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if the embed doesn't work here is a link to the video
and here is a link to alien scientist's youtube channel.

He has a lot of stuff that just goes way over my head. But i Know by fact that there are a lot of physicists in this community.
I'm thinking if this stuff is promising, maybe Steven Greer from the Orion project would like to see it.

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I think this guys needs all the help he can get. hes clearly incredibly sharp.
concentration is hard when you have ADD so bad that you have twelve tabs open.

Amanda said:
I seen another youtube where a guy concentrates enough that he makes objects huver. I also had a rubix cube bust with me just thinking about it..while I was in a storm of energy...My point is I think this theory is correct. If we can all concentrate enough on light and love and divinly be just that...we may ascend our vibration changes to light...:):)

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