go, and if there was an end to space, what would be on the other side?

AAM: Light. Blinding, glorious, eternal light. Sound. And the essence of love. So if you travel to the very end, if such a thing was possible, and of course it is, because eventually you will do your round trip and you will come back into the love and light of One.

It’s brighter, it’s bigger, it’s more luminous, it’s more inviting, gentler than anything you have ever seen. But that is what you would find at the end of the universe, and it is what you will find when eventually you come home.

GW: Then I guess at that space it becomes the exploration of even more of infinity, that you talked about a few moments ago as well.

AAM: That is correct. While you are within that light, there is everything. It is All. It is not just a euphemism when they talk about All.
So, as the protector, I also come to you. Give me your fear and come play with me.
[Music starts]

GW: Farewell, Michael. Thank you very much. And with that, we come to the end of another episode of An Hour with an Angel, and certainly we thank Michael for bringing in some of the lighter aspects of approaching the Ascension period coming up, and that hold the energies of light and know that everything is in divinely perfect order, and that everything is light and love. There really is nothing at all to be fearful of.
So, until next week, be well, be at peace, be in love.


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