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Angelic Higher Self Activation By Solara An-Ra ... And ... Reclaiming Your Power By Shanta Gabriel

Merry Christmas & Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance to All of You througout the New Year, Steven Hutchinson

Message For 2019 & Angelic Higher Self Activation From The Star Councils of Light Via Solara An-Ra

The Star Councils of Light gather in order to transmit both information and energy for the new time-line that that you are entering.
Each time your blessed planet completes a revolution around your Sun-Star, and recommences again, you enter not only into a new cycle of the seasons that you experience through the solstice and equinox turning points – but you enter into a new opportunity to re-write your history; to re-write your future!
Through your intentions you can join together now, Light Tribe of Gaia – joining with us, your Star brothers and sisters, and all higher-dimensional beings that work together with you in the Divine Plan for Ascension on your planet.
You have an opportunity to RE-SET through your crystal-clear intentions and open hearts, what is happening now on your planet – to shift from one reality to another, just like that!
And so we ask you – in the portal between the December Solstice and the entry into 2019, to spend time every day co-creating, through the statement of your intentions, the New Earth which is birthing. And we will demonstrate, dear ones, a practise which is perfect for this manifestation.
We ask you to close your eyes now, in the place where you sit, whether you are in circle, gathered, many Light Tribe together – or on your own – it matters not. And in this moment now, tune into your breath, as a vehicle for bringing you inside – into an awareness of your Be-ing, which is far, far greater than the personality self which is usually acting and doing in the outside world.
Take a deep, deep breath, and with the inhalation, draw in as much prana as is possible. And as you let go, allow yourself to sink into the now-moment, with a smile that opens your heart energies. And now you are ready to hear our words – now that you are present; now that your heart-field is expanding. And this is always the first step – bringing yourself one way or another into the present moment.
And here we are together. Through all dimensions, we are gathered together – those who choose to manifest and co-create the New Earth based on love, kindness and cooperation, we are together now.
We ask you to activate your prana tube now, with the command ‘I activate my prana tube now!’ and to visualise this crystalline breathing tube extending from your heart-space up into the heart of the Great Central Sun, and down into the heart of Gaia; the  Core Crystal – sothat you are connected through all dimensions now.
As you enter into this heart space, you experience a magic alchemy occurring now. From above, you experience an infinite amount of sparkling lights and energy pouring down through your prana tube into your heart – and a deep, healing, awakening, magnetic flow, like silver stars, entering from below.
And you are connected with – and being re-charged from – the energy of all-that-is below and all-that-is-below, from the first, through the highest dimension in your galaxy. And so you have more power now – you are experiencing yourself as a higher-dimensional, multi-dimensional being, like us. And your energy field naturally expands as your vibration raises, and you are in a happy, settled head-space, emotional space, feeling-space. And you are ready now to set your intentions. You invoke out loud:
“I am ready for positive change!
I activate my path of service.
I take my place as one of the Order of Melchizedek.
I am here to co-create and manifest the Divine Plan for Ascension on Gaia.
I ask the most appropriate Higher Self aspect to step forward now.
I choose to embody my Crystalline, Angelic Higher Self aspect now.”
And we infuse your greater Light Body now, with a crystalline, higher-dimensional energy that brings your Starry, Angelic Higher Self aspect into your physical body now – into your experience of yourself – so that you are filled with Light, and this Light is a starry, blue-white turquoise field of energy swirling through and around you. And you experience crystalline angelic wings unfurling from between your shoulder blades. And you are your higher dimensional self now.
Those who surround you for this ceremony are from the Pleiades; are from Arcturus; Sirius; from the Lyran constellation. All the Star brothers and sisters that connect in with you through your soul-star family are gathered around you now – and they infuse you with an energy that assists you in experiencing this crystalline, Angelic Higher Self aspect now.
And now that you IN this higher-dimensional state – now that this Angelic Higher Self aspect is infusing into all parts of you, including your physical cells – now, it is time for us to reveal that your path is changing.
In the year of 2019 it is time for all of your purposes on this planet to come together – so that all who choose will be Frequency Keepers; Magic Weavers, Warriors of the Light, simultaneously!
All of you who have been hiding in the shadows, afraid or unable to truly shine your light and speak up for what you truly believe in – you are being infused now with the strength to truly show yourselves as Warriors of the Light; as those who have awakened, and whose purpose is to awaken all of those who slumber still on the Earth plane.
All of you who have been stuck in terms of manifesting that which is for your highest good, and that which draws you forward on your path of service as Magic Weavers, you are being infused now with the energy, the creativity, the abilities which are needed within you in order to demonstrate in your 3-D world how it is possible to manifest magically – to step into the flow of manifestation and positivity which allows you to show the way in the birthing of the New Earth.
All those of you who have been experiencing highs and lows; mood swings; changes of direction; uncertainty – that have stopped you from being the Frequency Keepers that you are designed to be – holding a steady, high vibrational, Star-seeded, Star-coded energy intact in order to infuse your Earth planet and people with the higher vibration that is needed for your ascension – all of you are being infused right now with the energy that is needed.
So these aspects that were usually embodied only one at a time – the ability to be a Magic Weaver; to be a Warrior of the Light; to be a Frequency Keeper on your planet – these now are able to be embodied simultaneously – and is this not a wonder-ful thing? Know that this is your divine birthright, to embody all these aspects!
Know that in this year of 2019 it is also possible to embody more than one Higher Self aspect or Star-self aspect at one time – for time is being dissolved as you know it. The difference between different realities are being dissolved as we speak.
It is this portal of time leading up to the transition into the new year that is important for re-setting your goals and your intentions – and the affirmations that have been given may be joined by affirmations of your own.
We simply give suggestions that are appropriate for all. Write these down, dear ones – memorise a series of 11, 12 or 13 affirmations that truly hold the energy of all that you now desire on your path of awakening, understanding that always that which is for your Highest Good will materialise – and so you cannot make mistakes. You simply hold onto; say; feel; visualise; even sing these affirmations – hold them in the Light, so that they may be seeded in the etheric realms from which all in your manifest physical reality is created.
We are with you, Star Councils of Light. We work within the White Brotherhood; the Galactic Federation; the Order of Melchizedek, and great gatherings of Ascended Masters including Babaji, who over-lights – with Khuthumi – all that manifests in the Divine Plan for Ascension on Gaia. We are all co-creating with you dear ones, and we stream our loving energy to you and through you – awakening; healing; enlightening; opening your fields of consciousness. The Time Is Now!
Video - "Message For 2019 - Star Councils of Light" Via Solara An-Ra

Reclaiming Your Power By Shanta Gabriel

We are drawing on the compassionate and timeless wisdom of The Gabriel Messages to provide insight and inspiration that we can apply every day of our lives.

This message from Archangel Gabriel opens us to new possibilities for living in greater strength and courage.


The Gabriel Message Card for this Week


No One Has Power Over You Unless You Allow It To Happen !

Message From Shanta .....
This is a very interesting message to receive. Sometimes we are not even aware that we are giving our power away to another person.

The message is not speaking about physical safety so much as the everyday situations when we disrespect ourselves and lose energy in the presence of another.

It is not only people; we also give our power away to the circumstances of our lives. The often colorful meanings and labels we attach to these situations amplifies our emotional state and can throw us off center. As much as we can stay neutral, the easier it is on our nervous system.

For me, I know I have given my power away when I notice that there is an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach, and I start to feel obligated to another person. That is the clue for me.

When I am aware of what is going on, the first thing I do is to ask Archangel Michael to come and fill my solar plexus with golden light. The solar plexus is our power center and is the chakra most involved with the ability to stay centered and detached from overwhelm in our emotional state. 

Archangel Michael is a powerful protector for us all. He is also the Archangel who is most concerned with the awakening of all humanity during this time of ascending energy, and as such he is very available to all of us.

Archangel Michael,

I call on your assistance at this crucial time. Please bring the power of your Golden Light of Protection into my solar plexus right now. Clear away any discordant energy and allow me to be filled with your golden light.

As I open to receive this gift, I can feel myself growing more balanced in my own power, and staying centered in my interactions with others.

Fill me with the presence of Strength and Courage so that I may take care of myself in the most truly loving ways. Thank you for guiding me into only those situations that are in my highest good at this time. I give thanks for relationships that are in harmony with my soul's growth in every area of my life.

Please surround me in 3 rings of Golden Light every day, so I may feel the presence of safety within me. Thank you for your assistance, strength and protection at all times. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel

The Gabriel Messages Book #44


No one has power over you unless you allow it to happen.

Video - "New Angel Card Reading for this week! (December 9-15 2018)" By Melanie Beckler -

Message From AA Gabriel.....

Dear One,

When you are in a situation where you begin to feel powerless and less than another, this can be viewed as a wake-up call. We are referring here to any situation in which you feel devalued, not necessarily one of obvious abuse.

If there is another person who wants to have a certain level of power over you, consciously or unconsciously, your physical body is often a good indicator that something is not right. You may notice a feeling of discomfort in your solar plexus area. Perhaps a weight descends on your shoulders, and your head hangs down. Paying attention to your bodily discomfort can help you become aware and allow you to disengage yourself from the situation.

When you feel strong in yourself, you are less likely to stay in situations that may harm you, or allow others to treat you with disrespect. You do not have to stay in places or around people who do not give you the respect you deserve.

However, it is also not necessary to react in anger. As much as possible, stay in your heart, bless the person or people involved and remove yourself from the situation.

When you feel strong within, good about yourself and centered, the area of your solar plexus is filled with energy. When you begin to feel drained, that is literally what is happening to you. When we say no one has power over you unless you allow it to happen, this is the first place where your power is given away. It is now time to take it back.

Sometimes people become so used to being devalued, disempowered and talked down to, they accept this as a natural state. It is not.

Every soul on earth deserves to be treated with respect. To stay strong in yourself, steps must be taken so that you feel your inner power, that connection to the light of Pure Spirit that is within you. The solar plexus is the area most affected by the power maneuvers of another person, so the following visualization is helpful in achieving and maintaining your center of balance.


Breathe with conscious awareness into the area from your rib cage to below your navel. Imagine this area filled with the warm glow of a huge sun and allow this bright, golden light to radiate out from this place within you and to fill your entire being.

Then see or feel this light moving from the base of your spine into the earth, so you can be connected to that rich, nurturing and grounding presence.

Continue visualizing the golden light of the sun filling your solar plexus, centering you with a clear, steadying power that will allow you to take the necessary steps to care for yourself.

With practice, you can draw on the calming power of this light and the steadying presence of the earth whenever needed.

Begin today to respect yourself. Know that you are a radiant child of God and that you have purpose, presence and connection to all the love in the universe.

Call on your Guardian Angels at all times and know that you are guided and protected by the light of God. Begin to know your personal connection to a Higher Power, the true power containing all the energy you need to do whatever is required in your life.

Fill yourself with the golden light of the sun and feel the nurturing presence of the earth beneath your feet. Reclaim your true power and remember you are never alone.

Your message from Archangel Gabriel today is:

No one has power over you unless you allow it to happen.

Shanta Gabriel for
Archangel Gabriel
December 9, 2018

Video - "The Healing Chambers Of The Archangels Are Here For You Now" !

Relax! You've got help! By Ann Albers

Message From The Angels .....

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

If only you knew how deeply you were loved you would wake up every morning expecting to receive help from the universe, expecting your day to flow smoothly and gracefully, and feeling free to embrace another joyous day of life!

Unfortunately so many of you were not raised to expect love, help, and assistance from the creator and the angels. Many of you were raised with the belief that you had to "earn" God's love, that you had to approach the angels only with "higher" requests, and that you shouldn't "bother" the Divine with trivialities. In fact, nothing could be farther than the truth. You are loved. You are guided. You are worthy. You don't need to earn love. It is freely given, at all times.

The question is not, "Are you loved? Are you guided?" but rather are you open to receiving this love and guidance?

Imagine you stand in front of a locked door, struggling to open it. You jiggle the key in the lock. You try the doorknob and still nothing budges. You pound on the doorway and no one answers. In frustration, you try even harder. You step back and your mind goes in circles as you try to figure out how to open this doorway.

The only thing you feel like doing is sitting. So you sit and wait, sit and wait, and suddenly you get the urge to see what lies around the corner. You argue with yourself! "No!" I have to sit here and wait for someone to let me in or until I figure out how to break in!" Nonetheless the urge to take a walk remains.

Finally you give in to this desire and you walk around the house... where you find an open door and loving people waiting to greet you!

So it is with your life. If something doesn't work as you wish, wait until you are inspired to do something else. Surrender. Trust. You are always loved, always guided, always being quietly beckoned along a path that will bring you everything you want and need. You only have to pay attention to your heart and be willing to receive this love.

For every situation in which you feel out of control, the Divine is. Control what you can. Relax, release, and surrender what you can't. In so doing you will live a beautiful, guided, and happy life, and you will enjoy your holidays... stress free!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Video - "New Angel Card Reading for this week! (December 9-15 2018)" By Melanie Beckler
Message From Ann .....
The angels and the Divine love us so much that we can stop stressing, stop trying to control life, and open to receive their help... especially during the busy holidays!

I used to be a control freak for a living. At one time, I was an engineering planner, responsible for coordinating over a hundred engineers on a project involving thousands of people. I had to keep everyone in sync, coordinate goals and schedules, keep track of daily progress, and solve problems as fast as they occurred. I had to be on top of everything and had to be aware of everyone involved. As you can imagine, learning to surrender was quite an effort!

I'll never forget a session with the angels through my friend Summer. She's an amazing trance medium. "How do I stop stressing out?" I asked. Dr. Peebles, the angel who comes through her, repeated what my angels had been telling me for some time, only much more directly. "Remind yourself you're not in control! An asteroid could come through your roof any day," he finished humorously. (Within a month asteroids were coming through roofs in Russia!) I groaned. I knew he was right. I kept hearing my angels say, "Let go! Surrender!" Finally I took their words to heart.

Every time I got stressed I'd remind myself, "You're not in control Ann. The universe works fine without your input! Trust!" I started humorously saying to God, "You know what you're doing!" I knew I was simply reminding myself! Amazingly I started to relax. I immersed myself in living the serenity prayer – changing what I could, accepting what I couldn't, and striving to have the wisdom to know the difference. I reminded myself that I was loved, guided, and cared for. I started to breathe more easily.

Just the other day I had a humorous reminder of how well the universe works when I surrender. Earlier this week I had a long list of things to do on my home office day. At the top was "Mail Christmas Packages!" I put the packages in the car and was all ready to drop them off... until I got distracted by the urge to Christmas shop, get a cup of coffee, run my other errands, do my accounting, answer a few hundred emails, queue up facebook posts, straighten up the house and more. I totally forgot to go to the post office.

Elated with my day, I didn't realize my oversight until just before bedtime!I started to get upset with myself. I had no idea when I'd get to the post office due to an insanely busy week and I needed to send some of those packages right away. So, as always, I gave the problem to the universe and decided to bask in the glow of a very productive day.

Tuesday a client finished early. I had half an hour before the next one when I got the sudden urge to go to the post office. It seemed absurd to think I could get there, get in and out and get back in time for my next client, but the feeling wouldn't go away so I hopped in the car and decided to trust. Sure enough, there was no traffic, no line, and I was back in 25 minutes. Had I gone the day before I heard the line had been insanely long! In all things great and small, God knows best, even for our schedules! 

Here are a few tips to help you let go of control, and trust you are loved and guided...

1. When You're stressed, go back to the goal

When you're stressed ask yourself? What do I want that I don't feel I can control now?

It may be getting somewhere on time, getting something accomplished, getting a bill paid, wanting someone else to be healthy, happy, wanting your kids to be safe, or even wanting to find the perfect present...

Imagine placing your wish in a letter and sending it to God and your angels... or just tell them right now what you want help with.

2. Ask yourself, "What can I do now?"

If there's something obvious, do it. If not remind yourself that the angels and the creator of the universe is working on it. Imagine your angels standing before you telling you, "Relax, we've got you covered! We'll let you know when you need to do something." If you have time, sit, breathe, and ask your angels to give you a big, reassuring hug.

3. Enjoy Your Day

When you don't know what to do, and after you've given your desires to the universe, go about enjoying your day – here and now. If you place an order at a restaurant, the angels say, you'll keep busy and trust it will arrive! Enjoy your time while the universe works to deliver a beautiful solution to your desires. A happy now = a happy later!

Sunday before gazing, my internet went out. I focused on it working and told the universe to get on it! I reset the modem and computer. It still was flaky. I was inspired to get my portable hotspot working as a backup. I sat there and waited for inspiration. Suddenly a prayer arose within me... "By the power of the Divine within, I command this internet to work right now." I watched as the lights indicating the connection stabilized in front of my eyes!

We are SO loved, so guided, so cared for. The universe cares about everything you care about. We just have to believe, and chill out, so we can receive. Control is highly overrated and causes stress. Surrender is so sweet.

Love you all!

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